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Recruitment Checklist 

The recruitment checklist is the recruitment tool that navigates managers during the process. The checklist describes the process briefly, and it highlights the main recruitment milestones.

Managers do not use the recruitment and staffing processes on a daily basis. Managers need the recruitment checklist to be sure that their recruitment of the new hire is smooth and running. The missing process steps or incomplete recruitment documentation causes most mistakes. The checklist helps to avoid such mistakes.

The manager can easily follow steps described, and he or she can open the new job vacancy simply.

The recruitment checklist usually describes following areas:

  1. Job Opening Procedure

  2. How to define the job

  3. Inviting the job candidate

  4. Making Job Offer

  5. Closing the vacancy.

The recruitment checklist usually forces on the job opening procedure, as it is the most difficult part of the recruitment process. The manager usually understands how to conduct the job interview. The job opening is difficult, and the manager can make many mistakes during this period.

The job opening is the most painful part of the recruitment process for the manager. 

The recruitment checklist builds the understanding of management to the recruitment process. Managers like to feel the commitment of Human Resources to help. The checklist is extremely useful aid provided by Human Resources to the business leaders.

The recruitment checklist is a fantastic tool, when it is not complex and navigates managers. Managers do not forget to open formally the job vacancy, when they have a basic guide telling “How to open the job vacancy in my team?” The recruitment checklist can have a significant impact on the satisfaction with the recruitment process. The manager does not need to know the details of the process, but the main recruitment documents should be easily described as the manager can open the job vacancy easily.