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Relieving Letter Format its Meaning with Reliving Letter Sample Template in Pdf & Word

The article below is all about “Relieving Letter” and includes  relieving letter meaning, relieving letter format and relieving letter request added with sample template in word and pdf format provided for  quick download and use and for easy understanding of the concept. It is an official document required by an employee while joining a new organization plays a significant role for an employee's future career prospects. It also acts as a summary record of the tenure of an employee for an employer.

Relieving Letter Meaning

It is illegal for a person to have more than one job at a time. An organization or a company issues this letter to an employee who has resigned from their post. The employee can also use it as proof for future employers.

Best Relieving Letter Format

Generally, the resignation letter should be to the point and brief. It should include the information when you are leaving. In the letter, you can appreciate your time with the organization. The language in the letter should be positive to avoid using any negative words in the letter. Consider the following while writing a letter.

  • The length of the letter should not be more than one page.
  • The letter's fonts should be traditional, like Arial or Times New Roman with a size of 10 to 12 points.
  • The letter should be a single space, and the space between each paragraph should be 1" margins, and the text should be aligned to the left.
  • Before mailing your letter, edit it.

Tips for creating a professional Relieving letter format

The following Points or tips are required to consider while writing relieving letter:

  • It should be issued on a company or an organization letterhead.
  • Generally, this is addressed to "To whomsoever it May concern" unless the employee has the specific person to be addressed.
  • It should reference the resignation letter of the employee and that the organization has accepted it.
  • On the relieving letter, the last post held by the employee should be mentioned.
  • The letter should talk positively about the employee and should give credit to his or her performance.
  • Date of joining and tenure of the employee needs to be mentioned in the letter.
  • It should end with a positive note and wishing success in their future endeavor.
  • It should be written in a simple English language, and it should be kept professional.
  • The letter should not have any slang words.
  • The best relieving letter format should be a letter of communication that will help the employee thrive in their future endeavors and not act as a roadblock in their career.
  • The letter should be issued only when the employee is leaving the organization; delay in doing so will dampen the employee's career pursuits.

A relieving letter or relieving order request is issued by an employee to the employer when they wish to leave the organization. Suppose the organization refuses to issue the relieving letter. In that case, it means that the resignation of the employee is not accepted, and he or she is still an employee of the organization.

How to Write a Relieving Letter Request to the Employer

Once as an employee if you have decided to quit your job, the professional thing is to submit a resignation letter, it will help ease the transition over the next two to four weeks at the job. It will also help you maintain a positive relationship with your employer even after many years after leaving the organization. Here are some tips for writing relieving letter request.

The relieving letter sample basically states to the new employer that the employee is not working in his or her previous organization and is not trying to work for two companies at the same time. It also prevents people from taking a holiday and try for other companies. The letter functions as a notification for the employee that their resignation has been accepted by the organization, and they are relieved of their current duties.

Relieving Letter Sample in Word & PDF format for Quick Learning

Find out below the best relieving letter format pdf and sample for example and speedy uses. That will help you to write your own relieving letter in a better manner & quickly.


pdf word


Relieving Letter Sample



Employee name:

Employee address:

Subject: Relieving Letter


Dear (Name of the Employee),

This refers to your resignation letter dated (mention date). In your resignation letter you have requested to be relieved from the services on date (mention date).

This letter is to inform you that your resignation has been accepted and you will be relieved from the services on date (mention date).

We wish you a good luck and success in your future endeavors and also thank you for your contribution to the company during your stay.

We also inform you that your full and final settlement would be done on your last working day with us.


Name of the organization


Yours Sincerely,


HR Manager




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pdf word


Relieving Letter Sample

This sample of relieving letter is issued by the employer after employee left employment with the organization.  In this scenario where an old employee has to make a request to his/her old employer to issue the relieving letter which may be a need for his future employment and then this letter is being issued.

Download in PDF or Word Format

Date: ________

Name of Employee: _____

Address: ________

Subject: Relieving Letter cum Service Certificate

Dear ____, 

This is with reference to your employment with Company Name (_____) commencing date (_____).

Pursuant to your resignation letter dated (_____), you were relieved from the services of the Company with effect from the end of business hours of dated (_____). On the date of leaving the services of the company, you were designated as (mention designation) in (mention the department).   

The full and final settlement of your dues and claims with respect to your employment with the Company was completed as on Date (_____).

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors. 

Thanking you

For and on behalf of

(Company Name)



Name, Designation Signature



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pdf word


Relieving Letter Format PDF & Word File Download

Relieving letter request after the resignation from an employee




Employee Name_______


Subject: Relieving letter

Dear Employee Name,

This refers to your resignation letter no. Dated___________ wherein you have requested to be relieved from the services of the organization on Date___________

We hereby confirm the acceptance of your resignation and hereby issuing the relieving letter for your services to the organization after serving a one-month notice period, with effect from closing office hours of Date___________

We also certify that the organization has cleared your full and final payment of the account. Your contribution to the company/organization is highly appreciated, and we wish you all the best for future endeavors.


Organization Name



Yours Sincerely

(HR Representative)



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pdf word


Relieving Letter Sample in Word & PDF Format



Employee Name__________

Employee Address_________


Dear Sir,


Subject: Request for Relieving Letter


This is a reference to your resignation letter date_____. Your resignation has been accepted by the organization. We are ready to relieve you from the duties on Date___. We confirm that you have been working with our organization from Date___ as a designation_____.

During your employment tenure, we have found you to be sincere and hardworking in performing on your duties.

We thank you for your service to the company and wish you for your future endeavors.


Best wishes


HR Representative




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