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HRHelpBoard Is a great platform where all HR people can get solutions to their queries related to Human Resource. HRhelpboard is the online thesaurus for HR People related to HR queries and their solutions. HRhelpBoard is online HR portal designed, developed managed and marketed by  FairCircle Business Solutions Pvt Ltd. with the mission of helping and supporting people & organizations building HR knowledge and also tender other services for jobs & recruitment, talent search & job posting, resume writing, letter writing, software suggest, HR advisory and consulting services.  The platform provide freedom to ask HR question and answer to its global audience and on other hand, it is also helping in and improving Organizational Business to build better work culture by knowing about new HR trends and our document repository help companies to learn and manage complete Human Resource Process and people management.

This portal provides complete solution to any HR issues at free of cost. Here an HR person needs to register themselves to get access to this portal. There are many areas where people have limited knowledge, just to support them HRHelpboard is being launched. Here you can learn and share your knowledge and updates related to Human Resource. Here we are providing a complete exposure to HR professionals who can have their own platform and page where they can share their knowledge, which later on be helpful for growing HR persons.  is a free membership site which does not charge any thing from the members. Here professionals can find certain answers to their queries and other solutions related to Human Resource. They can download the required extract as per their requirement.

What HRHelpboard is all about ?

HRHelpboard    cover wide range of topics based on HR manual, HR policies, Recruitment process, HR Contracts and Letters, liasoning, HR laws, Labor laws, Employment procedure and its policies, Training and Development, Performance management, Employee Engagement activities and various other HR Processes.

Moreover, all these information are easily adoptable in word, excel, PowerPoint and PDF format for ready use.

What we do ?

HRHelpboard   is a knowledge- based site where people can come, join and share their learnings. The Platform is open for all. We are here aiming at improving thecomplete Human Resource Process. This is a great place for people who want to learn and develop accordingly. Though this site people can develop and improve each and every HR matter in their sector.


HRHelpboard   also provides a regular online conversation with instant reply to all your queries and doubts related to HR issues, which makes us more readily available to HR person providing all kinds of solutions. All our solutions are provided by professional experts who have huge experience in the related field.

Our Mission and Objective

Our sole motto is to give a proper support to complete Human resource process, which will help both the individual and organization to achieve new heights of success. After all it is a complete Human Resource which helps to run the company.

Your Contribution

All professional who are passionate can share their knowledge as per our website Category content requirement and also can contribute on our HR Forum Section and thus can help to develop the complete work force and their culture. We strogly  believe "Together we can do the change"

We Welcome

Here we welcome all people who want to grow being a part of Human Resource. Here we welcome each and every person who takes interest in this field and want to share their input in making our mission successful.