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Job Performance Standards

Job performance principle are some specific parameters or standards which are bounded for employees on which basis job performance degree is evaluated, calculated and monitored. The performance standards are observed based on the job role and the duties associated with the post.

Job performance also includes behaviors and actions of the employees throughout the set of protocols.The performance standards which are set must be meaningful, reasonable and atonable. The standards are set and evaluated mainly according to the outcome.

The motive of Job performance standards is to encourage the employees to meet the mark standards expectations.The work performance of an employee is set in proper quantity and quality of their job done. The standards are set in various grades such as good, fair, bad, excellent. Here in this section we have provided some patterns, samples and templates which you can use to set performance standards for your company.

Briefly list the major job duties and responsibility specifically related to the of this job specification. Check the standard which represents the employee's work performance. Additional job performance standards may be attached. In the comment section, provide information to explain and support ratings that indicate substandard performance.


Job performance consistently increasing towards the standards for the position


Job performance satisfactorily meets the requirements for the position. 


Job performance generally not up to mark standards required for the position.   

S. No.














Check the standard which matches the employee's Overall work performance. An overall work performance rating which does not match "Job Requirements" requires specific reason or explaination in the comment section. If there is any comment in Comment section then,   Explanation must have  the specific job performance areas which  required improvement.

  • Attach additional sheets as necessary. Please tick () accordingly

  • Performance needs improvement to meet Job Requirements.

  • Performance meets Job Requirements

  • Performance exceeds Job Requirements











Comments are encouraged agreeing, disagreeing or acknowledging the supervisor's evaluation.








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