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What is an Internship? Internship Letter Meaning & definition.

Internship - As per the Chegg 2019 reports, around 60 percent of US students opted for internships since 2013, and amongst them, 31 percent of students started internships right after their graduations. Corporate recruitments for trainees and interns start in the US around 8 months before the actual internship starts, according to the NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) reports. 

Fast company (2019) report says around 300 million interns are recruited by various US organizations every year.

Many students applying for internships are not aware of internship meaning. An easy internship definition would be - an internship is a short-term learning experience or qualification a trainee or a student gathers/earns by working in an organization. Initially, the term was used for medical students and graduates, but eventually, many government and non-government organizations, NGOs, institutes, and businesses started hiring interns. Many organizations provide stipends and internship certificate, letter as well, apart from honing the skillset of several students and trainees. 

Internship Meaning

According to Oxford Dictionary, an Internship is – “a period during which a student or new graduate gets practical experience in a job, for example during the summer holiday.”

There's no standardized explanation of internship, so one can interpret it the way she or he wants to. Internship meaning, therefore, is different for various students and trainees. The interns can be students, graduates, post-graduates, or anyone who wants to explore beyond his or her theoretical knowledge. A type of internship also varies, as the skillset of the interns and their field of work.

Often, internship meaning confused with apprenticeship, but internships can be quite diversified, unlike apprenticeships. The apprentices are usually bound to a particular field and function with a guide. For internships, it is rather exploring the unknown world with little knowledge of the professional set up. There’s no one to support you, but a bunch of professionals who would help you to solve a coding problem or help you out with your research work as per their convenience and availability.

Do not expect that an internship is a surety of a job. Rather, it is an experience with specific learning objectives. An internship can support an intern to explore his/her field of skills and interest and apply his/her institutional knowledge to help the organization. The intern learns a lot staying in a professional environment and enhances his/her skillsets. Apart from enhancing his/her skillsets, an intern can develop self-confidence, learn decision making, understand corporate ethics and work as a team during his/her internship course.

The pre-internship programs are called insight programs in several big organizations and investment banking sectors. NGOs often offer unpaid internship opportunities where the interns need to serve as volunteers.

Students who are completing their final year in an institute do dissertation or research work where they research a particular topic, for an organization. Many organizations also offer internships with a stipend or a fixed amount regularly. 

Several companies offer virtual internships where the work is done through the virtual mode of communication like the internet or phone. 

Internship definition

When we ask – “what is internship?” we get several answers, but only a few of them are satisfactory.

An internship is precisely an opportunity to integrate a career-enhancing skillset into institute-based education by taking part in a supervised and planned schedule of work. These internships can involve working part-time, full-time, or freelance. Interns can get a stipend or may have to do it for free. It can be a part of the student's curriculum or voluntary work. It can be a summer internship or a general one. Whatever might be the rules and regulations, these internships introduce the trainee to a new world where they learn the first practical lessons of their career.

Internship Definition by Eminent Authors/experts

Eminent authors and celebrities have given their own opinions on Internship definition:

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.

-Steve Jobs

The ideal intern is committed, creative, organized, ambitious, independent, and able to crack a smile, whether meeting a celebrity or folding socks“Steve Jobs”

The ideal intern is committed, creative, organized, ambitious, independent, and able to crack a smile, whether meeting a celebrity or folding socks.

“Emily Weiss”

The distinction between “assistant” and intern” is a simple one: assistants are paid, interns are not. But of course, interns are paid with experience.

“Joyce Carol Oates, Beasts”

Doing an internship abroad is much more hands-on than anything you might learn at university. You get to experience the job, rather than learn about it in the classroom, and you’re presented with real responsibilities.

“Hunter, Music Intern through BUNAC program”

Internships are a very important part of our education program, first and foremost. In setting up professional internships, not only will we be able to offer students a chance to work with industry professionals, but the students also will be able to take the theory they learn in the classroom and put it into practice here, in whichever activity they’re focused.

“Craig Miller”

There is no substitute really for learning about the world of work and being in the world of work. You can do that through internships. You can do it through summer job experiences or even from volunteer jobs in your local community. Strive early to get some kind of practical work experience.

Internship letter

An internship letter from employer is similar to an experience letter and can help the candidate secure a job more easily in the futureA overview of your qualifications and areas of expertise will be included in an internship letter. It will highlight the talents that are essential for the internship. It also aids in making a positive first impression on the employer. In order to be considered for an internship, we must list all of our qualifications in our cover letter. This letter can be mailed or mailed by post.

How to Write an Internship Letter?

Writing an internship letter is quite simple, all you need to do is to stick to a particular business letter writing format and mention everything positive and appreciable about the intern who has worked for your organization. 

An internship letter reflects how you treat your interns and staff, so avoid making any negative comments.

Tips to write internship completion internship letter:

  1. Make sure to use the business letter writing style

  2. Use proper salutation and choose words carefully

  3. Put your name and designation at the end of the letter

  4. Do not put contact information at the start

  5. Choose words carefully

  6. Highlight and mention core competencies of the intern

  7. Mention the project s/he was working on

  8. Do mention your best intentions while writing the letter

  9. Take help from various resources available online

  10. Thoroughly proofread the letter- a typo can ruin your organization's image! 

Internship Letter format

The internship letter format is very similar to that of a cover letter. Use proper business letter format and include your contact information, the date, and in the subject mention the specific internship you are applying for. The main aim of the letter should be to try and convince the reader that you will be an asset as an intern and you can make a positive contribution to the company.

The internship letter format must include the following details:

1. The logo of the organization along with the name

2. Letter issuing date 

3. The complete name of the trainee or the intern

4. Period of internship

5. Name of the project the intern or the trainee worked for

6. Job details (roles and responsibilities) of the trainee or the intern

7. Best wishes for the bright career of the intern

8. Project manager's name

9. Sign of the employer and stamp of the organization

Internship Letter Sample Format - 1

If you are looking for an internship, make sure to evaluate your skillset and decide the requirements for the internship you want to search. The first step to find an internship is to prepare a strong resume, highlighting your core competencies and precisely mentioning your relevant qualifications. Search for internships in job sites and professional networking forums like Indeed and LinkedIn. Make sure to search online for the best internships available in the job market. There are many sites designed for interns and short-term job seekers.

Additionally, you can prepare a portfolio of your work to showcase, and your curricular activities too! If you can impress the employer, you can bag the internship, and who knows, a full time employment if you are exceptionally well in your internship term!

Remember, an internship can help kickstart your career, so do not rush to get into one, and choose the organization wisely!

When need to write Internship Letter?

The student / Trainees get the internship letter once the finish their internship which helps then getting a good and well paid Job in the industry.  The Internships training program offered by employer are generally is for a fix and short tenure and the internship period  can length from one week and at time it maximize for 12 months.   The collages or the institutes also approach employers for this kind of program and also encourage student to go this kind of program which is also at times a part of their curriculum also.

Types of Internships 

There are several types of internship opportunities available for the freshers, and few of them are quite lucrative too. Let’s see what the popular types of internship opportunities available are:

  1. Paid internshipsUsually, several reputable organizations and institutes pay a certain fixed amount to the trainees and interns, which is not at par with the employee salaries, but not very less.

  2. Unpaid internships and volunteeringNon-profit organizations and certain other companies offer a non-paid internship that helps the students, trainees, and interns accentuate their learning experience and often acquiring a new skillet.

  3. Insight programsInvestment banks often offer these internships termed as insight programs.

  4. Research work This is essentially a part of any course that involves research about a particular organization or a related topic.

  5. Summer internships Many internships providing organizations charge a certain amount of fee to provide you an internship opportunity in your preferred location. This may also depend on your skills, course of study, qualification, and base. Many organizations would ask you to volunteer, and some may (or may not) provide commuting and lunch allowance as a stipend. Do not expect a salary and benefits like an employee

Why Is an Internship Important?

An internship can bring forth your worth and can show the world what you are capable of. It also tells you why your internship is important for your bright future. Listed below are a few points that tell why you would require an internship-

  1. Books can give you knowledge, but not experience. An internship can give you both.

  2. With an internship, you don’t have to jump into the professional world without any guidance. You would have experienced and knowledgeable people to guide you and help you out!

  3. An internship may or may not provide you a lot of money, but you can learn a lot during the training which is beyond your institutional learning.

  4. You don’t have to take responsibility for any project entirely, and you’ll learn how to work as and in a team.

  5. An internship can help you in networking and connect with influential people to support and accentuate your career.

  6. The best point – you can add the experience to your resume with your educational qualification!

So these are the points to make you understand - “why is your internship important!”

What are the Benefits of Doing an Internship?

Internships can benefit an organization or employer, and the trainee in various ways. 

Benefits for the trainees or interns:

  1. Amplifies the career of the students, trainees, and interns

  2. Makes them aware of the available opportunities

  3. Provides an opportunity to take up a job-role in a professional environment

  4. Interns or trainees can evaluate their field of career 

  5. They can get a stipend (in some cases)

  6. They can get connected with people (networking)

  7. They can learn to deal with the clients

Can discover talents and bring forth their self-confidence

Benefit for the organization or the employer:

  1. Can identify and evaluate the potential of the intern

  2. Can get new talents in the organization who can be the future employees

  3. An employer can gather new ideas from the interns/trainees.

  4. Interns are easily available, so can be utilized as resources based on requirements

  5. Employers do not have to pay the interns full salary with other employee benefits (PF, Gratuity, etc.)

Based on these guidelines here are a few templates and sample of internship letter in doc and pdf format which you can use….good luck!





pdf word


Internship Completion Letter



Name of the Intern

Complete Address

To Whomsoever It May Concern

This is to certify that [Intern’s name] student of ________, has successfully completed a summer internship in the field of (Field name) from the date (start date) to (end date).

During his/her course of the internship, she/he worked for (project name) and it was designed for (project purpose). She/he was found diligent and hard working.

We wish (intern's name) success in all his/her future endeavors.

Organization Name Authorized Signature





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pdf word


Letter For Summer Internship

Sample Letter



Student Name

Name of Institute, Location

Subject: Summer Internship Offer Letter


Dear Student Name,

We are pleased to inform you that you are selected for a summer internship at (Company Name). Congratulations!

In reference to your application, your training is scheduled to start from ________ (DATE). The internship is for a period of 2 months. It will include training and orientation. We intend to focus on developing new skills and gaining a deeper understanding of concepts through firsthand experience. Additional project details and technical information will be shared with you on, or before commencement of training.

You are requested to report for training at the following address:

Company Name

Address line 1

Address line 2

Feel free to contact me if you have any queries. Again, congratulations and we look forward to working with you.

Yours Sincerely,




Contact Details.______________





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pdf word


Internship Appreciation Letter from Employer

Sample Template




Name of the Intern

Subject: Appreciation for Work during internship

Dear ____________,
I am writing to you on your completion of your six week internship with our company. We were extremely pleased by the dedication you showed to the team during the short time you were with us, showing initiative and great communicative skills.

We can see that you work great within a team environment, and coupled with your excellent academic background, we have decided we would like to interview you for a permanent position within our company on completion of your degree.

We would therefore formally like to invite you to attend an interview next week to discuss the possibilities of a permanent position within our company on completion of your degree. Please contact us to let us know when is convenient for you to travel to meet us as therefore not to interrupt your studies.

Yours Faithfully,

Name of the person





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pdf word


Internship Request Acceptance Letter

Sample Letter




Name of the Intern
Address _______________




Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the management of the (Organization Name) ____________________________, I am very pleased to inform you that you have been accepted as an Intern in our organization. This was based on your application and the interview that you did with the Recruitment Committee.

The results of the committee show that you have one of the best results among the applicants. Investigation also showed that you were a very good student back during your days in the medical school.

The Internship can be a very hectic period for you but that should be surprising to you, especially after being a hard-working person. It is our hope and prayer that you will justify the confidence we have in you.

Yours Faithfully,

Name of the person





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pdf word


Request​ Letter For Internship

Sample Template


Date: __________


Name of the Intern

Address ___________

Email ID ___________

Contact No._________



Name of the person

General Manager,

Organization Name

Address _____________



Sub: Letter for Internship


I am writing this letter to your good office, with a good sense of hope and expectation. The main aim of this letter is to seek for an opportunity to do my internship with your organization. I am a fresh graduate from the _____________ University. I was the valedictorian for my set and I finished with a First Class Degree in ______________________ (course name).

Although I have received offers from some other companies, it is my dream to do my internship with your Organization and I will be more than grateful if you can provide me this opportunity. This is thanking you in anticipation of your positive response.

Yours Faithfully,


Name of the Intern






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