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Laptop Policy For Employees


To meet the requirement of fast & better communication, employees may need to use information and data readily available all the times.

Laptops are required to be given to employee who needs to move frequently for official purposes.  


This policy is applicable to all the units of __________ Group.


Senior employees required to move frequently and requiring information and data easily available with them all the time. Hence it is decided that employees of Level IX & above are entitled for laptop, subject to their function require the same.

The configuration of Laptop will be finalized by Head – Group IT.

 Above category of employees can purchase any Laptop as per following limit.

Business Head              :           Up to Rs. 1.30 Lacs

Level IX & Above           :           Up to Rs. 1.00 Lacs

Depending upon the nature of the job, MD may approved laptop for other level of employees also, however, cost of such laptop should not exceed Rs. 60,000/-.

On issuing the Laptop to employee, unit HRM to obtain company asset take over form and the same will be filed in the personal file of the user.

As technology is changing fast, laptops are also required to be updated regularly. Laptop can be replaced once in three years depending on the recommendation of Group IT department.  In such case old laptop can be sold to the supplier in buy back scheme.

IT dept. will ensure that Insurance policy for Laptop is taken at the time of purchasing the laptop.

The quantity record will have to be maintained and for that purpose a confirmation has to be taken from each Laptop allottee by December 31 every year.

The Laptop would be budgeted under Capital items and CIJ has to be put up to MD for approval.