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According to a definition “HR Policies are formal rules and procedures that dictate how certain matters should be addressed in the workplace including employee rights and duties". HR Policies are tied to employment law. To avoid non compliance and penalties from the government, employer must adhere to HR policies.

What is HR Policy and why do we need HR Policies?

HR Policies are basically a course of action embraced by a business Purpose solved by HR policies that is why we need hr policies and procedures to be placed in an organization to deal with people management issues in a business organization. There are various reasons to why hr policies are required, such as :

1. They are one of the means of communication between the employer and employee.

2. Conveys various guidelines which are to be followed within the company.

3. Create benchmark to treat all employees equally and fairly.

4. Help senior management towards better decision making.

5. Make work process more transparent.

6. Prevent misunderstanding which can arise between the employer and employee.

7. Business with policies in place succeeds in the long run than the ones who do not have any policy in place.

8. HR Policies when placed well result in risk reduction.

9. HR Policies gives a strategic direction to the company.

10. It makes employees more productive.

However, it is seen generally that small and medium sized companies take temporary adhoc decision when confronted with some or other problem which arises during course of business and do not make any policy. HR Policies when in place are assumed to be part of contract between the employer and employee. Policies are not meant for controlling, it is a kind of reminder.

How to write Human Resource Policies and Procedures?

One does not run around searching when it comes to creating Human Resource policies for their firm. HR HELPBOARD is one stop where one can find the sample HR policies basis which a firm can develop their own policies. Our unique method helps people to be a “policy creators”.  It involves educating them on:

  1. How to create policies for their business?
  2. How to write policies and procedures?
  3. Way to understand implementation of policies.
  4. Policies and procedure examples.
  5. Way to make/take better decisions.
  6. Delivering an excellent balance between strategy and designing our policies section is aligned with the need of business.

We have well designed HR Policies sample covering wide range of Policies topics and need that may require according to the business need and size of the organization. Various Human resource policy examples are listed below like Recruitment Policy, Attendance policy, code of conduct policy, employee referral policy and more.

A vital feature of our policy section is that we cover many aspects related to a policy like HR Policy format, Policy writing sample etc.

Our Values towards HR Policy Sample Making:

Admiration     -    Right Guidance      -    Specialists     -    Adaptable

Sample HR Policies

These HR Policies sample can be used as a guide to design your own policies which can be used by any small business owner who employ people in their business. Using the sample HR policies or HR template helps to establish strong structure and basic rules that helps to deal with day to day operational issues using basic legal obligation.

Basic purpose of HR Policies template is to introduce you to the business and gives you an insight on the way of creation of HR Policies. Various policy examples are mentioned in Policy page.

These HR policies ppt and sample has been created as a resource and reference to you. The policies can be updated as required as business evolves and grows. We have tried to create a reference guide where people can read and learn about hr policy making. 

Our Philosophy behind creation of HR Policies Template:​   

  • Best assigned to achieve efficiency
  • Policies template offered are fair, equitable and competitive.
  • Template creations are given priority to come up with best guidance.

Find below the sample HR Policies templates for example for better understanding and making of better hr policies and procedures. The templates are available for download in word and pdf format for quick learning and its uses:

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