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Company Mobile Phone uses OR Cell Phone Policy 

Mobile Policy of a Company:

At our company, company owned mobile phones are given to employee to carry their job.  It is in fact given to employee whose job demands to be contactable or require mobile application to perform their role.

The Cell phone policy at work is meant for the allotment of mobile phones to the organizational employees for business.

It includes procurement and operations of organization mobile phones.

The Company cell phone policy also offers guidelines for the use of company owned mobile phones in working hours.

Mobile Phone Policy

Why to have Mobile Phones Policy?

New technology influence the way work is done in the organisation. Mobile phone technology is not a new technology but it is one of the essentials in today’s life and is used every moment for business or personal purpose. Such use of mobile phone device’s has poised various issues to the employer. In order to deal with it there is a need to have Mobile cell phone policy.

However, without a legal cell phone policy and procedure rules at work such facility can result in financial loss to the company as the usage of cell-phone is not checked and not in limits. Some of the common risks are the cost of damaged or lost equipment, bills for personal calls etc. Therefore it is necessary to have handheld phone policy. There is also a liability to check that employee is not using mobile phone gadgets while driving.

It is therefore, well judged that such issues exist with the use of cell phone at present and future as well. In the cell phone policy template below there are certain issues that has been tried to be covered while framing the mobile device policy. Advantages and disadvantages of cell phone usage in company

Pro’s having Cell phone protocols in business:

1) Better customer services

2) Easily contactable with office, customers and suppliers.

3) Increase in mobility

4) Increase in productivity

5) Work remotely

6) Advantages of mobile phone technology.

Con’s of using Mobile phones policy in business:

1) Work distraction: Use of mobile phone devices  in office for personal or other calls distract the work and even result in decreased productivity.

2) Disturbance in work life balance:  Attending official calls after office hours and even checking of official emails creates disturbance in normal work life balance.

3) Costs:  Providing cell phones to employee increases the cost to the company.

4) Judicial issues:  Like use of mobile while driving.


Disclaimer:The content delivered has been prepared with  best possible care.These policies have been prepared as sample just to take idea about topic However for accuracy and completeness varies as per time ,place ,organisation . cannot guarantee or take any kind of responsiblity for this.

The user is therefore requested to professionally check by themselves  or to have professionally checked the suitability of all content for its use.


Company Mobile Usage Policy Sample - 1


  • Purpose

  • Scope

  • Usability of mobile phone

  • Policy guidelines

  • The Company owned mobile device

  • Process for procurement  of the mobile handset

  • Corporate plan for mobile phones

  • Confidentiality

  • International calls and roaming

  • Security

  • Risk and liability

  • Cell phone  etiquette

  • Revision  of policy

  • Explanation of policy

 1. Purpose:  

The basic purpose of having a mobile phone policy in an organisation is to define guidelines for the use of mobile phone within the company. As the cell phone is an essential commodity and can prove out to be the great asset for carrying out business.However, its excessive use can distract employee and staff. Therefore, it is important to consider the acceptable and not acceptable use of mobile phone in an organisation.

As the work environment and work are undertaken differs from employee to employee, therefore policy will apply differently to individual members. The company expects its employees to adopt a common sense approach in this regard.

 2. The Scope  of  "company cell phone policy”

The mobile phone in the policy meant any personal cell phones, smartphones etc.  Use of mobile phones means communication through phone, exchange of messages, emails etc. However, the company policy discourages the use of mobile phones for surfing social media during office hours.

 3. Usability of  the mobile phone in office hours

Following themobile device policy, “it is advised not to keep the mobile phone on the desk. If bought to the office it should be kept in a handbag etc. During office hours, a mobile phone can be used only for business purposes. It should be used minimal for personal reasons and mobile phone use must not hamper the work.

4. Policy guidelines

  1. Use of mobile phone should be in the limit; excessive use of mobile phone causes the distraction in the workplace.

  2. As per the “cell phone policy at work “there should not be any disturbance caused to colleagues.

  3. The use of company-issued mobile phones must not pose any threat to the security of the company with any kind of inappropriate use.

  4. There should not be any misuse of the company's internet connection.

  5. Employees are not allowed to play games etc. on the mobile phone during office hours.

  6. Use of mobile camera or recorder is strictly prohibited from recording company related confidential information.

  7. Mobile phone should not be carried or used in the area which is already banned for the use of mobile phones etc.

  8. Upload of any illegal or obscene material with the use of the company's intranet.

  9. The company defines the activities wherein mobile phone can be used to carry on the organisational business.

  10. The company also defines the limit for use of mobile phone for personal use. These details are defined under the use of “Cell phone in workplace policy”.

  11. The company expects its employees to use internet productively for official use during working hours.

  12. Surfing of social media for personal entertainment during office hours is not allowed.

  13. Employees must not access the websites which have been blocked by the company.

  14. Applications such as related to weather, productivity etc are allowed but such use must not interfere with the normal working of employees in the organisation.

  15. Applications such as Google play store or iTunes are not allowed to be used.

  16. Use of mobile phone while driving is strictly prohibited.

  17. In case the company observe that the employee is using mobile phone more for personal usage, he/she may be asked to minimise usage and can also ask to contribute to the cost of monthly bill etc.

  18. According to “employee cell phone policy” if the company believes that mobile phone is being used inappropriately, the company may cancel the plan and ask to return the mobile device.

  19. The mobile phone cannot be used any time to send /receive any illicit material, for harassing others, for storage of confidential information belonging to other company.

  20. The cell phone must not be used while an employee is operating any instrument.

  21. The Mobile phone can be used to keep the schedule and track of all official appointment.

  22. It can also be used to carry out work-related research.

  23. The Mobile phone may be used officially to keep track of work contacts.

  24. In case the mobile phone is used inappropriately mostly, in such case device can be taken back from the employee on the ground of disciplinary issues.

  1. A cell phone use is prohibited during meetings etc according to company mobile phone policy.

  2. Use of cell phone for harassing others may invite strong disciplinary action which may even lead to termination.

  3. Use of mobile phone must be done in such a way that it does not interfere with the normal working of the business.

  4. For the use of the internet and email on the phone, email and internet policy must be used.

  5. The company does not hold any responsibility for the loss of mobile phone brought into the workplace.

  6. The company prohibits the use of mobile phone in the area where using a mobile phone would be unsafe and would be distracting for the user or may create an unsafe working environment.

  7. The company can issue mobile phone to the employees where job required to be in immediate access to customers or be in touch that otherwise are difficult to reach after office hours. In such circumstances, the mobile phone can be provided to employees.

  8. All mobile phones as per Mobile phone policy provided by the company are the property of the company.

  9. Employees who leave the company for any reason must return their mobile phone to the manager/HR.

  10. The mobile phone when provided by the company has a right to publish the cell phone number in order to make employees more accessible for the need of business.

  11. Maintenance of cell phone is employee responsibility.

  12. While on international travel, it is managers/ admin. Responsibility to get the use of an international cell phone for the employee or employee can get the same from admin./hr after approval from immediate manager/ HR/HOD for the same.

  13. For international roaming, the employee can be given an option to use the calling card or they are advised to purchase a local calling card.

  14. It is the responsibility of the admin department that the employee uses the most effective cell phone calling plan.

  15. According to company issued cell phone agreement employees accessing the company network with a wireless device, a password to be entered to access the device. In the event, the device becomes stolen or lost the company reserves all the right to delete company information from the device.

  16. Employees are expected to manage the cost of mobile phones and other wireless devices.

5. The Company owned a mobile device:

Mobile phone information “may lead to leakage of information e.g. sending any pics which carries confidential document etc.

  1. The employees must keep in their mind while working that use of mobile phone, internet at any point must not breach the access to the internet at the workplace.

9. International  Calls and Roaming:

  1. As per the agreement of company-issued cell phone  an employee Will be given access to international calling /roaming only if it is required to perform their duty for business activity.

  2. To activate mobile, international roaming approval is required from the immediate reporting manager and head of the department.

  3. In case international roaming cost is due to personal use, the company may ask the employee to bear the excessive cost.

10. Security

  1. There are certain regulations to be followed while using the Cell phone at work. The mobile phone must be password protected.

  2. To prevent the breach of security, the mobile phone can be operated with the use of the pin. In case the phone is not being used, it will lock itself in 5 minutes.

  3. If the mobile phone has been locked and can’t be accessed using Pin/Password IT department must be consulted in such case.

  4. The Employee can't access the websites which are blocked by the company.

  5. Access to company data is given only to the employee who needs the same to perform their tasks.

  6. The company reserves the right to manage any company provided device even without employees approval.

  7. Employees are expected not to use the mobile phone while driving.

  8. In no circumstances, employees should not place themselves in business risk to fulfill business needs.

  9. Employees are advised to use hand free equipments only in case of an urgent call while driving without any kind of violation of mobile phone policy..

11. Risk and liabilities (Loss or damage of mobile phones)

The company does not take any liability for the loss or damage of the mobile phone. It is solely the responsibility of the employee to keep the phone at the safe and private location. The work mobile phone must be brought to work only on employee responsibility and risk.

  1. Mobile devices provided by the company if stolen must be reported within 24 hours to the immediate reporting manager and admin/hr department.

  2. The immediate manager, Head of department and Human Resource must be notified of the loss of the mobile phone.

  3. In case of non- compliance of the policy, the company reserve the right to take strict disciplinary action which may even lead to termination.

  4. The company expects from the employee to use the cell phone ethically and in limits of the mobile phone policy.

12. Cell phone etiquette

  1. Following the guidelines mentioned in the policy Cell phone in the workplace the mobile phone should be used in similar ways as the company owned mobile phone.

  2. Excess usage of the mobile phone can cause the distraction to others, therefore the mobile phone should be set on vibration mode or it should be turned off especially during meetings.

  3. The company does not hold any responsibility for the loss of a mobile phone which is brought into the workplace.

13. Revision of the policy

The company reserves the right to revise, modify any or all clauses of this policy depending upon the demand of business.

14. Explanation of the policy

Corporate HR department will be the sole authority to interpret the content of this policy.


Mobile Usage Policy Sample - 2 with Example


  • The purpose of company cell phone policy is to make sure that employees are aware of the rules and regulations to be followed while using the company owned mobile phones.

  • To abide by the rules and regulations that are meant to keep the mobile phone in appropriate use.

  • Define guidelines which are to be followed for management of mobile phone devices.


The objective of mobile device policy is to ensure:

  1. Compliance with privacy law formulation

  2. Good customer experience.


As per  company’s cell phone policy for employees Work level 7 and above are eligible to get the company owned mobile phones.


 Some definitions - As per corporate cell phone policy 

Personal Mobile phone:  It means the phone owned by the employee.

User: Employee using the company owned mobile phone.

Company owned mobile phone:  It means the mobile phone is owned by the company but given to user for business purpose.

Confidential information:  Information that has been shared only with those employees who should have access to the information as per the guidelines.

Personal use:  The use of mobile phone for any purpose which is not related to the work of the company.

Mobile phone service provider:  The companies that maintain a mobile phone network. For e.g. Videophone, Airtel.            

Cell phone Policies at workplace - Consent for mobile phone   device

  • Only employees from level 7 and above are eligible to receive a company owned mobile device. This eligibility is as per company mobile smart phone policy. Approval for mobile phone must be taken from the reporting manager, HOD and director of the region. The approval must be taken through an email.

  • As per employee cellphone policy, Mobile phones are allowed to be taken on an individual basis. Sharing of work mobile phone is not allowed.

  • An initial assignment of mobile phone must be done for 1 year. After passing of 1 year a review must be done to check if the employee is genuinely in need of mobile or not. Then only work mobile phone is allotted to employee.

Basis for allotment of a company owned mobile/cell phone device: A mobile phone device can be given to employees only after thoroughly understanding the duties and responsibilities of employees.

  • The duty of employee requires staying out of office for longer duration.’

  • The employee is a lead employee and requires being in touch at any point in time.

  • At the circumspection/discretion of senior management.

Acquiring of mobile phone (company issued cell phone agreement)

  • The mobile phone must be purchased from a contractor as assigned by the organisation.

  • The cost of the device must be within the eligibility criterion.

  • All devices remain the property of the company.

Listing of cell phone at work:

The listing of mobile phone device is done with local IT department. Following needs to be done for listing of cell phone at work:

  • Details of the employee like name, location, contact number, level and email address.

  • Contact number of company owned mobile device.

  • Date of issuance of company owned mobile phone

  • Address details of the employee

  • Details in case replacement of mobile to be done.

  • Details if any of the accessories supplied with mobile phone.

Mobile device billing 

  • The billing of mobile device includes the purchase of mobile phone from a contractor as approved by the company. This is according to mobile device policy.

  • The bill of the purchased mobile form along with all approval must be sent to IT department.

  • IT department checks all approval in place. It also checks the authenticity of mobile bill and sends it to finance to reimburse the amount in employees account.

How to use company owned mobile device ?

  • The company owned mobile phone must be used only for official purpose. Rare and very limited use of mobile phone is allowed for personal use, however no personal call bill be reimbursed.

  • The company owned mobile phone must be used only by the eligible employee. It cannot be used by any other colleague or employee. It cannot be used by any other family member also.

  • The company owned mobile device must be used by complying with the policy. The company reserves the right to take the phone back if any breach of company mobile phone access policy is suspected.

  • The employee carrying the company owned mobile phone must make sure that it is in use and properly charged and secured.

  • Only that software which are allowed by the company can be downloaded/installed on mobile phone.

Limitation on usage of company owned mobile phone 

Only local or national call is allowed by a company owned mobile phone.

  • No international call is allowed.

  • Any international Calling if to be done must satisfy any of the following criterion:

  1. An employee is out of country for official purpose.

  2. In any urgent situation

  3. On circumspection of senior management. 

 Email and internet:

Email and internet must be used on mobile phone as per the email and internet policy. However, only that software etc can be uploaded which are allowed by the company?

Safety Measures to be followed: 

The use of a company owned mobile phone within the company premises or outside anywhere keeping in mind the sensitivity of electronic medical equipment.

Safety and security:
  • The employee should make sure that the company owned mobile phone is protected all the times. It must be protected with the help of a password.

  • It is the employee responsibility to protect the mobile phone from any kind of damage etc. It must not be left unattended in any public transport etc. 

  • In case proper safeguard are not taken employee will held responsible for the damage of mobile phone.

  • Confidential and personal information must not be stored in the mobile phone.

Handling of private information: 
  • The employee must not use the private and confidential information at public place as it may expose confidential information outside.

  • The employee must take care of sensitive information of other employees also. For example never use/touch mobile accessories of others mobile like checking the text message, voice mail etc.

  • The company owned mobile phone camera must be used with greatest care.

  • No material which can be objectionable to be distributed with the company owned mobile device. In case there is some crucial information which must be shared with other employees then it can be done with prior approval.

  • Employee cant share any personal information of the company or with any other through email, text message etc.

Guidelines if company owned mobile phone is lost

  • Any loss of company owned mobile or any accessories related to mobile if lost must be reported immediately to the reporting manager. An email must also be sent to the HOD and director.

  • The information regarding loss of company owned mobile phone must also be reported to IT department immediately.

  • In case the mobile phone carried some confidential information it must be reported to senior management and should be dealt as per data management policy.

On employee leaving the company and transfer:
  • The company owned mobile phone must be returned to IT department on resignation. The mobile phone accessories should also be submitted to the IT department before the last working day of the employee.

  • In case an employee transferred internally within the company, it must be first checked that the new position requires any company owned mobile phone or not.

  • If there is need of mobile phone the same phone can be transferred after approval from reporting manager and head of department.

Further guidelines for the use of mobile phones: 

A company owned mobile phone can’t be used for the following:


For personal use

  • For any business activity; any clue that employee is misusing the mobile phone can lead to serious disciplinary action.

  • Sharing of any confidential data

  • To send any material this can be defamatory.

  • Any material related to privacy of others.

Mobile instrument and support (Cell phone at work) :

  • In case an employee is eligible for company owned mobile phones as per the role he/she can purchase cell phone within the limit as described in the cell phone in the workplace policy.

  • Replacement can be given for a company owned mobile phone when the phone in use is in wear/tear position and can’t be used any longer.

  • An employee can purchase a company owned mobile phone he/she is suppose to purchase for an amount they are eligible for as per the policy. The amount can be reimbursed to the employee.

Company owned corporate plan: 

  • Employees are given corporate plan by the company.

  • As per corporate plan an employee is eligible for following

a) _______  calls

b) _______  text

c) _______  data


Guidelines for Usage of Mobile phones: 

  • An employee can use the mobile phone for business activity.

  • It cannot be used excessively for personal usage.

  • Internet can be browsed on the phone only for business purpose.

  • Employees can’t browse the sites which are blocked by the company on company owned mobile device.

  • Device can’t be used to store or share objectionable material sharing of any proprietary information.

  • Employees must check which all apps can be used by employee and which can’t.

International Call: 

  • In general international calls are not allowed from the company owned mobile phones. However it is permitted if an employee is on site or if it is demand of business work to make international calls then only it is allowed.

  • Roaming internationally is also allowed only under business reasons.

Entitlement for Handsets:

Work  Level 

Limit (Rs)

W7- W12


W12 and above



Sample cell phone reimbursement policy: 

1. Mobile Reimbursement bill limit for company owned mobile phone is Rs. 700 for all levels.

2. Any international Call amount will be reimbursed on actual.

3. Reimbursement will be done only for post paid connections.

4. No prepaid connection will be entertained.

5. No reimbursement can be made on value added services amount.

6. Mobile bill (cell phone at work) must be on the name of employee.

7. It should be claimed within 1 month of date of billing.

Process of reimbursement of mobile bill 

The claim form can be downloaded from company intranet every month

  • Mobile bill is attached along with the claim form.

  • Approval on mobile bill can be taken from immediate reporting manager

  • Claim form along with approved mobile bill is submitted to finance department.

Revision of the policy

The company reserves the right to revise, modify any or all clauses of this policy depending upon demand of business.

Explanation of the policy 

Corporate HR department will be sole authority to interpret the content of this policy.