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Discharge Letter with its format sample Letter and template

Discharge letter or employee termination letter is written to inform the employee that his or her employment is terminated.

The following points should be taken into consideration for issuing disccharge letter:

1. Adequate reason for discharge should be given
2. Make it clear that the decision is final
3. Explain job policy to the employee

What is Discharge letter ?

Discharge letter is written by the employer (in corporate) for the employee to terminate him/her from the service. This letter is written to dismiss the employee immediately from the organization and the reason behind writing a discharge letter can be due to misconduct or theft of the company property and if an employee is involved in any kind of bribe taking matter then a discharge letter is issued for him.

When Need To Issue Discharge Letter

Discharge letter can also be issued to an employee in the case of any misbehaviour with the superior or the other office colleagues. Before the person who is terminated leaves he/she is asked to return back all the company property which is issued to him like his id card, clear dues if any left, mobile/sim card issued by the company etc.

Find below some example for writing Discharge Letter with sample letter and format :

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Discharge Letter from Employer

Sample Letter


Date: __________


Name _____________

Address ___________

Email ID ___________

Contact No. ________



This letter is written to verify that, as per your request, you are being discharged from___________ (organization name).

Immediately your team and you are terminated from our organization .You will receive your last pay check in next 45 days and you have to hand over the property of the company you are having by the end of the day. The car provided to you by the organization should be return by tomorrow and before leave the office tonight you have to meet the HR team to discuss your discharge .

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this letter, don’t be afraid to talk to your supervisor.





Manager / Authorised Signatory

The Management





Download Free PDF/DOC


Discharge Letter After Termination from Employment

Sample Letter


Date: __________



Address ___________

Email ID __________

Contact No. ________



This has reference to the incident took place yesterday in our office premises and the keepinng in view the situation you are being immidiately terminated and  discharged from your duties from the organisation. (organization name).

Further, the management of our organsation has taken this incident very seriously and therefore decided to terminate you and your team consisting 4 member ( Name the employees ) with immdiate effect.  

The management has also issued the instruction to the Accounts and HR Department to clear your al dues immidiately and your last salary cheque will be issued to you within 7 working days.   You have company leased card which also has to be handed over to us or you can meet Mr ___, Manger HR to discuss all the matter and also can get your full and final from them. 

You can clarify all your doubts and question concerning to this decision also from them and handover all your work and companies documents to your reporting manager 




Director - Human Resource 

(Name & Signature)





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