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What is Charge Sheet? Charge Sheet Meaning with Sample format

“Charge Sheet Meaning is to formally accusing somebody for committing an Offence”

Charge Sheet is means a written statement of certain allegations upon the offender to communicate that what is done is lawbreaking and not acceptable as per the code of conduct.  The objectives of Charge sheet is highlight and address the exact Point of misconduct committed by the employee and demanding to submit an explanation in his / her defense and to present it to the management of the organization.

It is important to note that the Change Sheet format should also include the particular time place and the occurrences and the way the incident took place.

In other word, Charge sheet is the letter claiming the reasons regarding misconduct or any other unprofessional behavior of the employee in the organization. The employee needs to give clarification regarding the act for which charge sheet is given to him.

When to write charge sheet?

Charge sheet is issued to an employee when an employee is involved in any type of misconduct or bad behavior with the office colleagues or if the employee is involved in theft of the company’s property or if he/she is absent from his duties or if he/she is not performing well. Charge sheet is issued to the employee in above mentioned cases for which he has to give an explanation for the charges which are imposed against him and if the employee neglects the charge sheet then a serious action is taken against him which can result in employment termination from the organization.

Find below various Types of Charge Sheet Sample Format for better understanding and quick uses



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Proforma for General Charge Sheet - Sample Format

Date : ________


Mr. /Ms. _______________

We have received a report against you that on the date__________ at__________ time you were involved in misconduct. The acts mentioned above have been done by you as per the report and if it is proved strict action will be taken against you.

Accordingly, you have to give a proper explanation for the misconduct you are required to give explanation within 3 days otherwise action will be taken by the management.

If you fail to submit your explanation as required, it will be assumed that the charges are genuine and suitable action will be taken against you. 
The charges against you, are serious, hence you will be suspended till further action
Please acknowledge the receipt of the letter.

Authorized Signatory




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Charge Sheet For Slowing Down Work

Sample Format



Dear Mr. ___________,

It is reported against you as under:

1. On ____________(date) at_______(time) on duty with some of colleagues slowed down the work  instigated Mr. B & C to adopt ´go slow´ tactics. You threaten Mr.PQR for not following this misconduct.

2. You daily production before ___________ (date) was _____and after that day your per day production has gone down to______ which is much below the normal production of a worker of average efficiency.

3. The above acts on your part are highly objectionable to the interest of the company. The company has to compete with other organization.

4. Even after the advice from your seniors and supervisor you did not follow the rules, which resulted in severe loss to the company.

You have to give an explanation for this misbehavior on your part within 3 working days. In case you do not give any explanation we will assume that you don’t have to say anything on your part. The management will take severe action against you.





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Model Draft of a Charge Sheet

Sample Format




Mr. /Ms. _______________

It has been reported against you that on __________ at _________ you _______ (mention clearly that act of acts of misconduct alleged)
The act about as claimed above which have been conferred by you add up to offenses which, if demonstrated, would warrant genuine disciplinary activity against you.

You hereby need to explain and give a reply of this charge sheet that why you should be dismissed within 3 days and if you fail to submit your explanation as required, it will be assumed that you have no clarification to offer and the issue will be discarded with no further reference to you.

The charges against you are very serious hence you are suspended till further action. Kindly acknowledge the receipt of charge sheet.



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Charge Sheet Performa Suggested



Mr. /Ms. _______________

Following are the charges against you:

After observing you for a long period of time we found that you are in habit of absenting yourself from the duties without any prior information and leave sanction. Your absenteeism has increased a lot from last one year.
Month  Dates    No. of days of unauthorized absence
XXX        XXX        XXX
XXX        XXX        XXX
You have been advised many times to improve your attendance and not to indulge in absenteeism. But despite 

this advises/reprimands and assurance given to you, you have not shown any improvement in your attendance.

We also observed that you are habitual of absenteeism, which effects the work of the company. You need to give an explanation for the misconduct within three working days. In case we do not receive any explanation from you in the given time period the management is free to take any action as desired.

For _______________________
(Authorized Signatory)




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