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Transfer Policy

Transfer policy in Human resource management


All the appointment letters, at all levels, in our group consists of “transfer” Clause.

Transfer within same company: In Group, within same company manpower could be considered for transfer from one location to another, should such need arise the following methodology be followed:


The receiving division should have a vacancy, which will suit to the incumbent’s exposure and profile.

In case of transfer of employee, the Inter Unit Transfer Format will be filled in by Transferring Department / Functional Head by giving details about employee regarding his qualification, salary, level etc., reason of transfer, his present duties and responsibilities, etc. in the format duly signed by SBU Head & will send to the Unit HRM department. Then transferee Unit HRM department will give its comments and send the said format to the Unit where the transfer is to be affected for the approval of their SBU Head after getting the confirmation from the concerned SBU Head.  Unit HRM will issue the transfer orders.


Transfer letter in writing shall be issued by the Unit HRM Head after concluding the date of transfer. It is desirable that the date of transfer should be first day of the month to avoid administrative inconvenience. The HRM department should parallel close the leave and other entitlements balance, like PF, Gratuity, Superannuation as of transfer date and send the consolidated statement to the new division in two days of the transfer along with the personal file.


For all retiral liabilities towards gratuity, Superannuation (wherever applicable) the closing balances will be transferred to the new Company. And thereafter new Company will take care of these liabilities. The transferee company will complete the formalities of transfer of Gratuity, Superannuation.


All Leaves & Advances/Loans will be balanced as on date of transfer to new Company and thereafter-new company will take care of all future liabilities from his/her original date of joining. The transferee company will provide all the details to transferred company.

For all purposes, his / her date of joining in our Group / first Company will prevail for determining any seniority etc.

P.F. will be transferred to new Company.

In all cases personal file etc. will be maintained at new place only.



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