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How to write a letter of recommendation letter?  Find letter of recommendation format with Sample template

A recommendation letter is often written by someone in authority, a teacher, principal, manager and so on. It is written as a positive endorsement of a person, his/her skills, abilities and potential or to acknowledge a hard worker. The letter of recommendation intends to help an individual secure a position; enroll at an institution or as a personal appraisal or validation for good performance. The person writing the letter must know the candidate well and must have experience working with the candidate. A letter of recommendation for a student for example, may be written by a teacher who has personal teaching the candidate and is well aware of the candidate’s academic record.

In the corporate sector, a letter of recommendation for employment is usually submitted along with a cover letter and the candidates resume or CV, based on the request of the employer. Ideally, a recommendation letter for a job (Example letters are given) will describe the candidate’s work ethic, key skills and the suitability for a specific job. A professional letter recommendation is usually written by a previous employer or client with experience of the professional conduct of an individual. A recommendation letter from an employer will highlight the positive aspects of an individual’s work in order to help them secure the desired job.

While applying for a job or enrolling for an educational course sometimes you are expected to write or submit a recommendation letter. The recommendation letter acts as a written and formal “character witness” which highlights the credibility of the individual mentioned in the letter. A recommendation letter provides prospective employers or admission authorities with a third-party view about a candidate to use as a reference.

Right Format of Recommendation Letter

  • The letter of recommendation format is quite simple and straightforward.
  • While writing a recommendation letter it is important to keep in mind the specific purpose for which the candidate has requested that letter.
  • The job recommendation letter should mention the specific qualities of an individual which makes them best suited for that particular job or course.
  • It will also help to state clearly your academic or professional association with the individual and if possible mention a specific event that impressed you about the candidate.
  • A recommendation letter is very important because sometimes what others say about a person is taken into consideration more than what that person may have to say about themselves.

Find below lots of letter of recommendation sample template in word doc and pdf format for example & easy download and quick uses.


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pdf word


Letter of Recommendation for award and raise in salary

Example Format Template


Date: _______





Salaries and Accounting Department,

XYZ Company.


Subject: Letter of Recommendation for employment


Dear Mr. ABC,

It is with sincere gratitude that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Mr. Paul, to acknowledge his invaluable contribution to the company and the project to which he is assigned.

Mr. Paul, who has been with the company for over four years, continues to display an exceptionally efficient work ethic and is consistently competent with all the responsibilities assigned to him. Our esteemed clients too have personally expressed their appreciation for his unwavering commitment to their projects.

I am pleased to recommend Mr. Paul for the employee of the year award and for an annual salary raise. I feel it will motivate and boost his moral to work even harder for our company.


Thanking you,



Senior Supervisor.




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pdf word


Letter for Recommendation for admission in College

Sample Template


Date: _______



To Whom It May Concern

I, ABC, a professor of English at XYZ College, Delhi, would like to recommend Mr. A for the post graduate course in Journalism at your reputed institution. As his English professor for three years I am well associated with his persistent desire for academic excellence as seen from his consistent academic performance.

I have found him to be well read and eager to participate in any classroom discussions, frequently asking questions to clarify concepts and express his opinions. I have also observed that he is always ready to help his fellow classmates with any difficulties they may have. His sincerity with academic assignments is evident from his willingness to go the extra mile while completing any work assigned to him.

I strongly feel he will be an invaluable asset to the classroom at your institution and hope you may grant him the admission he so richly deserves.


Thanking you,




Principal, XYZ College, Delhi.




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pdf word


Letter of Recommendation for Job Employment

Sample Letter Format


Date: _______


To Whom It May Concern,

I, AAA, Manager at XYZ Company, am happy to present this recommendation letter for Ms. A, who I know will be an invaluable asset to your company. Ms. A has been associated with our company for well over six years and I was her immediate supervisor for three years.

She has an incredible work ethic, displaying exceptional efficiency and professionalism in all that she undertakes. She is able to execute all her responsibilities diligently and has shown herself extremely competent in handling new tasks.

Her polite demeanor and effective communication skills make her particularly skilled at customer and client relations. That is why I strongly recommend her for the post of customer relations executive at your organization. Thanking you,





Manager, XYZ Company.




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pdf word


Recommendation Letter for Re-designation

Sample Template




To whom so ever it may concern


___________(Employee name)has worked with our organization ___________(Organization’s name) as a designation for the past duration______no. of years. Her responsibilities have included describe job duties and responsibilities.

During her time here she had an amazing impact on the appearance and financial turn around at the work place.

She is particularly regarded by her associates for her ability to help anybody at whenever. She has been instrumental in helping establishment new association wide cost sparing strategies. She is very well organized, diligent in her paperwork, easy reachable, and always on time.

She has real leadership potential. I would highly recommend her for re-designation or promotion in our company.


Yours Truly,



Name of the person


Organization Name




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pdf word


Letter of Recommendation for a job vacancy

Sample Format


Date: _______



Name of the concerned person

Designation ______________


Subject: Recommendation of a candidate for Job


Dear ____________

I am writing you this letter as a letter of recommendation for ____________(Name of the employee) who wishes to apply for an opening within your company in Mumbai that he found on the Internet.

(Name of the employee)____________has worked for my company for the last ______years as a_____________ (designation), and he wants to leave his current position as his family business is forcing him to relocate to location.

I would like to recommend you ________(Name of the employee) for an opening in your organization, he is a very loyal and faithful member of staff, and one who will be missed on his departure next month,

I wish to thank you in advance for your time and consideration in offering an opening like this to Name of the employee.


Yours Faithfully,




Authorized Person Name





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