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An internship is a temporary time bound work assignment offered by a company to those new job aspirants who have completed their academic / technical qualification and now looking for work experience.  Organization’s design and offers such Internship program under the internship guideline and on completion of the internship, an internship certificate is being issued by the organization.

Internship Certificate

Internship certificates are awarded to interns who have successfully finished their training at an organization/corporation or a university. The internship certificate confirms the length of the internship (in months or years), as well as any stipends paid during the internship and also detail about the job-related information. This certificate becomes an essential document for any person / jobseeker candidate or any student once they have completed their internship from any organization or from the school and are now ready to begin working.

What is Internship Certificate?

An internship certificate is a valuable legal document issued by an institution / organization that certifies that the intern has finished his or her internship assignment under the mentor and has completed the internship /training period. It also specifies the field or department in which the intern worked during the internship/training and verifies that the individual is qualified to pursue a new / higher-level position in the industry.

Internship Certificate Format

The internship certificate should be simple while still mentioning all key details; in other words, it should be complete but short so that the person reading it understands the internship's major point. Those who want to advance in the field in which they are studying will benefit greatly from this diploma.

An ideal internship certificate format should be included following things:

  1. Company Name with Logo

  2. Date of issuing the Internship Certificate

  3. Name of the intern

  4. Company name issuing the letter

  5. Internship period (from and to)

  6. Project Name and details

  7. Best Wishes to the intern

  8. Name of project manager and signature

You can find here below internship certificate samples for better understanding and quick uses.  You can choose any one sample matching your current requirement.

Internship Certificate Format Sample

Here is an internship certificate sample format to get you started quickly.

Company Logo

Name of the organization

With complete address


Date of Issue

Internship Certificate

To whom it may concern

This is to certify that [Intern's name] has completed his/her job duties and responsibilities during her period of internship from (date) to (date). 

During his/her course of the internship, s/he worked for (project name) and it was designed for (project purpose). S/he has put her/his best efforts into completing the project and showing his/her best efforts. His/her performance was at par with our expectations and s/he was able to complete the task assigned to him/her in time.

I/we wish (intern's name) success in all his/ her future endeavours.

(Name of the organization)



Authorized Signatory


(Name & Designation with Signature with stamp)


What is the value of an internship certificate?

An internship certificate is offered to the interns who have successfully finished their internship term with a specific job role or multiple tasks assigned by the organization.

An internship certificate is a valuable asset, as it can be used as an added qualification for a fresher. If the intern has done his/her internship in a core company and has earned an internship certificate, it would ensure his/her smooth entry into the corporate world.

How do I get an internship certificate?

Step-by-step process to earn an internship certificate:

1. Evaluate your core competencies.

2. Send applications for the internship programs suitable for you.

3. Complete the internship program.

4. Ask your employer or the responsible person to issue your internship certificate.

5. Make sure to check the certificate well for any error.

6. Make sure the certificate is duly signed and stamped.

Internship certificate template

If you are looking for an internship, make sure to evaluate your skillet and decide the requirements for the internship you want to search. The first step to find an internship is to prepare a strong resume, highlighting your core competencies and precisely mentioning your relevant qualifications. Search for internships in job sites and professional networking forums like Indeed and LinkedIn. Make sure to search online for the best internships available in the job market. There are many sites designed for interns and short-term job seekers.

Additionally, you can prepare a portfolio of your work to showcase, and your curricular activities too! cif you are exceptionally well in your internship term!

Remember, an internship can help kick start your career, so do not rush to get into one, and choose the organization wisely!

Find below format of internship certificate with sample Templates for better leaning and quick uses: