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Employee Benefits program of Organizations

Employee Benefits program is introduced in every company, to satisfy and motivate employees in the organization. These benefits are provided  to employee by employer on various grounds which can be medical, leave, facilities, educational, disability or health. Psychologically these benefits give employees a sense of dependability on the organization which in turn benefits the organization to get dedicated employee.

a. Employee Benefits

preparing and advancement gives both the organization in general and the individual representatives with benefits that make the cost and time a beneficial speculation.

Benefits eligibility is based upon a variety of element factors, as employee classification. HR Department identifies the benefit programs as per the eligibility of the candidate.

Details of many of these programs can be found in the employee handbook.

b. Holidays

Organization grants holiday time off to all employees as per the State Government notifications.

Note: List of Holidays is available with Human Resource Department. The list of holidays depends region wise, minimum twelve organizational holidays  are provided by the organization.

c. Maternity Leave Benefits

Every woman who has been the permanent employee of the organization becomes eligible for maternity leave under the certain circumstances.

Every eligible woman is entitled to receive maternity benefit for a maximum period of 12 weeks, of which not more than six weeks must precede the expected date of commencement. The benefit is only for the women who do not work during these 12 weeks. The other conditions, including the  payment of contributions, are the same as in sickness benefit as per factory law 1948. The benefit roughly amounts to the average daily wages of the eligible woman. It also covers miscarriage, sickness during pregnancy, premature birth, and death during confinement.


  • Eligible employee refers “employee who have completed minimum six months of service with Organization Name
  • All leave shall be recommended and sanctioned by Admin. /HRD department in consultation with HOD and the Directors.
  • In case of any emergency, the employee can submit the prescribed leave application form on the same day (For one full day or more or for half day).

d. Paternity leave

Permanent male employees are also eligible for paternity leave of five days. But paternity leave is not mandatory. It depends and varies according to the organization.

e. Education, Training and Professional Development

A specific pre definied decided schedule of basic training and orientation has been established for job and employment classifications. Coaching/Mentoring System provides guidance in professional development and Organization encourages all interested employees to take advantage of the continuing education initiative and further job specific training. All courses must be approved by a supervisor and a Human Resources representative.

Organization recognizes that the skill and knowledge of its employees & associated members are critical to the success of the organization. Organization will provide educational and training assistance program to its employee or associated members immediately upon the assignment.

Before going for training, employees or associated members must sign a bond depends upon the numbers of days and the cost of that program.

While training program is expected to enhance employee’s performance and professional abilities. Organization cannot guarantee that participation in formal training will entitle the employee or associated members to automatic advancement, a different job assignment, or pay increases.