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Guide for Recruitment and Selection

The Recruitment Guide (also called recruitment manual ) is the perfect tool for managers in the organization for hiring a new employee.

Managers need to keep their units and departments staffed with the skilled employees, and they have to move employees internally.

The enlistment direct is the apparatus to give administrators the responses to the fundamental inquiries concerning the enrollment procedure in the association.

The recruitment guide is aimed at two audiences mainly:

  • HR Head

  • Managers

These two groups of employees are the primary users and customers of the recruitment process, and they should understand to it. For any kind of clearance they should be able to find the relevant information in the recruitment manual without contacting HR Recruiters.

The enlistment direct is generally observed as a gigantic change of the enrollment procedure, when it is presented. Managers love to read the details of the recruitment process, different recruitment sources and different types of recruitment agencies. They tend to think about their employees, when they have to fill the job opening application, and they have to prepare a decent job profile and job description of the job vacancy.

For HR Head

The recruitment guide for the HR Head describes the detailed description of the process including expected deliverable from Human Resource Department primarily. The HR Head has to facilitate the process of the job opening as the goals defined by HR are reached.

The HR Head has to recommend the right recruitment source to be used, has to prepare the recommended time plan for opening the job vacancy. Additionally, the HR Head has to discuss with the manager about the possibilities of the internal recruitment for the vacancy.

The recruitment guide for the HR Head is mostly about the beginning of the recruitment process. It offers solutions for the most common situation in the recruitment and staffing. The HR Head has the role of the facilitator, and the recruitment guide has to offer different option to choose the right direction in hiring a new employee.

For Manager

The manager is the occasional user of the recruitment process. The manager usually does not open many vacancies during the managerial career. The recruitment guide has to offer the general overview of different possibilities in the recruitment of the new employee. The manager has to think about the ideal job candidate.

The manager has to think about the ideal job candidate.The enlistment direct needs to give the most ideal approach to make the activity profile and expected abilities and skills of the new contract.

The recruitment guide for the manager describes thehigh leve recruitment process. The requested timing for the individual steps is also the relevant part of the recruitment guide. The recruitment guide sets the right expectations.

The recruitment guide is an excellent tool for Human Resources to communicate the highlights and pitfalls of the recruitment process.

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