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How to Write a Permission Letter & What is the right Permission letter Format?

A permission letter is an official or formal letter written to seniors or managers asking for a certain grant like a leave. The person can write a permission letter for several purposes such as asking for leave to go on vacation, permission for a field visit by an employee, permission to visit a school, and so on.  This article will highlight and cover various aspects such as how to write a permission letter, points to cover in a correct permission letter format followed with the sample Template for example.

Usually, the request for a grant of favour is done to the higher authorities who hold the power to grant the request made. The language of the letter should be formal and simple; there should be the use of polite words that could depict the purpose of the letter.

Permission letter format

The following Points must be covered in a right permission letter format:

  • Address: In a official letter, the official address of the company and the individual need to be mentioned in the proper place. It shows the seriousness and sincerity in writing the permission letter.
  • Date: Date is one of the important elements of the permission letter. It helps to identify when the letter was written and sent to the authorities.
  • Salutation: In a formal letter the people from higher positions are addressed by using ‘Dear’.
  • Body: The body of the letter can be divided into two or more paragraphs. The first paragraph can be used to address the purpose of the letter and the next paragraph can focus on the details of the issue at hand.
  • Scope of Permission letter: The body of the letter or second or third paragraphs in the permission letter format should be dedicated to writing the utility of the letter or purpose of it. It should state the reason for writing the letter which can be followed by explaining the reasons.
  • Phone number: After writing the address at the end of the letter, the sender can mention their phone number, in case the receiver has some query.
  • Signature: The name and signatures of the person sending the letter are important. And the full legal name of the person should be used.

Permission Letter Sample Template

Find various permission letter Sample template for example below as to understand and learn how to write a permission letter and these sample will help to compose a permission letter for leave and for other  purpose or occasion that you might want to attend. It’s an official way to permission and may ask issue an approval Letter or Authorisation Letter from a higher authority as a token of permission granted officially. The given below permission letter format and Sample Letter Template prototype makes it much easier and clearer as it is a form  of requesting for permission is the best way to know how to write a permission letter. 

The Sample template format are easy to download in Word & PDF format and available for quick uses. 

Download Free PDF/DOC


Permission letter sample template for organizing an event



The Manager

Community Centre




Subject: Application for organizing an event


Dear Sir

I would like to ask for permission to organize a reception function for my brother on 20th November 2020. I and my family are the residence of the ABC colony for more than twenty years. 

My brother is getting married on the 19th of November 2020 and we are organizing a reception party for him on 20th November 2020.

All the necessary things like the catering service will be arranged separately by us. All we need is the main hall of the community centre from 6: PM to 1: AM on the above-mentioned date. 

Kindly permit us as soon as possible so that all arrangements are made on time

Thanking you


Yours Sincerely




Phone No______________




Download Free PDF/DOC


Permission Letter for Visiting School

Example Sample



The Principal

ABC School

XYZ city




Subject: Permission for your School Visit


Dear Madam/Sir

I, along with my family have transferred to Shimla from Delhi. My son has finished his fifth standard from a Delhi school. Now we are looking for a school in Shimla for our son.

I would like to visit ABC school on 23rd November 2020, for gaining knowledge about the facilities in the school. The school has a good reputation in the neighbourhood. Several family friends have recommended the school. My husband and I would like to check out the facilities such as the computer laboratory, gymnasium and so on. Moreover, our son is eager to visit the school.

Kindly permit us to tour the school premises. 


Thanking you

Yours Sincerely


Name & Signature

Add Contact Details



Download Free PDF/DOC


Application for Leave Permission letter Sample Temple



The Manager

XYZ Company


Phone  No.




Subject: An application for leave


Dear Sir/Madam

I have been working in your organization as a business associate for the past five years. I have not taken a single leave for the last eight months. My sister is getting married in December 2020. I need to leave for fifteen days from 12th December to 26th December 2020.

I am a very diligent and dedicated employee of the company and I have received several awards for my hard work.

Kindly grant me leave for the above date so that I can attend the family function.


Thanking You

Yours Sincerely




Name & Designation 



Download Free PDF/DOC


Simple Permission Letter Sample



The ABC (person to whom the letter is addressed)






Subject: Application For A Grant of Money/Leave


Dear Madam/Sir

Body of the letter for permission [Introductory paragraph] Provide the purpose [whether the letter is written for a grant of money/leave] why can be answered in the paragraph.

Other necessary details of the letter.


Yours Sincerely





Phone No.____________________




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