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Grievance Definition! How to write a Grievance letter with free sample format & template

Grievance is a complaint specially for unfair treatment. An employee may file a grievance for unsafe working conditions. A grievance is a complaint against unfair practices. It can also be defined as a resentment justifying retaliation.

What is Grievance?

In our professional and personal life, we usually come across the situation of grievance or complaint. This situation arises due to unsatisfactory services, unfulfilled promises, unwanted circumstances due to other’s action etc. Taking the grievance on practical approach, it could be raised by an employee, for his / her employer for salary issues, policies, unsafe working conditions etc. A customer can raise a grievance for poor service delivered by the vendor likewise a citizen can have the grievance over the standard of civic amenities provided by the local administration.

So, it could be summed up as the formal complaint, from an individual or the group which could point a specific contract terms or violation of any policy. We register our grievance through the formal letters addressing the other party’s stakeholder. For example, an employee can address the grievance letter to HR or any assigned authority setup for addressing the grievance.

Hence a grievance definition states a negative consequence by virtue of anyone’s negligence, violation of terms and conditions of an agreement etc.

Grievance Process

When any grievance is brought under the notice of any authority by the affected party, the authority has the formal means to address the grievance and trying to reach the resolution. The prescribed formal means is termed as the “Grievance Process”. In case of the employment grievances, in some organizations have the standard grievance procedures already defined termed as the policy. Keeping in mind the grievance resolution, the grievance procedure begins by outlining the grievance authority, from where the grievance can be registered for the resolution. For example, an employee having the grievance over the finance (Salary, reimbursement or any unpaid due) may approach the finance department grievance officer or any assigning officer to get the grievance addressed. An employee, regarding unreceived experience letters, policy etc., can reach HR for the redressal.

Facilitating the employee with the internal grievance handling cell, following the defined grievance procedure, it is mandatory for the employees to follow the same, as it not only restores the faith of an employee on his/her employer but also the grievance gets resolved without resorting to the lawsuits.

Likewise, any local administration of the city, has the same defined grievance bench headed by the grievance officer for the convenience of the citizens. This of course doesn’t give the timely resolution to the grievance raised but also helps to deal without resorting to the lawsuits too, hence saves precious time as well as money.

In a formal way, the party having the grievance can approach the grievance redressal committee through an email or by filling a grievance form (specified format).

How to write a grievance letter?

While writing a grievance letter, some points need to be considered, which has been discussed below: -

  • The writer must address the letter to the appropriate authority to initiate a proper grievance redressal procedure.

  • The contact details of the recipient must be mentioned clearly.

  • Address of the sender must be mentioned.

  • The burning issues must be tabled in a soft, polite and in a very professional manner.

  • The writer should not use any harsh words while highlighting the issues.

  • No threats or ultimatum for the grievance redressal should be mentioned in the letter.

  • The letter must be precise, in short description and should not be lengthy.

  • The letter must be ended in optimistic note about the redressal of the grievance in a definite time frame.

Grievance Letter is written for some particular behaviour, deed which is disappointing, humiliating or annoying to somebody. This kind of letter is mainly written for any misconduct, mischief, violation, poor performance. This letter is offen written to the human resources department complaining about anything which we believe is not happening well in the organization. This letter is written by an employee in which he makes complain about an issue which he is facing in the organization .While writing this letter an employee has to keep the facts which can be proved and ask for a an enquiry against it .

A grievance letter can be against an employee, a supervisor, manager or any of senior management fellow member. There are various reasons for which a grievance can occur and a letter can be written.  Mostly are for bad behaviour of an employee with his other colleagues, not receiving a payment or anything bad which is happened in the organization. Letter of grievance is a formal complaint of something which happened at work .This is a formal way of complaining in an organization to the superior, Line Manager, or to the Management by mentioning the issues an employee is facing.

Find Grievance Letter Sample Template for example available in doc and pdf format for easy to download and ready to use:



pdf word


Grievance Letter for Misbehavior of a Colleague

Sample - Template

                                                                                                                                           Date: _________


Complainant’s Name & Designation
Organization’s Name



Officer’s Name
Organization’s Name


Dear Mr. / Mrs.

This is to inform you about the inconvenience that I am facing everyday at the work place. My team mate is creating problems for me by abusing me verbally and also by misguiding me in many tasks.

As you know, I am a new employee here and have been clubbed with Name of the person in order to undergo on job training. Since day one, Name of the person has been very rude towards me and uses foul language against me at almost all times. The recent outburst of his anger in front of all the employees is one of them. Also, he misguides me with the work assignment which is hampering my training.

Kindly investigate this matter further and please resolve this issue. Due to this problem, I am not able to concentrate on my work and hence I request you to please team me up with someone else for the training purpose.

Yours Truly,

Complainant’s Name,
Organization’s Name





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pdf word


Grievance Letter against new Employees

Sample - Template

 Dated ________

Organization Name
Address ______________

Ref: Complaint of the New employee's ;Misbehavior

Dear Sr. / Mrs.


This letter is written on behalf of the senior employee union concerning about the new worker’s misbehavior while they are on training and the alteration in shifts in the (Organization Name) ______________. This thing became utterly serious each and every day as the current employees are not showing any interest towards the training and misconduct with their senior employees.

As you are well aware of the fact that these incident are causing bad impact over the Senior employee’s and they are showing least interest on training these new joiners. ; Few of the Senior Employee has also put down their papers and looking for the new option.

The times of working hours ( Late sitting ) being rendered by the junior employees are not able to match up to the mark resulting to a very low individual result. With regards to this case, you can refer to the monthly performance report to confirm this allegation.

Please have a good judgment to manage the circumstances. Whatever effort that you will make with regards to this matter will be highly respected by us.

Thank you, 

Yours Truly,



Name of the person




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