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Joining our team of contributors will be very beneficial for your business. The benefits of becoming a contributor would be:

Director, Onatt Tech PVT LTD View Details
Marketing Head, Fieldengineer View Details
HRTech Editor, SelectSoftware Reviews View Details
AGM-BD and Ops, SilverPeople View Details
Senior Consultant, Version1 Services View Details
Manager, Blockchain View Details
Freelancer, Freelancer View Details
Content Strategist and Consultant, Shegerian & Associates, Inc. View Details
Business Advisor, Business Advisor View Details
Sr. Content writer, RChilli Inc View Details
Exit Interview Expert, ExitPro Exit Interview Software View Details
AVP HR, Experience Commerce View Details
Head - HR Data Analytics & Compensation, Zalaris View Details
Freelancer, Freelancer View Details
Digital Marketing Executive, Vantage Circle View Details
Content Manager, Job Interviewology View Details
Co-founder, Ducknowl View Details
Human Resource Manager, Human Resource Manager View Details
Gym Trainer, Distant Job View Details
New Jersey, United States View Details
HR Management Marketer, Zimyo View Details
Content Writer, Pocket HRMS View Details
Freelancer, Freelancer View Details
Assistant Professor, Private Colleges Tanjung Bunga, Penang View Details
Lead – Talent Assessments & Employee Engagement, GreenThumbs View Details
Freelancer, Freelancer View Details
California, United States of America, View Details
Frequently Asked Questions

If you are willing to become a contributor with us read the following information, which will be helpful to you before sending your articles to us.

What should be the subject of my content?

The content of the article should be on human resource. Writing article on any other topic will be disapproved by us.

What should be the length of the article?

The length of the article must be 1000 to 2000 words and should be grammatically correct.

How should I send my content for review?

If you are sending the content for the first time you have to create a contributor account from our site. Please fill the form completely and accept the terms and conditions.

What will happen if the article is rejected?

If the article is rejected no need to worry. Improve your content and resubmit the article. The content should be original if it is plagiarized content it shall be rejected again.

What is the time limit to send the content?

There is no time limit as such once the contributor account is successfully created you can upload content any time.

Is my content protected against plagiarism?

There are no copyright violations done by any user. The articles which we upload are not circulated. If in any case if the article is distributed let us know by contacting us using our contact form.

Why my content is rejected?

We are global HR portal so the content should be only on human resource. If the content is written on any other topic it will be rejected. The content may be rejected if the content is duplicate.

Why accordions are not always a good solution?

While they can make a web page easier to read, accordions should be used in moderation elements to describe situations or deliver information clearly. If users need to see most or all of the information on a page, it is better to use well-formatted text instead.