Advantages and Benefits of Recruitment Management System (RMS)


Recruitment management system (RMS) is the comprehensive tool to manage the entire recruitment processes of an organization. It is one of the technological  recruitment tools facilitated by the information management systems to the HR of organizations just like performance management, payroll and other systems.

Online Applicant tracking system(ATS) helps to outline the recruitment processes and effectively managing the ROI on recruitment. The Hiring Management System helps organizations maximize their efficiency and effectiveness in recruitment.

The system is designed to be tailored to fit precisely into your recruitment processes with configurable workflow and integrates with your web presence and branding. The system covers all the steps in the recruitment process and provides an overall management portal - see the facilities and expected benefits below. At every step the system has been designed to minimize administration and be easy to use for your managers.

                    Benefits of Recruitment Management Software

1.Automation of entire recruitment process:The entire process of recruitment starting of from Candidate tracking system “ till joining of the candidate is automated therefore it reduces the hassles which one come across with the manual process of recruitment.
2.Saves time: Recruitment manually is a tedious task. Normally, in the recruitment process, the recruiter has to spend loads of time in screening the CV'S short listing of profiles, and lining up of the candidate for interview etc. All these processes consume large time which can otherwise be used for strategic work and making the process more efficient. Having an RMS in place saves lots of time of the recruitment team. 
3.Cost-efficient:  With  online hiring system in place cost efficiency is one of the benefits of RMS a company gets. All the processes of recruitment are considerably reduced. For eg. In the manual process, it takes around 2 months to close a position and there are lots of expenses and overhead expenses attached to each process. With automated recruitment, overhead expenses are reduced considerably. It thus saves the cost of the company.
4.Better decision makingRecruitment management system helps in better decision making by summarising the important data. With proper data in place, better decisions can be taken up by management
5.Increase in vacancy closure rate: online candidate tracking system increases the vacancy closure rate by filling the position in the shorter timeline
6.Increases flexibility of the recruitment teamAn Automated process can be handled centrally. This is one of the most important benefits of online recruitment management system. With this facility in place, the recruiter can even work from a remote place away from the office.
7.Modernize the recruitment methodWith the modernization of recruitment methods, it in increases the efficiency of the recruitment policy as a whole.
8.Improve the output: Better  System of application management improve the overall output of the recruitment process.
9.Integration of different tools RMS  allows different interfaces to talk together thus making the entire process a robust one. It enables the companies to design custom recruitment related workflows to access multiple databases and also do collaborative recruitment and social media integration. 
10.Transparency: It brings transparency to the entire recruitment process.
11.Centralised database: Having a centralised database improve the working of the process.
12.Better Control: Provides complete visibility and control in the process of recruitment.

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Disadvantages of using a  Recruitment Management System :

1. It does not let know the candidate of their rejection in case of an interview process.
2. It may not be able to manage the diversity concept which is the demand of companies today.
3. It is not always beneficial to find the resume with keywords as certain potential users might not have the keywords in their resume.
4. Software parsing does not allow candidates to upload a resume in any format.
5. Use of generic keywords limits the number of application as all applicant cant be best to resume writers.
6. This software can attract any technical problems and can even result in loss or theft of hiring data. Therefore, this is not an appropriate tool for recruitment database management system. 
7. As the RMS works on the integration of software and requires the decentralisation of the complete system any problem which affects one part of the system may let the complete system to go down.
8. Such technical software needs constant updating of data for better performance and efficiency.
9. Such Online job management system are subject to potential threats from external intruders, malware and sniffing agents through unauthorised access.