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Job Posting and Advertising Process step and Its Benefits​

Job Posting is the advertising of the job vacancy. The perfect job posting reaches the defined target group of potential job candidates. It motivates them to apply for the job vacancy and spreads the positive job brand name of the organization. The successful job posting process is all about the right selection of the recruitment source, making the job advert visually attractive.

The job posting is the key success factor in the operational recruitment. The strategic recruitment processes manage it, and Human Resource Recruiters have to follow the defined rules strictly. The job posting is smart mean of  complex interaction of different recruitment process. The job posting drives the quality, quantity and speed of response of job candidates. It is the essential operational recruitment process. HR needs to choose about the enrollment sources deliberately.

The job posting is the operational usage of the strategic decision about the recruitment sources. The job posting is the value added recruitment process. The HR Recruiter needs to choose about the enrollment source in view of criteria by the employing supervisor.The recruitment resources are different, and job advertisement designs have to be tailored to provide the best performance.

Steps to be followed by HR recruiters during the job posting process:

1.Select the recruitment resource using the recruitment decision process

2.Select the job advertisement commercial format to perform best.

3.Design the job description.

4.Monitor performance of the job advert.

The HR Recruiter has to use the decision matrix. The matrix describes the complexity of the job, the function, expected salary, previous experience. The recruiter can easily selects recruitment source for the job vacancy based on informations collected from other previous job vacancies. This step adds value to the recruitment of the new employees. The sooner the new hire comes, the sooner the new hire contributes to the results of the company. 

The HR Recruiter has to select the right layout of the job advert. Even the internet job adverts can use several layouts. Some job vacancies do not need any additional information; some job vacancies are extremely complex. They need a long description as they attract the potential job candidates. The HR Recruiter should choose from the job advert templates as the recruitment process is smooth.

The job candidates have to understand the language used in the advertisement. The language used in the job description can be different from the language used in the common communication. The name of the job vacancy has to be translated to the external population. The job posting is not about demonstrating the internal complexity of the organization.

The job posting is about raising the interest of potential job candidates. The job posting is not just the executive recruitment process. The HR Recruiter has to collect feedback about the performance of different channels and layouts. The job posting is about the innovative approach to the recruitment process.