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Follow up – a Brief, How to write a Follow up Letter & Email with Sample Template

A Follow-up letter – An effective means of communication, which is generally written after any activity like interview, business meets, professional get togethers etc. This letter, found very useful while establishing a continued transmission with the other party, thus strengthen the professional relationship between the sender and the receiver.

Varying across the range of situations, the Follow-up letter found useful under different contexts, which are discussed below:

  • In-touch Opportunity - Considered an opportunity to hold an additional contact post the professional meetings like Contract review meeting, Service quality meetings etc.
  • Need Information –To clarify a piece of detail, or to have a status on any deal.
  • Meeting Request – To get in touch with a stakeholder of the chasing objective, to ask for a favor, or receive feedback.
  • Formal Communication – To share the milestone the sender accomplished or to mention any exiting news about the recipient’s organization.

 A Follow-up email should not be taken as the “Thank You emails”, as the Thank You emails is to show sender’s thankfulness and gratitude against any favor made by the recipient or organization to which the recipient is associated with. Thank You emails, or emails are sent immediately post a professional event, whereas the Follow-up letters / emails can be used as the re-introduction, with the recipient, to be sent after some weeks of sending theThank You letters.

When to Follow up

  • Every quarter -To catch up with a connection.
  • 1-2 weeks – Follow up on meeting request or after no response on certain activity.
  • 2 Days – Post submitting the job application.

How to send a Follow up email

Obvious and the most important point, the letter must be grammatical error free and special attention must be given to sentence formation revolving around the professional attitude aftermath the clear understanding of the subject and matter with a feeling of politeness.

The body should be precise and point to point clear with the objective.

Starting the body, the reference of previous communication event like Official events (meetings, conference etc.) must be mentioned to help the recipient to get knowledge of the sender through the archive email or conference. Self-introduction is sufficient.

Negative sentiment not to be conveyed.

The sender must mention, how they want to proceed from the current point. Clearly, the future steps.

It is essential to give sufficient time to the recipient to react.

Through the Follow-up letter, discount offers, or any special service conditions can be mentioned. Even through the Follow-up letter, meeting reminders orappointment can be conveyed.

How to write Follow-up Letter ?

Below mentioned some best practices, which need to be taken care while drafting a Follow-up letter:

  • In Case of Follow-up letters, the sender information, such as name with proper designation, address should be included in the letter.

  • The sender’s information such as sender’s name with address and designation must be mentioned.

  • Salutation must be gentle and start with Dear.

  • Titles Mr., Ms., Mrs., and Dr. should not be spelled. Do spell out these titles and similar ones:

  • Professor, Dean, Sister, Rabbi, Imam, Senator, Governor, Captain, Admiral,Judge.

  • Addressing the multiple personalities, use both names in your salutation, like this:

  • Dear Mr. Alexandra and Ms. Jennifer.

  • Always use the First name of the receiver, not any famous or any precise name.

  • Avoid "To whom it may concern.", if the gender / name of the receiver is not known. Instead, use the job title or a generic greeting:

  • Dear Recruiter:   Dear Claims Adjustor:   

  • Dear Sir or Madam or full name of the person.

  • Right after 1-line row space (or MAX. 2), the content must be started with the reference to the historical event with clear date, location or subject expressing the positive note of the experience or any appreciation as feedback.

  • A new paragraph with 1 -2 lines of Space before, must be highlighting the future co-ordinations or plans (shall be good if accompanied with any special offers / discount offers etc.).

  • Ending the letter must be supported with the positive note, expressing the willingness to be in touch.

  • Important to use respectful and professional words / phrase, leaving the positive impression on both the parties.

  • Sincerely, Regards, yours truly, and Yours sincerely –These are found appropriate in all the instances and very effective.

  • Best regards, Cordially, and Yours respectfully – These keywords are recommended once the sender has some knowledge about the recipient.

  • Warm regards, Best wishes, and with appreciation - These letter closings are also recommended, if the receiver has some knowledge about the recipient.

  • Following closing letter keywords, must be strictly avoided, as most of these  are simply too informal. Some examples of closings to avoid are listed below:

  •    Always,

  •    Cheers,

  •    Love,

  •    Take care,

  •    XOXO,

These are too informal, and some (such as “Love” and “XOXO”) implies a level of closeness that is not appropriate for a business letter.

Strictly avoid these kinds of closing, which are more appropriate for messages to friends or relatives.

  • If this is a physical letter, firstly signature with pen is required followed by full name in typing.

How to write a follow-up email?

  • In case of the follow-up email, there is a slight change of format as compared to format letter we discussed above. In case of follow-up emails, there is no need to mention name and full address of the sender on the top part of the letter, before starting the letter body.

  • Likewise, in case of follow-up emails, no need to mention recipient address and name except in salutation.

  • The reason behind is, in the present digital world, of email, we all have the e-identification marked tagged with email address. So, no need to mention the details to make it too lengthy.

Find below various follow up email sample template which are ready to download in doc and pdf format for quick uses after any application or after an interview:


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pdf word


Interview Follow Up

Sample Template


Date: ________


Name of the Interviewee

Address ___________

Email ID ___________

Contact No._________




Organization Name





I am writing this letter to say thank you for the chance of interviewing me and be able to converse with you the knowledge that I have of being a (position name) ____________. And I am very much thankful to you that despite of your busy schedule, you still find time to conduct an interview with me. I hope that my interview will prove to you that I am the right person for the post.

As what you have read in my resume I acquired knowledge, skills and experience of the same post from my previous company. These are the things that definitely make me believe that I am qualified person for the work. I definitely want to be part of your reputable company.

I look forward for your response. If you still have any questions in your mind, please have the freedom to call me for another interview.


Once again thank you

Yours Truly,





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pdf word


Interview follow up email sample

Sample Template


Date: __________


Subject: Status of my candidature for the position on Sales Manager


Dear Mr. / Mrs.

I am thankful to you that in your busy business schedule you interviewed me for the position of Sales Manager for your firm . It was a great pleasure to meet you. I really appreciate your consideration in interviewing me for the subjected position.

After having interviewed and knowing the vacant position in total now I believe that I can be an ideal candidate for this position as I have been playing almost the same role in my current organization and I am confident that I can deliver excellent on this role in case offered this job.

At last, I would request you to please let me know the status of my candidature so that I can also plan and take further course of action related to my career advancement and job change.

Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as you will make the final decision. Please, feel free to contact me at any time via phone number ___________________.


Thank you again for the time and consideration.




Name of the Interviewee






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pdf word


Follow Up Letter after Interview

Sample Template



Name of the Interviewee

Address ___________

Email ID ___________

Contact No._________

Organization Name


I am writing this letter to you as I was recently been interviewed for the position of _______________ in your company. I wish to thank you for taking time in interviewing me, and the way I was welcomed in your company. It is really amazing and it also helps me feel more comfortable being one of the applicants that is requested to be interviewed.

I have come to realize that you have hundreds of applicants for each vacancy in your company; hence I believe that my interview was a success. I can see how much you are amazed with my grades when I gave you my School Transcript of Records; you told me that you are astonished about my firm and clear answers during the interview. I  ;confidently believe that during the interview, I had already proved my skills and knowledge to you which exactly gives me the confidence and determination in writing this letter.

Again, I am very much thankful to you for considering me for the position and for taking time to interview me. I am looking forward for your positive response. I am also very eager to be a part of the company and to start work.

Yours Truly,
Name of the Interviewee




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