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Training Need

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​Training need Analysis for Company Individuals and Organizations


The organization effective depends on the performance and excellence of their employees. The employees may be inexperienced or lacking in some of the skills/ knowledge require to perform the given task, or even organizational culture demand the flexibility of attitude and awareness of the legacy or discipline to enable them to recognize red, green and gray lines before making any decisions.

Training needs can be classified at two levels i.e. Present need and further need. However, the needs of training are directly and indirectly related to the organization growth and development through the growth of individual employee. The employee is an intangible assert for any organization. Therefore, it is important to understand the needs for training in an organization through a proper process and channels.

Exhibit 1 Present Needs vs. Future Needs 

   Present Needs

  Future Needs

a)   Behavioral reforms

a)  Technological change and skill development

b)   Role clarity

b)   Knowledge of future diversification and change in roles

c)   Improvement in productivity

c)   Updating the trade skill knowledge of competitive market

d)   Quality consciousness development

d)   Career planning and management development plans

e)   Decision making skills


f)   Leadership quality development



Other than the above, the training needs can be said to exist at the following three levels:The above table provides the overall reasons of having needs for training in an organization not only the individual but the groups, departments or even the organizational culture need to be developed to improvise the effectiveness of organization.

a.Individual needs

b.Occupational / task needs

c.Organizational needs

Individual needs

Skills, knowledge and attitude (K, S, A) are the three dimensions of a performance which contributes towards his/ her total effectiveness or the competence. The individual needs could be to improvise the performance, productivity or motivation of employees. Training is considered as a good motivational tool as well for employees. One can have the basic knowledge, skill to justify for the job description but the improvement in three dimensions with reference to the task and company needs can be better results.

Occupational / Task needs

The need to fill the performance or competence gap is very much essential in order to improvise the economic performance of an employee. Since it is directly related to the organization performance, hence it is essential to identify the gap and develop confidence to take up challenges and initiatives by an employee. There are various methods through which it can be improved and considered:

⇒   Team development

⇒   Group dynamics

⇒   On job training

⇒   Just in time and many more

Exhibit 2~ Examples of Performance deficiencies 

⇒   Individual knowledge & skills              

⇒   Skill and knowledge of the group

⇒   Group behaviour        ____________________________ Job performance & its effectiveness

⇒   Job description

⇒   Job clarity

⇒   Supervisor / managerial effectiveness

Every organization strives for excellence in job performance to achieve total dynamism in respect of

Organizational needs

Fulfilling its objectives. The management development programmses, management by objectives are some of the common organizational needs in order to get along individual needs. Therefore, there must be an approach to develop individual by way of corrective his attitude, appraising and counseling him/her which can promote harmonious work culture.

With the above discussion, it is significant to identify training need at individual, subordinate (in case of supervisory role), and supervisor.

Exhibit 3 ~ what training you and your people need ? 

Types of training (e.g.)

For yourself

For your subordinates

For your boss

a)   Communication skills




b)   Leadership training 




c)   Team building




d)   Decision making




e)   Time management 












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