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Party invitation Letter or Email is a formal way of inviting friends – Find Party invitations wording in Email Letter  with Sample Template

We celebrate some happy occasions such as Birthday marriage, promotions, holidays and house warming with our families and friends. To celebrate the occasion, we formally invite our colleagues, friends and family members to join, to make the event more memorable and cheerful.

We invite the people by sending email and letter by post or by calling them.

In this article, we will discuss some formats and samples of the letters for different occasions. While writing a any Birthday or other party invitation letter or email, one must keep in mind the following points:

  1. The receiver’s name and contact information must be mentioned clearly.

  2. Sender’s name and contact information must be mentioned. If the party invitations are sent officially, the sender’s name and designation must be mentioned.

  3. Be specific whether the receiver is invited alone or with family.

  4. Provide information about the venue, nearest landmark and an alternate contact number.

  5. The letter theme must be polite, soliciting the presence.

  6. One may also mention the Dos and Don’ts if applicable. Such as Consumption of liquor is strictly prohibited, or late-night entry prohibited.

  7. While sending the party invitations online, there is no need to mention the full address or contact information.

  8. For the specific invitations like dinner party invitations, it is recommended to mention whether the receiver is invited alone or with family and mandatorily the complete address of the venue.

What is Online Party Invitation Email

Inviting the person through emails on an occasion like –  Birthday, Promotion, Marriage, Farewell etc. It is basically a mode for the invitation. The main difference between Online Party Invitation and offline Party Invitation is in Online Invitation, we require only the email address of the receiver, whereas in Offline Party invitation, we require the complete contact information of the sender. In Online invitation, there is no need to mention the address of both the parties, whereas in offline invitation, it is must.

The Birthday or any other Party invitation Email Letter is the invitation provided by senior authority, HR department for any annual party or Birthday or for any other occasion  which is arranged by management for the employees.

Find below various Birthday or other Party Invitation Email Letter Sample Template and Format for Example and quick uses.



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Tea Party Invitations Letter

Sample Template


Date: __________


For celebrating the small-scale achievements, like graduation day, performance recognition etc., and tea parties are very common and organized by inviting the close friends, colleagues.

One must keep in mind the following points, while writing the tea party invitation

  • The occasion must be clearly mentioned.
  • The receiver must be clarified whether invited alone or with family.

Please refer the sample invitation letter Tea Party Invitation letter sample.

Tea Party Invitation letter/mail sample


Dear Receiver Name,

Your will be glad to know that I have been awarded Employee of the month, for month (________), for early achieving the sales targets.

On this occasion I have arshy ranged a tea party on Date of this month.

You are requested to attend this party. Please join me at 6 p.m., in cafeteria situated at Address.


Yours Sincerely

Sender Name



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Farewell Party Invitation Letter

Sample Template


Date: _________


This type of letter is sent to invite the colleagues, managers on the occasion of farewell of an employee, when he retires or leaves the organization to join other organization.

While sending the farewell party invitation letter, one must keep in mind the following points

  • The letter must mention the occasion in detail, along with the venue.
  • The name of the person for whom the farewell party is organized, also to be mentioned.

Please refer the sample invitation letter

Farewell Party Invitation Letter Sample



John Hopkins,

Complete Address_____






Subject: Farewell Party Invitation

Dear Name,

I Organizer Name is glad to invite you along with your family to attend the party organized to bid farewell to our Employee Designation, Person Name, who is getting retired on last day of this month.

The venue for the same is Guest Celebration Hall, Near Elephant Cave, Florida and the party would begin at 7 pm sharp.


Awaiting your presence.


Yours Truly,

Name of the inviter



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Birthday Party Invitation Letter
Sample Template


This type of letter is sent to invite the person on birthday occasion.

While sending the birthday party invitations, one must keep in mind the following points –

  • The senders contact information must be mentioned, in case of sending the letter through email, it is not mandatory or suggested.
  • The venue must be mentioned clearly, it would be better, if the nearest landmark is also mentioned in the invitation letter.
  • The letter must be based on solicitation of presence theme.
  • Always provide happy news at the beginning of the letter, to mark good impression on sender.
  • Recommended to end the letter, on positive vibe. Such as the use of “Hope that the invitee will come” and the sender must be thankful to the invitee.

As per the appropriate level of the relationship with the receiver, recommended to use the appropriate respectful words.

Please refer the sample invitation letter - Birthday party invitation letter

​Birthday Party Invitation Letter Sample



Sender Name,



Receiver Name,

Subject: Invitation for Birthday

Dear Name,

Your presence is solicited on the occasion of grand birthday celebration of Name for our son(relation) Name on dated (_________)

Being much loved member of the family, Our family wants to make this day special and memorable.

Hoping your presence on your birthday, to make the day very special, cheerful and memorable.


Thanking You

Yours truly,



Name and Signature

The sample invitation above is the scenario based birthday party invitation template, the contents vary as per the situation.



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Party Invitation Letter

Sample Template


Date: _________


The Vice President,

Address _________


Sub: Party Invitation

Dear Mr. / Mrs.

I would like to invite you to join us for dinner on (Day) ________, (month, date, year) ________at (time) ____________ in the evening as we celebrate our __________________.

The party will be held at (venue) _________________ and will be an informal gathering.

This means that you can come in any attire you are comfortable with.

I hope to see you in our simple dinner party with the rest of our friends. We are pretty sure that with your presence, our very special day would be perfect. It would be very nice to reminisce our past when we were just boyfriend and girlfriend.

On the other hand, this party is also open to people who you want to be with. We are looking forward to meeting you to ___________________________ party.


Best Wishes,


The Celebrators,

Name of the person / organization




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