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How to write a Request Letter?

A request letter can be written for several purposes; such as asking for a favour from someone in the employment, requesting leave at educational and commercial organizations.

A request letter is a respectful way of asking for certain documents, permission, or information from the people of authority or seniors. The purpose of a request letter depends upon the kind of request or favors the individual is asking.

Purpose of writing a request letter

A request letter can be written for several purposes; such as asking for a favour from someone in the employment, requesting leave at educational and commercial organizations.

A request letter is a respectful way of asking for certain documents, permission, or information from the people of authority or seniors. The purpose of a request letter depends upon the kind of request or favour the individual is asking.

Request Letter Format

One can make request or write request letter to ask for any service, permission, issue or re-issue or any certificate or document or anything where you generate a demand.  This kind of request letter format includes detailing about your need and must have very polite language and should be focus to point-out the requirement

The following things are important to write in the request letter:

  1. The full legal name of the person to whom the letter is sent.
  2. Address of the person, official address.
  3. All the necessary details of the person.
  4. Salutation can be formal and respectful
  5. The body of the letter should address the purpose of the letter as clearly as possible.

Heading] Sender’s address

Receiver’s address


Salutation [Dear XYZ

Please send the…information regarding….

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely


Uses of Request letter

There are various reasons where request letter need is very prominent such as a student can write request letter to principle for multiple reasons like requesting for leave, issue or re-issue of bonafide, examination or transfer certificate from school or college after graduation or school.  Because request letter is a business letter you may write request for assistance, an employee write for requesting for transfer to another branch.  A customer can write loan request letter or anyone can ask demonstration for product or can request  for giving details about product and services and so on.  Find below request letter sample template to understand better and get expertise about writing request letter to principle or writing loan request letter and more.

This request letter is also used for commercial purpose and is used for requesting tenure, contract, proposal, quotation and other monetary issues or issues or bill clearance.

Learn from below Request Letter Format and Sample template given for example for writing Request Letter.  All the template are attached in Word and PDF format for easy download and quick uses.


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Download Free PDF/DOC


Loan Request Letter for Collage Admission
Sample Template for Example


Date: _______




The Manager
Bank Name______



Subject: Application Request for Education Loan


Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to apply for an education loan from (Bank Name) for my post-graduate studies in the United States of America. I have received a letter of acceptance for admission from (University Name) an reputed American university on 22nd October 2020 for the spring 2021 session.

I need a loan amount of Rs. 100000/- for study purposes. The details of the course and university information are attached to this mail. You can visit the official university site for more information.

The postgraduate course is for 4 semesters or two years. There is a paid internship after the course as mentioned in the details of the university later this program, I will pick a job which will which will start my personal income enable me to repay my loan regularly and quickly.

As collateral, I have attached the property documents. Kindly check the requisite documents and confirm your take on the same.


Thanking you,


Yours Sincerely,

Name & Signature




Download Free PDF/DOC


Request Letter Format for School

Sample Letter for Requesting School to Re-issue a Certificate



Date: _____


The Principal

(Add School Name)

(Add School Address) 

City, State, Pin


Subject: Request for Re-issue of a Examination Certificate.


Dear Madam/Sir

I was a student of (Mention School Name) from 2010-2015, I completed my 12th standard from the school in June 2015. I shifted abroad in 2017 for my education purpose. During the shift and relocation, I lost my 12th Class Examination Certificate.

I had been a studious student all through my school years. I had my picture published in the school magazine several times. My attendance was complete during the school days and I participated in various extracurricular activities. 

This is the first time that I have lost an important document that too due to unavoidable circumstances.

I Request you to please re-issue a copy of my examination certificate of 12th class 2015, with details of all subjects and respective marks in them to meet my requirement.


Thanking you

Yours Sincerely





Phone No_____




Download Free PDF/DOC


Formal Request Letter
Sample - Template 


Date: ______

Sender Name

Sender Designation

Organization Name




Recipient Name

Recipient Designation

Organization Name


Subject: Formal Request


The reason behind writing this letter to you is to inform you once more about the outstanding invoice from month that still remains unsettled. The invoice no. is invoice number, dated _____________ for the quantity of Rs. amount.

We request you to settle this amount immediately, by bank transfer or through cheque, as for every day that the debt remains unsettled we will now be adding a surcharge of 5% to the total amount, after your promise to pay the unsettled amount before the end of month has been broken.

In the mean time, we will have to freeze any new credit until this debt is settled,


Yours Faithfully,


Employee Signature

Employee Designation

Organization Name





Download Free PDF/DOC


Format of a Request Letter

Sample - Template





Sender’s name


Organization name




Recipient’s name


Organization Name



Dear (Recipient’s Name),

This is to bring it to your notice that the goods that we had ordered from your organization has not yet reached us. Our order number is Order number and is dated date when order was placed.

The above said order is very important to us since the listed products are in acute demand and we will lose our business to a large extent, if we don’t receive them. (Mention what is expected from the recipient to resolve the issue. Clear information about the action to be taken is required to be given).

Looking forward for a speedy service from your end. (Let the recipient know that if any assistance is required from you, you are available for it).


Thanking You,


Yours Sincerely,

Employee Signature

Employee Name




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