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Regret Letter

Learn how to write a Regret letter with its Sample and format

Regret letter or email is about informing and showing a feeling of sadness, or disappointment on incident or an occurrence or fail to do something.  This letter is about communicating a feeling of sadness that conveys piece of unpleasant or bad news of any kind such as failed to get a job or the candidature has been rejected or loss of somebody and may be lost of something very valuable. 

The regret letter format or email content should be written tactfully using very polite and courteous language saying that I or we regret to inform you that and refer about the incident and the occurrence and may explain about the whole incident series wise.

The understand better about how to write regret letter to customer, client, candidate, applicant and to friends and family members , see the sample letter template given below with attached copy In word doc and pdf format for quick and easy uses

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Regret Letter Format

Sample Template




                                                                                               Dated __________


Name of the candidate __________

Address _____________________





This has reference to the meeting we had on ____________.

We appreciate your taking time off to meet us at ________. We had detailed deliberations with reference to your profile with our relevant managers.


At present, we do not have a suitable position matching your sincerity and experience.


We are not able to offer you an immediate placement in our company. Positions matching your profile are likely to come up in the next three to four months.


We have therefore placed your profile on our data bank. We will, at the appropriate time, get in touch with you to reevaluate your interest.


We take this opportunity to wish you good luck.


Best Regards,


Name of the Manager






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