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The user can access subjected to the dedicated terms and conditions of use which can be changed and updated time to time depending on the access. The Agreement terms and condition is applicable till the time the member access the site.

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HrHelpBoard has the right to add or change or modify the terms of Agreement or the contents published. You will be deemed to agree and accept the changes if you continue to access the site.

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The site may charge to subscription and membership fees in respect to any service provided by the site upon reasonable prior notice and confirmation.

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Permission or grant is provided for downloading or printing the extracts you require for your reference.

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HrHelpboard reserves all the right to terminate your account without any prior notice for any violation.

All content which are written by you and got posted becomes the property of HrHelpboard and you agree to grant the authority, right to use, modify and adapt, grant royalty fee, publish, distribute the contents according to the site’s requirement anywhere and in any form.

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HrHelpboard declares that all the contents posted in the site are for general use only. HrHelpboard will not be liable for any damages arising in contract due certain use of the contents.

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Contents can be submitted by users. HrHelpboard accepts no responsibility for the content and its accuracy.

Copyright Issues

HrHelpboard is an open forum, here people can post their queries and answers are given to their queries, where people may share some material which are taken from other electronic sources. But it becomes impossible for the moderators to check that if the content is infringing the copyright of any other party. Although our moderators try to remove any material which they think might be an infringement on copyright regulations, but there lies no guarantee that the moderators can find out all such posts.

On account that if any writer finds his/her article posted on HrHelpboard message boards. We request the person to write to us immediately or contact us so that the post can be removedimmediately. In case of legal action being taken by the article writer the complete jurisdiction shall be governed by the Laws of India.

Data Protection

HRHelpboard may send you information and offers of the services to you from time to time.HRHelpboard will protect all your personal data and information which are provided to the site for registration purpose.

Force Majeure

HrHelpboard shall have no liability to the visitor or member for any interruption or delay in access to the Site due any internet or other connectivity issue.

Entire Agreement

The Entire Agreement and its terms of service between both parties with respect to the subject matter are here to be fulfilled.

The above mntioned Terms of Service constitute the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes and replaces all prior or contemporaneous understandings or agreements, written or oral, regarding such subject matter.