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Grievance redressal policy of Organisation

Grievance redressal policy is the procedure provided by employer to employee so that they can vent out the issue or complication they face and to get a proper solution to this. Employees can lodge the complaint as per the procedure and solution is provided to this by senior authority as per policy so that a healthy and positive working environment is followed out.

In the present scenario of competition, employees are the assets of the Organization. For efficient working and smooth functioning of an organization it is important to see to the problems of the employees and also create a healthy environment with good working culture. Organization believes not only to recruit more and more staffs but also to retain them for longer duration towards the success of the organization. We have come up with lots of initiatives that are oriented to provide a better complaint redressal mechanism whenever any sort of grievances arises against the organization or against any staff.

a. Policy

A complaint lodged verbally by an employee will be treated as grievances. However, grievance will be regarded as formed when the dissatisfaction is given in writing. Such disputes which are of a reasonable magnitude arising out of ill feeling by an employee or group of employees may be regarded as grievance. The feeling of injustice may be related to wages, mode of its payment, leave, transfer, positions, promotion, and treatment by superiors, interpretation of code of conduct or even the food supplied in the canteen.

The idea of framing the policy in Organization is to solve the problem and the complaints of the staff. In this policy each and every staff has the right to express his/her grievance and there is a procedure to be followed. The policy has been formulated taking the following in to consideration:

Employees are treated fairly at all times.

Complaints raised by employees are dealt with courtesy and on time.

All complaints are dealt fairly and efficiently.

b. Complaint Procedure

Employees who have a job-related issue, question, or complaint, he / she should follow the following steps:

First Step

When an employee faces any grievance, he/she has to report it to his/her immediate superior. Such immediate superior officer is expected to give reply or find the solution to the grievance within the time stipulated according to the gravity of the grievance made.

If the matter is not settled or if the settlement made by him/her is not acceptable to the concerned employee, then the employee can directly  contact the DC (Disciplinary Committee) either through verbal communication or by submitting a written application in person or via mail.

The committee investigates on this matter and based on the findings it prepares a report to present before the chairperson of the committee who takes decision with the help of the submitted report.

If there is any ambiguity in the case a detailed investigation and proceeding for expert opinion would be considered.

Second step (If he/she is not satisfied with the decision of DC)

In second stage, the employee concerned will be permitted to present his/ her grievance with the help of co-workers to the Director who in turn listens to the grievance and tries to give a solution and constitutes a committee according to the merit of the case or issue put before him.


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