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Current Trends in Recruitment Industry 2023

Technology is changing the world and recruitment process is no different. Technology is changing the way a recruiter hires someone and is making the process more efficient than ever before. How is technology changing the recruitment process and what trends do we see in this regard? Let’s find out by having a look at recent trends in recruitment practices right here. 

There is so much happening in the recruitment itself. Lot of new and innovative practices are now being used now a days by the industry. Being the most importart aspect of business, recruitment is always on priority list of any of the organisation.  There are various new trends are being noticed which are in practice such as :


Outsourcing firms build up their human asset pool by utilizing individuals for them and make accessible work force to different organizations according to their necessities. As result, the outsourcing firms or the intermediaries charge the organizations their services cost.The outsourcing firms help the association by the underlying screening of the candidates as indicated by the necessities of the association organization and making an appropriate pool of ability for the last choice by the association.

Advantages of outsourcing are:

  1. Outsourcing helps to the client company for recruitment process.
  2. Company need not plan for human resources much in advance.
  3. Outsourcing helps to the initial screening process
  4. It helps to the final selection by the organization
  5. Value creation, operational flexibility and competitive advantage.
  6. Tuning the management’s focus to strategic level processes of HRM.
  7. Company free from the salary negotiations
  8. Outsourcing helps to save the time and resources.


Poaching means Developing it. "Purchasing ability" (as opposed to creating it) is the most recent mantra being trailed by the associations today. Poaching implies utilizing a skillful and experienced individual officially working with another presumed association in the same or distinctive industry; the association may be a rival in the business. An outsourcing association can draw in gifted applicants from another association by offering alluring pay bundles, advantages, reward and different terms and conditions, superior to the present business of the organization.It Comes as a challenging task for HR managers to face and tackle poaching by other organizations, as it weakens the competitive strength of the firm and trustworthiness

Advantages of Poaching / Raiding:

  1. Employing competent and experienced person, who already working in another reputed company.
  2. New Employer ready to give attractive packages, better than the current employer.

E - Recruitment

E-recruitment is the an smart use of technology to accelerate the recruitment process. Many big organizations use Internet as a source of recruitment. They advertise job vacancies through worldwide web. The job seekers send their applications or curriculum vitae i.e. CV or resume through e mail using the Internet. Either  job seekers place their CV or resumes over internet , job portal , apply through company webpage, which can be drawn by prospective employees depending upon their requirements. 

  1. Advantages of recruitment are:
  2. Low cost.
  3. No intermediaries
  4. Reduction in time for recruitment.
  5. Recruitment of right type of people.
  6. Efficiency of recruitment process.

Finding the Best Match

One of the most noteworthy global recruiting trends is that qualified job seekers are not making as much effort as the recruiters. Yes, you read that right. Recruiters are making use of data technology and analytics to ensure that they find the most suitable candidates from a larger pool. When they find the right candidates, the job is not done. They need to find the career goals of a candidate and align them with the organizational goals. In essence, the candidates are not trying hard to fit in a role or organization, but the recruiter is making sure that the fit is seamless and painless for all. This one among popular current trends in recruitment and selection is a big relief for candidates as they can use the time saved (that they would have spent in looking for a job) to enhance their skills further. 

Screening has Changed

The process of screening bulk amounts of candidates is becoming easier thanks to artificial intelligence. This is among the most popular recent trends in recruitment and selection. Shortly, the job description and CV’s will be matched by using artificial intelligence to ensure that no unsuitable candidates are screened accidentally. As artificial intelligence techniques have zero failure rate in most instances, this will make candidate screening quicker and more efficient.

Use of Augmented Reality

The use of augmented reality in the recruitment process would allow companies to judge how a candidate performs in a real-life scenario. This is way better than hypothetical interview questions to judge various aspects of a candidate’s personality like confidence level. For instance, when you are hiring a candidate for the role of Sales Manager, you can use AR to let a candidate walk through a mock client meeting to ensure that the person doesn’t get too nervous during client presentations. It is considered as best hiring practices in many nations.


Use of Virtual Reality

One of the new trends in recruitment and selection is the use of virtual reality to boost a job seeker's profile or to let a candidate explore how working in a job would be like. Thanks to virtual reality, a job seeker can enhance his or her profile to let a recruiter walk through the projects that were successfully completed by a candidate. In contrast, the recruiter can help explain the benefits of taking up the job to a candidate by giving a VR tour that lets a jobseeker understand workplace and code of conduct of an organization

Video Profiles

A key one among recruitment trends is that a candidate can now use video content to enhance his or her professional profiles. Many candidates are adding a brief video of their professional accolades on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn to ensure that a recruiter doesn’t have to spend a lot of time in finding and then reading up on what a candidate can offer.

Increased Demand for Employee Referrals

Gone are the days when employee referrals were considered a necessity more than a good source of finding new employees? These days, every company no matter whether it’s a startup or a large organization depends heavily on employee referrals to find the right talent. Employee bonuses on referrals are expected to reach an all-time high because the demand for the right talent is also reaching new highs. This one among new trends in recruitment is most predictable. 

Skills in Demand

The kind of skills in demand is also changing rapidly. Low skilled jobs are rapidly being replaced with high skilled jobs because automation can handle low skill and repetitive jobs with ease. This one among recent trends in recruitment is the one that is causing the most uproar as people are losing their jobs if they fail to upskill themselves. 


Another of the recruiting trends that have been and is expected to be popular in the future as well is the increasing need of organizations to hire from across the borders. This hiring strategy might be the result of a simple business objective like business expansion in another nation or a more complicated reason, lack of required skills in a geographical area.

Increased Use of Contractors

The days are long gone when one recruitment executive was in-charge of all hiring decisions and finding the right talent. With the passing of time, the need to hire the right candidates has grown so much that almost every other company is outsourcing some aspects of its recruitment process to other contractors to ensure access to a larger pool of candidates. This is counted among latest trends in recruitment because hiring contractors from the same state is no longer enough, recruitment is often outsourced to companies present in different countries as well. Thanks to technology, communicating with these outsourcers is easy and more cost-effective than ever before.

Social Media Recruitment is on a New High

Social Recruitment

Technology has made us so close to one another via social media platforms that we can communicate with anyone across the planet by just signing into a social media platform. Recruiters are making the most of this by devising new recruitment strategies and searching for candidates on social media platforms. Apart from giving them an idea of the professional qualifications of a candidate, it helps a recruiter to understand the personal interest and family priorities of the candidate a swell which later helps in attaining a great work-life balance. This is among recruitment best practices because it allows an employee to feel at home from day one as the organization is prepared to meet his or her needs.

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