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Use of Simple Job Application format for applying job – Get tips for Right Application Format for Job with Sample for Example

India is a country where there are hundreds of professionals ready for employment. A single job has numerous job applicants. The question that comes to everyone’s mind is: “Why would you qualify for the interview”?  Therefore, a correct application format for job is very important. There is a stage before the interview which involves a catchy and interesting job application letter submission. It is a skill only a few possess and thus get lucky.

What is Application Letter for Job & Right Job Application Format?

You might have a question about what exactly an application letter for job is what is the Right Job Application format? Let’s take this further; many professionals are not so clear with the idea of a formal letter and a job application letter. A formal letter is written to a respected person for matters concerning formal events. However, a simple Job application letter for employment is a type of formal letter which is concerned with application requests for the available jobs written specifically to a Human Resource executive or to the person responsible for the hiring of that particular vacancy.

Writing an Application Format for Job?

Many people believe that instead of writing a simple job application letter, it is better to directly walk-in. A lot of companies are comfortable with walk-ins but at the same time, but they don’t get to know  your achievements and skills and thus might end up asking wrong questions and not actually scanning through the whole profile.

An application letter for job along with a Resume helps a candidate to describe about their candidature and suitability for the job.  On the other hand, in a good job application format allow a candidate to mentions every small and big detail, achievements, and purpose which makes it easy for an HR executive to comprehend and form particular aptitude and skilful questions for the candidate. Moreover, plenty of companies believe in not wasting time for every candidate who voluntarily does a walk-in. Thus, Recruitment Process in companies prefer application letter for job to filter out deserving candidates out of the bunch of applicants.

How to Write a Job Application Email?

Here is the clear and concise way that would help you in writing a job application letter email in the best way by considering all the points. A simple job application letter, as mentioned earlier should be a very formal letter written with a specific agenda and objective. A Job application format for job consists of three parts majorly:

  1. In a simple and good job application format for job, the first paragraph or introduction is specifically directed towards the job description and the details of the job. There might be numerous opportunities and vacancies in a company. Thus, the first paragraph in the introduction should include formal greetings and details of the job the candidate wishes to apply for. The clearer and simpler the explanation of the job, the easier it is for the HR executive to comprehend.
  2. The second paragraph of the job application email should contain your major skills and achievements directed towards the skills required for the job. In a good application format for job is that where a candidate should mention every single achievement related to the particular job with a basic clarity in the timeline of the achievements done. The language should be formal. The achievements and skills mentioned in the letter should be very much supporting the job description. For example, if the job description is about selling pens and a candidate is writing his skills in coding, it does not interest the interviewer and thus fails to qualify for the interview.
  3. The third paragraph of the application format for job is all about formally requesting to schedule an interview and bide a formal goodbye to the interviewer. It should be very polite and at the same time promising to the interviewer that you are a suitable candidate for the opportunity by the skills you possess.

Important Points for Job application format before Sending a Job Application Email

It is pretty much important to know the right method of writing a job application email as that would be serving as the first impression for Recruitment in front of the hiring managers. You must have a look at the job application email format to be clear with everything and write a clear and concise application email for the job.

Let us have a look at some of the key points of an application format for job that you must consider before sending a job application email to any company.

  1. You must use a professional email address while sending a job application email as the email sent from some fancy emails could cause immediate rejection.
  2. The job application email format should be followed in a clear and concise manner to avoid the application from becoming lengthy.
  3. The attachments should be properly labelled with appropriate names like ‘Your Name_Resume’ to look professional.
  4. The software of the hiring team could be different from the one that you are using, so it is better to convert your documents in PDF format to make it appear in the same format.
  5. The Subject Line of your job application email should be short and to the point, so that the hiring manager could determine whether to open it or not.

These were about the content to be included in a job application format. However, there are other factors too where the quality of a job application letter depends on various factors that are discussed below.

Tips for Writing an Effective Job Application Email

The following tips will help to know how to write an application letter for job and will also guide for creating a better and effective Job application format:

Language: The language used in the job application letter should be very polite and formal. Adopting a simple application format for job is must because you cannot achieve the objective if the letter is not well formatted.  Usage of slang language or wrong grammar structures or writing short forms is strictly not entertained by the interviewer. The letter should have a good range of vocabulary and impressive grammar structures to quote the content and at the same time should be simple in understanding.

Feelings: The job application format should depict a bowl of enthusiasm to the reader. A reader should feel that the candidate is very excited and confident about the opportunity. The candidate should be able to show by the expressive language how much he is wanting the job.

Complexity and length: The application letter for job should be short or of moderate length including every detail of the job a candidate is applying for with proper mentioning of the skills required for the job. At the same time, the language and structure shall not seem to be complex where the reader feels heavy to read the letter. In any case, the rejection is tending to happen.

Lastly, understanding the main aim of writing the application letter for job is for a candidate to SELL himself to the interviewer. The letter is the candidate's reason for why he is the perfect sell to the company or the organization. A candidate who pays minor attention to the mentioned pointers in the article can easily sway the interviewers in the glimpse of selection and approval.

You can refer to the job application letter sample given below for example and to get a better understanding of right application format for job before you apply to any company with the same.


pdf word


Job Application Email Format Samples/Templates


Date: ___________


Dear Madam,


I hope this email finds you well.

Please forward this mail to the concerned department.

I am qualified as a Bachelor of Commerce from Mumbai University, together with 10+ years of experience, and currently a Logistics & Import/Export Executive at Company Name ____________ I'm confident that I will be a valuable asset to your team. I welcome the opportunity to discuss how my "Logistics, Import/Export, Purchase, Store, Warehouse & Admin etc. experience, education and skills would benefit your organizations.

I have attached my resume for your review and I look forward to being given an opportunity for a personal meeting.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Thanks & Regards,




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pdf word


Job Application Email Letter Format- 2



Dear Sir/Ma'am



 I would like to apply to your respected organization with great interest. Reviewing my credentials will confirm that I have worked with full accountability as a strategist for business growth and marketing; thanks to over 20 plus years of experience.

At present I was associated with Company Name_____________. as North India Head for Business Associate Vertical. Presently working as Business Development Head with

Company Name_____________________


I am associated with many Education, FnB, Health & Wellness , Distribution , Telecom, Retail etc.

How can we join hands to increase the penetration of your Esteemed brand Pan India

 I recognize that working in a company requires a team-oriented applicant who is willing to deal with individuals in different departments. I am sure that I have these abilities that will help me do the job effectively and efficiently. My aim is to move my passion, imagination & expertise to a role in which I continue to provide strategic / tactical leadership critical to sustaining an organization’s valued customers. I am confident that my role within the team would prove to be valuable for a respectable organization. As such, to analyze your needs and share my thoughts, I would welcome an opportunity to talk with you.

 I am open to work in any part of India & Travel as n when required to achieve company's goals.

 My detailed resume is enclosed for your reference.

Thanking you






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pdf word


Job Application Letter Format


Date: _________


Candidate Name___________

Address: _________________

Mobile: __________________

E-mail: ___________________


Employer Contact Information

Address: _________________



Subject : Job Application for - Assistant Manager


Dear, Sir/Mam

My name is Candidate Name__________, from the Company_______. This email is in regards to showing interest in your organization as good experience for the below domain since my candidature is quite suitable for this role and immediate joiner.

I would like to share the synopsis of experience and role in my previous organization for the below domain that I am actively looking for job tweak. We request you to review my resume and if interested, please schedule the interview for the aforesaid domain in US GAAP Accounting. 

This is regarding applying for the job in the finance and accounts department in your organization. I wish to apply in your organization as advertised and have worked with Company Name__________ as I had tweak the job due to some personal reasons and have joined Company Name_____but in this organization Companies had laid off their employees due to some heavy losses So, I am taking Vigilance from my side before my name came into laid off list  and I never thought that before Joined here but now I felt down kindly request you to please help me for the aforesaid reason to work in your organization and grant me the opportunity to showcase my skill there. I have the necessary skills and qualifications for this post, as well as the necessary experience.

I hold a B.Com (H) Degree from College_____ and CA Finalist. I also have 6.5 years experience of working as an assistant manager in some organizations and companies.

It's my privilege and pleasure if you will provide me the opportunity to work with your organization as I am actively looking for Job due to aforesaid reason.

Request you to please consider me for the same as above. 




Current CTC ___________

Current Organization_____




Best Regards,



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