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HR Coordinator for Startups

HR Coordinator for Startups: Why Entrepreneurs Should Invest in this Job Role in 2024?

Startups are the ideal dream for every entrepreneur in the world. But a dream is only as good as the people behind it and getting the right people will make all the difference. That is why, getting an HR coordinator is one of the best things you can do as an aspiring entrepreneur. 

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Why Entrepreneurs Should Invest in this Job Role in 2024?

In this blog, we will look at what HR coordinators do for startups, how they conduct their HR functions and why it matters. You will also get access to HR Helpboard’s essential resources like the human resources coordinator job description and resume templates. Let’s start:

5 Reasons Why HR Coordinators are Essential for Startups in 2024

5 Reasons Why HR Coordinator are Essential

They Oversee all HR Recruitment and Management

Establishing a startup is a massive task but running one effectively is an even bigger one. The best way to give your business the leverage it needs to excel is to hire the right professionals. This is where the HR coordinator will come in clutch for your business. They will help you discover and recruit professionals who fit your mandate and sync-in well with your team. 

Traditionally, this role is part of the HR manager functions but startups can afford to hire HR coordinators for this role too. A qualified HR coordinator must have the right qualifications and some hands-on market experience. In-office HR coordinator jobs usually attract the most skilled professionals so this should be your first option. However, you can also work with remote HR coordinators if you create a good understanding with them.  

Broadly speaking, the human resource coordinator will help you onboard and orient your essential personnel. They will also set-up working protocols and address any grievances from your staff. Most importantly, they will create appraisal benchmarks using performance management KPIs which we will discuss a little later. Check out HR Helpboard’s human resources coordinator job description if you are looking to post a job soon. 

They Liaise with Every Other Department

Your HR expert will liaise with every other department of your startup’s employees. This makes them indispensable and a crucial timesaver for your daily activities. While startups with less than 10 employees often think this is not necessary, they miss out on critical opportunities handling while HR-related tasks. Rather, they should invest in well-trained HR coordinators who offer a strong middle ground between HR manager functions and junior-level HR executive tasks. 

Further, startups need people who will stay with them for the long term. And that is why many mid-level HR experts like assistant managers and coordinators will be eager to join up with them. Of course, you should consider your industry and pick an HRM expert with hands-on experience. This will help create the ideal foreground for your business and in particular, help create KPI-driven performance to boost sales and productivity.    

They Help Boost Performance Management

As a startup leader and entrepreneur, your job is to bring the best out of your team. The best way to do this is to understand them both at a personal level but also via performance management KPIs. 

For this, the Human Resources coordinator helps in developing a detailed understanding of how your performance management KPIs reflect your on-floor processes. They will help you develop a better understanding of which KPIs work for you and how you can use them to improve business performance. 


As such, the HR coordinator’s job becomes crucially beneficial for startups since they will liaise between all admins and employees. They will sit in on performance appraisal and recommendation sessions. They will also help employees, particularly new recruits and interns develop their skills and keep them motivated. For example, they may implement as defined by Deloitte here diversity, equality and inclusion-based performance management process centered on fostered, focused and fair appraisal. This is essential for startups today to break into the corporate grade in their industry. And one of the biggest ways employees will benefit from this role is via the due handling of their benefits which we will detail below.

They Regulate HR Policies including Benefits

Your employees depend on one or several of your HR policies to manage their daily lives. From early salary to bonuses to healthcare plans – these functions must be handled with effectiveness and accuracy. As an entrepreneur, you will probably not have the time to understand the exact needs of your employees when they are applying for a benefit. Typically this is part of an HR manager’s functions, but well-trained HR coordinators can handle these functions as well.   

Further, HR coordinators will handle the framing of new policies. As a startup, you will most likely need to deal with several changes in your policies as your company grows including the issuing of company-owned devices, WFH policies etc. All of these are part of the HR coordinator’s job and will help you redirect your time to dealing with actual business tasks. And of course, with policy change, there will be a change in skills, which is a key HR coordinator function we will look into next. 

They Conduct Employee Training and Upskilling

HR coordinators are the first point of contact for employees in both startups and SMBs for all training and appraisal. This is crucial for startups since you want to recruit high talent and then convert it into high-value skill that stay with you a long time. The Human Resources coordinator helps entrepreneurs develop in-house talent by implementing training, measuring performance and ensuring the hands-on uptake. The difference between unicorns and startups that fail is often how well they handle the HR assets. This is where the HR expert you hire will make all the difference.

A strong talent development process will help your business secure and retain skilled professionals for a longer time. According to McKinsey, there’s a whole new horizon for HR that [the business world] is going to see in 2024, because the past two years have been challenging and have really stretched the function. The need of the hour is making HR transformation practices part of digital transformation that turns startups into unicorns. Needless to say, this HR role is crucial for your business’ long -term success and you should invest in it now!

How Should You Find the Best HR Coordinator for Your Startup?

Your HR coordinator will deliver a superb degree of industry-specific understanding that will help you manage your workforce in the best possible way. Finding the right person for the job requires you to understand your next five years’ worth of growth and see how HR fits into that frame. Once you have a clear picture in mind, post on the popular job boards online including our own HR help board free Job Portal and you will most likely find able experts soon enough. Happy hunting!