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Letter for Transfer Request Understand with sample format & template    

Transfer Request Letter is plea asking to transfer one location to another. Transfer Request letter is a written request for a change of location, a change of department, organisation, or institution. For most of our lives we may have lived, studied and worked in one place and the very next day circumstances may compel us to move to another. These circumstances may be positive, like a promotion, a happy family occasion like a marriage, moving into a better home etc. Or it could be negative, like a sickness or a family emergency. Or it could just be that we may want a change from the monotony of our present life. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself needing to relocate from one field of work to another, from one institution to another or from one location to another, you need to write a letter to request for a transfer.

Transfer Request Letter

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When to write A Transfer Request letter

A transfer request letter is the first step to initiate the process of change or a transfer. There are several situations where one would need a transfer letter.

A student unhappy with his/her current course and wanting to shift to a different stream can write a transfer letter to the college or school to make his/her request. When a student has to shift from one state to another or from one board of education to another, a request for transfer letter will have to be written. While writing a transfer letter for a school or college, be sure to mention clearly the reason for transfer and also request all updated academic records for future reference.

If an employee is working for a multinational company, with offices in different parts of the country, or world for that matter, he/she can write a request for transfer from one location to another for better professional prospects. Also if an individual feels he/she will be more productive in another department, within the same office, he can present a letter and request for a transfer from one department to another. Sometimes if two companies have strong business relations with each other, employers can issue employee transfer letters from one company to another.

Tips to write transfer Request letter 

When requesting for a transfer, remember to state the reason for a transfer with absolute clarity. In the letter, it would also help to reassure your employer of your unwavering commitment to the company and your willingness to take up any responsibility requested of you in the new location. While writing a transfer request letter it is also important to clarify whether there will be any change in your job description, salary, benefits or incentives. 

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Request for Transfer Certificate

Sample Letter




Professor Mrs. XYZ


ABC College, Delhi.

Subject: Request for transfer certificate

Dear Professor Mrs. XYZ,

I am writing to request you to please issue a transfer certificate for my son Paul Walker of Class 12, Roll number 075. I would also request you to please furnish us with Paul’s updated academic records so as to better facilitate admission to another college.

I have just received a job promotion and my family will have to relocate to Mumbai. I have informed Paul’s professors about the need for a transfer and have cleared all the remaining outstanding fees and dues.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to both the teaching and non-teaching staff for all their help and cooperation during Paul’s academic formation. Thanking you,





Mr. Jack Walker.

Contact Details.



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Transfer Request Letter example

Format Sample Template


Date: _______

Name of the concerned person
Manger- Human Resource
Organization Name

Subject: Transfer Request Letter


I am (Name of the employee) working with this company since no. of years as a designation and I enjoy every moment of these years in this company. I share impressive relation with all my colleagues as well as with my senior staff.

I am satisfied with the work and work environment which I got here. Now I want to be transferred to our desired branch due to a personal circumstances it is necessary for me to take this move.

An illness in my family has made it necessary for me to relocate to location. I would like to continue providing job excellence to this organization, and hope that we are able to work together to find a solution that fits both of our needs.
Hence, I want to make an application to you kindly transfer me to that branch. I expect you will understand my situation and response the needful for the same.
Thanking You
Truly yours,

Name of the employee
Emp. Code:



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