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What is an Offer Letter for Employment & how to create Simple Best Offer Letter Format? Find 17+ Offer Letter Sample Template in word PDF for Example

“An offer Letter or Job offer letter email is a formal way of offering employment to a prospective employee or to shortlisted job Applicant” Offer Letter also known as Letter of Intent as well written from employer to employee.

In general, The job offer letter or email is sent or issued by the employer to the finally selected candidate who has been interviewed and found suitable for the employment with the organization. It is an official confirmation for selection for the Job applied and interviewed for, followed with a detailed Appointment Letter which includes detailed employment terms and condition with the company policies and procedures with eligibility criteria of verious employment benefits .  Job Offer letter is sent by an employer to employee which ensure and guarantee  the Job and employment in that organization which has released the offer letter, sending an offer letter is also a mandatory part of Recruitment process of any company.

The Job Offer Letter email is also popularly known as Letter of Intent is for confirming the appointment for employment is very important and official requirement for a candidate as well who has been selected for a particular Job in an organization.   The candidate, on the receipt of the offer letter from the perspective employer,  will plan and follow the further proceedings such as resigning from the current job, completing the task handover, getting clearance or relieving letter from the employer etc.  All these documents are required to be submitted to the new employer at the time of joining.

Offer Letter Format – 14 Important Points & Tips for Creating Simple Best Job Offer Letter Email

A good offer letter format should be official and professionally written, highlight important points to showing excitement for offering and inviting a talent to join an reputed organization.  It should be designed and crafted in a manner that which should bring the same excitement to the employee as well to look forward joining the organisation. 

14 important points to Create Best Offer Letter Format :

  1. Letter Should be written on Company Letterhead or Official Email Id should be used to send a Job offer through official Email id.
  2. Date of issuance
  3. Full Name Selected candidate.
  4. Complete and Right Address.
  5. Designation or Position offered
  6. Reporting Manager
  7. Date of Joining.
  8. List of Documents required at the time of Joining.
  9. Remuneration / Salary offered with Break-up ( Now a day’s Cost to Company in an Annexure )
  10. Place of Joining (HO, RO or at Plant etc.)
  11. Time to Report ( Add office Timing )
  12. Contact Person at the time of Joining
  13. Guidelines for the employment Terms & conditions
  14. Welcoming and joining note and wishes.

At last, it is important to mention the prospects and the value this new employee will add to the existing team by joining the organization and also offer availability in case of any further or related clarification / information required to understand the job offer made by the company.   The new employee must feel happy, valued and motivated to join from the receipt of this letter itself.

The prospective new employee has to go through with all the points mentioned in the offer and with make his / her reply accordingly of accepting or declining on the job offered.

Job Offer Letter Example -  Find 17+ Free Offer Letter Sample Template in word PDF Format

We understand the complexity involved in drafting a correct and best Job offer letter email to a prospective employee of an organization.  To make this very simple here we have created 17 +  Job Offer Letter Sample template which are available here for Free Download in Word & PDF Format for example and better leaning and quick uses.  

Download Free PDF/DOC


Offer Letter Format

Sample Template for Example - Download Free in word and Pdf Format


Date: ____________


Name of Candidate _____________

Complete Address  _____________

City, State, PIN         _____________


Offer Letter for the post of Project Manager

Dear (Candidate Name)

With Reference to the interview we had with you, we are pleased to inform you that you have been selected in our company for the position of Project Manager for our Product Development Department at based at our Off-shore Development Facility at ( Mention the Location) for Engineering Services.

As mentioned, a detailed appointment letter will be issued to you after your joining the duties of the Company. You have agreed to join the duties on or before (Mention the date of Joining). In case, you fail to join on the above mentioned date, the offer will automatically stand cancelled.

Please refer the Annexure for formalities to be done at or before the date of joining.

Please sign and return the duplicate copy of this Job offer letter OR send your offer acceptance confirmation by replying this email as a token of your acceptance of this job offer of employment.

We wish you all the best.

Thanking You

For Company Name


Manager’s Name & Signature



Download Free PDF/DOC


Offer Letter Format

Sample Template for Example Only    



Name of the candidate

Complete Address

City and Pin Code



Sub: Offer for Appointment for “ Job Title”


Dear (First Name of the candidate)

With reference to your application and subsequent interview with us,  we are pleased to offer you the following position:


 (Mention the Position / Job Title)

  Company Location

 (Mention the Company Name & Job Location)


 (Mention Probation Period if any)


 (Mention the Monthly or Annual Salary)

Joining Date

Date of Joining on or Before)


You are requested to return the duplicate copy of the offer of appointment signed by you in token of your acceptance or Email back to us using your personal email address to our official id tendering your consent.

We welcome you and look forward to a long and successful association.

Yours sincerely,

For (company name)



Name and Designation of signing authority




Download Free PDF/DOC


Job Offer Letter for the post of Software Developer

Sample Offer Letter Format Template





Name of the Candidate (Mention full Name)

Complete Residential Address

City, Post Code


Subject:  Offer letter for the Post of PHP Software Developer


Dear ( First name of the candidate) 

Refer to your job application and recent interview and discussion with our Recruitment Panel regarding your employment with our organization.  

Further, we are pleased to offer the position of PHP Software Developer with us on your mutually agreed employment Terms and condition.  A annexure is attached herewith for your CTC structure and Salary break-up.  Your date of joining would be on or before Monday 2nd march 2020.

You will be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Travel and conveyance reimbursement – As per the company policy
  • Mobile reimbursement – As per the company policy
  • Leave policy – As per the company policy

Please bring the original and photocopies of the below mentioned documents at the time of joining:

  • Last company appointment letter
  • Last company relieving letter
  • Second last company relieving letter
  • 10th and 12th mark sheets, graduation degree or mark sheets
  • Post graduation – degree or mark sheets
  • Certifications if any
  • PAN Card & Aadhar Card
  • Driving license or passport
  • Bank account proof, original cancelled cheque
  • 3 passport sized photographs

You are requested to kindly tender your Job offer acceptance and date of joining by signing a copy of this letter or by write an offer acceptance reply on our official email.

We welcome you on board and wish a long association with you and a successful career ahead.

Thanks and Regards


Yours Faithfully

For (Company Name)



Name, Designation & Signature

(Signing Authority)



Download Free PDF/DOC


Job Offer Letter Sample for the post of Manager - CC

Sample Template for Example




Candidate Name______



Subject:  Job Offer for Manager - Credit Control


Dear (Candidate Name) 

Refer to your interview held in office on 23rd January 2020 for the above subjected position.

Further, the management has decided to make a job offer for employment with us for the position of Manager – Credit Control with our organization. You will be placed at our corporate office based at New Delhi and will be reporting to Director – Finance and Account.

Your are offered Rs.6,00,000.00 ( Rupees Six Lacs Only) as an annual cost to company, details break-up is attached as an Annexure.  You shall be eligible for performance appraisal after successfully completion of one year of employment with us and your salary will be increased according to your performance within this calendar year.  You will get a detailed appointment letter after your joining with organization.

Please bring and submit the following documents at the time of Joining:

1.        Last organization – Job offer Letter / Appointment Letter

2.        Experience Letter

3.        Relieving Letter ( all last organizations)

4.        3 Months Salary Slip.

5.        Certificates / mark sheets in support of your qualifications.

6.        Two Passports sized photographs.

7.        Identity and Address proof. (Passport/ Driving license/ Voters ID card/ PAN card/Aadhar card).

We are happy to welcome you and congratulate you on your appointment and wish you a long and successful career with us.

Please sign a copy of this Job offer letter or reply with consent on our official email as a token of acceptance  and confirming your joining date.

Thanks and Regards


Yours Faithfully

For (Company Name)


Name, Designation & Signature

( Signing Authority )



Download Free PDF/DOC


Offer Letter Format

Sample Template for designing a Simple & Best Offer Letter


Date: __________
Name. __________________
Address: ________________
Offer Letter / Letter of Intent
Dear Name_____________
As per our discussions we are pleased to offer you the position of manager in legal department in company______________. The following terms and conditions would be applicable
1. This Job offer will be valid upon your joining us on before Date___________ or any other date mutually agreed.
2. You will be covered under the Group Medical Insurance. Term Life Insurance and Accident Insurance as per applicable based on organization’s Policies.
3. You shall be based at Vaishall and shall be governed by the policies and regulations Company Name____________________ as communicated from time to time.
4. On joining the organization and you will be required to undergo a training and evaluation program.
5. This Letter of employment offer is subject to clearance from the “Pre Employment Medical Examination” which you will be required to undergo by the company’s Medical Officer or such other Medical Officer that the company may appoint.
Please sign a copy of the offer letter as your acceptance. At the time of joining please bring photocopy of all testimonials, educational certificates, four recent passport size photographs, experience letter from your previous employers copy of your relieving letter from your past employer and documentary evidence of the last drawn salary.
Thanks & Regards
For Company Name________________________  
Signature ____________________
Name & Designation_______________

Download Free PDF/DOC


Offer letter Format for Deputy Manager

Sample Template for Example








Subject: Job Offer Letter for the Post “Deputy Manager – Accounts”



This is with reference to your interview with us regarding the subject – referred assignment we are pleased to make an Job offer of appointment to you on the deputy manager position w. e. f. Date________. The broad terms of appointment as discussed during our meeting shall be follows.


You would be designated as. Deputy Manager – Accounts.


You shall be reporting to the Human Resource department at the time of joining. You will be posted at our Office at Location___________


Compensation shall be as per the company norms. All statutory shall be as per the provisions of statute. It is expected that you should be keeping your compensation details confidential and will not share the same with anyone internally without prior permission of the management.


This offer is valid for acceptance within 2 weeks from the date of issuance.


The appointment will be effective from the date______. You are required to submit the following documents:

  • Proof of your academic qualifications / professional / qualifications / Residential Address (Ration Card /Passport copy).
  • Salary Certificate from the last employer.
  • Relieving Certificate from your last employer / Experience Certificates.
  • Two Professional references.
  • Your PAN No. and previous year Form – 16.
  • Latest Passport size photographs (Self) – 3 Nos.


Best Regards,


Name of the Manager





Download Free PDF/DOC


Sample Offer Letter Format

From Employer to Employee - Free Offer Letter Tempalate for Example


Date _______

Mr.(Candidate Name ) 

Complete Address (House No. & Lane Name)

Area, City, PinCode




Dear ( Mention the First Name of the Candidate)

Subsequent to your application & our meeting, we're pleased to inform you that you have been appointed at (Name of company

Position -Executive – Post Fixture & Operations" at our office.

Following are the brief details of your employment.

1. Date of joining:  ………….

2. Salary  will receive a gross salary of …………… per annum plus festival bonus equivalent to one month salary. You will be eligible for leave and other such benefits in accordance with the company’s rules and regulations.

3. Probation: Your probation period will 3 months from your date of joining, after which your performance will be appraised. You will be confirmed in your appointment in writing on successful completion of the said probationary period.

4 You are employed in the company full time. You will not be employed by any other Company or offer your services with or without pay to any physical person, legal entity or public authority or to be occupied in your own business without the prior written permission of the company.

5. Amendments to the above terms and conditions, if any, will be made in writing.

The detailed terms and conditions of your employment will be shared upon your joining.

Please acknowledge this Job Offer appointment mail Letter as a token of you having accepted the above terms and conditions.

Whilst welcoming you to (Company Name)
we wish you good luck and a very bright career with us.

Welcome Aboard!

Name : ………………

Designation:- Assistant Manager


Address …………….



Official Seal with signature



Download Free PDF/DOC


Offer Letter Format

Guidelines for Simple & Best Job Offer

Company’s Name
Street Address
City, State Zip Code

Date __________

Recipient Name
Street Address
City, State Zip Code
Phone Number


Dear [Name of Recipient],


Start with Introduction – Use company Letterhead or official Email address and start  with Stating the company’s name and extend them a job offer.  Give them details about the position and their department.

Second - Detail the candidate and Let him / her  know what they get if they accept the job offer. This would include salary, benefits, bonuses, stocks, etc. Identify a start date.

Timeline - Let  the candidate know by what date they need to respond to this employerment job offer and when their hire date is (Mention the date of Joining in or or before Format).

Reporting - Finally, mention to whom the candiate  will report and whom to call if any questions arise or information required.



For Company Name 



Manager /HR name & Designation 
Email ID & Phone Number 
Company Stamp / Seal



Download Free PDF/DOC


Official Job Offer Letter Format

Example Sample Template




Mr./ Ms________________( Candidate Name) 


City, State & PinCode


Subject: Job Offer Letter for Employment Appointment 


Dear Ms. _______________

With reference to the discussions we have had we are pleased to appoint you in our organization (Mention Company Name) on the following terms and conditions.


Your work location will be (Mention the Job Location). However based on organizational and business exigencies imperatives, you be transferred to a Company / Group location anywhere in India or abroad.


You will be designated as Manager Logistics – Import / Export.


You Total Cost to Company (CTC) will be as per details mentioned in Annexure.

You will participate in the Provident Fund Scheme as application to your category of the employees Further you will be covered by Company sponsored and / or administered employee benefit programs as may come into force from time. Your compensation shall be reviewed annually as per the Company policy. Your increments are discretionary and will be subject to and on the basis of effective performance and results at the sole discretion of the Company. The remuneration shall be subject to deduction of taxes in accordance with Income Tax Act. 1961 and it shall be your responsibility to meet and fulfil all tax liabilities and requirements under the above and other application laws  including compliance and filing of tax returns etc.


You will be on probation for a period of six (06) month the start date of appointment. At the end of this period. Your service will be confirmed subject to your satisfactory conduct and performance. Your probationary period may short of expectation during the initial period of probation either by another six month or for a shorter as determined by the Company. In the event your conduct and performance is found unsatisfactory or if it falls short of expectation either during initial probationary period or during extended period of probation your services are liable to be terminated without assigning any reason.

You shall be deemed to be on probation until and unless your services are confirmed in writing.


This contract of employment can be terminated by either party after giving:

  1. 15 day’s notice or Gross Salary during probation.
  2. One month notice or Gross Salary in thereof upon confirmation.

Upon termination by either party you will immediately hand over to the Company all property belonging to the Company and / or relating to its business, including but not limited to any Laptop, Mobile Instrument including SIM Card. Brochures, Specification, Formulae, Books, Documents, Market Data, Cost, Literature, Drawings, Effects or Records, etc and you undertake of all such material before processing your final settlement.


This offer is subject to your being found medically fit at the time of your joining and remaining fit during the tenure of your employment with us. The Company reserves the right to terminate your employment should your be found unfit at any point in time during the course of your employment and under such circumstances, the notice period specified in Clause 5 above shall not apply.


As part of your employment you are expected to comply with standards of business behaviour confirming to the code of conduct guidelines contained in various polices / procedures / rules and regulations. You are expected and required to familiarize yourself with these various Guidelines / Policies / Procedures / Rules or Regulations available with the Human Resource Department, and specifically note the following:

  1. You will wholly and exclusively in the time employment of the Company and are not permitted to carry on any other business, profession or employment. You will have to obtain prior written permission from the HR Head before undertaking any teaching, training or writing assignment and ensure that views expressed by you in the media / publications, if any are strictly your personal views.
  2. Any violation of code of conduct / acts that are a criminal offense or involve moral turpitude would invite appropriate disciplinary action including termination of employment.
  3. In addition to your usual duties you may be required to perform any work assigned to you by the Company / any officer of the Company where you may be posted for the time being.
  4. You will be covered by leave, holidays and working hour policies as application to employees at all locations and as set out in the Company policies.
  5. In the event you voluntarily terminate the contract of service or this appointment as the case may be within a period of One year from the joining date the company shall recover all that expresses incurred by the company towards your joining which shall include but not be limited to the relocation expenses ( charges for the transportation / packing / unpacking / loading / unloading charges ) for self spouse and children or any other amount paid to you in order in facilitate you joining us.


In view of organization and business needs, your services can be transferred by the Company in such capacity as the Company may from time to time determine anywhere in India or abroad to any one of the Company’s department subsidiaries, Joint Ventures Associates etc. Consequent to such transfers, you will be governed by the terms and conditions of service as application to your category of employee in the new organization and place.


You will retire from the services of the Company upon attainment of Sixty years of age. The actual date of retirement shall be the last working day of the calendar month in which your 60th birthday falls. However you may be retired at any age before Sixty years during your services in the organization if you are unable to continue in service satisfactorily due to any form of physical or mental infirmity or are not able to perform the given work for any other reason whatsoever


Notwithstanding any other terms and conditions stipulated herein if at any stage during the tenure of your service it is found that any particulars or details furnished by you are incorrect and / or this agreement of service has been obtained by misrepresentation of facts, the Company shall in addition to taking such further and other action in civil and criminal law as it may be advised have the right to terminate your service forthwith without giving any notice. The company reserves the rights to conduct verification checks to ascertain facts if needed.


The Company has a policy of sponsoring certain employee for various training assignment with the Group Companies / Company’s Technical Collaborators or any other Institutions / Organizations in India or abroad. Should you be selected for such an assignment you will diligently and beneficially take part in such assignment. Further all expenses towards travel accommodation and other related expresses (excluding any personal expenses) for such training (s) shall be borne by the Company. In the event you are unable to successfully complete such training or voluntarily terminate the contract of service or this appointment before completing one year from the date of such training you shall be liable for payment of all expenses incurred by the Company for such training (s) at the sole discretion of the Company.


In course of your employment with the Company you will have access to certain confidential and proprietary information of the Company / parent company / subsidiaries and their activities. You will not at any time without the written consent of an authorized signatory of the Company disclose divulge or make public except on legal obligations any information related with Company’s affairs or administration or research carried out whether the same may be confided to you or become known to you in the course of your employment or otherwise.

Further if you conceive any new or advanced methods of improving process / formulae / systems in relation to the business / operation of the Company and / or any of its subsidiaries such development will be fully communicated to the Company and will remain sole right / property of the Company. The copyright for any software and other rights derived from the results of development and research through the research and development including without limitation right to apply for patent, copyright for the software technical documents and technical shall be that of Company.  

You shall not disclose either during your employment or afterwards, by word of mouth or otherwise any information / details / particulars pertaining to any technical scientific, administrative policy matter including financial details pay packages / profile of employees and / or any other matter concerning the management or any of its subsidiaries etc. and / or any other matter / information / knowledge and / or skill that you may come to know / acquire during your employment with the management / its subsidiaries / any other concern where you may be posted during your employment.

Should any dispute arise out of or in relation to this Letter of Appointment and the matters dealt with therein, the same shall be referred to arbitration by a sole arbitrator to be appointed by the HR Head. The arbitration shall be governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and the venue of the Arbitration shall be New Delhi. The terms and conditions of this letter shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of India and subject to the provisions as to resort to arbitration, in the event of any dispute arising out of this letter, the Courts at New Delhi only shall have jurisdiction.

The invalidity or unenforceability of any part of this Contract shall not affect the binding effect of the rest of the letter

We take this opportunity to wish you many years of a rewarding and mutually enriching association with (Company Name).


Thanking you.

For ( Company Name ) 



Authorized Signatory



Monthly Remuneration Worksheet


  Mr / Ms................................







Basic Salary








Transport Allowance




Special Allowance








Monthly Salary




Employee PF Contribution




Monthly Net







For (Mention Company Name)        


Employee Signature


Authorized Signature



Download Free PDF/DOC


Offer Letter for Job & Employment

Sample Template for Example


REF No._______                                                                                                    Date:_________


Mr/ Ms (Candidate Name)

Complete Address

City, State with Code


Subject:  Job Offer Letter for Employment


Dear (Candidate name)

With Reference to your application and subsequently interview attended by you for the position of (Mention the Job Title) at our corporate office.

We are pleased to offer you the employment with us for the same position as per the mutually agreed terms and conditions.  As it is a sales position, you shall be stationed at our office in (City Name) and will be accountable for sales in (Mention the State Name).  A detailed appointment letter having your compensation details and terms and conditions shall be given to you on the date of joining.

Your appointment will be on probation for a period of six month from the date of joining our organization.  During probation period either side can terminate the employment agreement by giving fifteen (15) days notice or salary of fifteen days in lieu of the same.  The Management reserves the right to waive off the notice period.  The probation period of the employee can be extended or reduced at the discretion of the management. 

You are expected to join on or before 25th August 2018.  Please send your consent as acknowledgement and confirmation of your joining of our organization.

Thanking you,


Yours truly,

For Company’s full Name



Authorized Signatory



Download Free PDF/DOC


Offer Letter Format to be sent via Email

Sample Template - Should be sent by the official Business Email only

(Click to Download in Word doc & Pdf )


Date :__________  


Email Subject : Job Offer for employment


Congratulations & Welcome!

HI (First Name of the Candidate) ,

This has reference to your application, interview and the discussions you had with us regarding your joining our company (You can add  the Company Name). Consequent of the same, we are pleased to announce that the Management has dicided and issuing this Job offer Letter for employment with us on the position of Manager – Online Marketing.  You shall be accountable for digital marketing and ecommerce business operation of our company  

You are offered a annual CTC ________________ (Mention the Currency with Figure in Numbers and in words also).  The deduction will be as per the Govt. Taxation guidelines.

You are also requested to Submit the below mentioned documents before joining.  You can email us scan copy of these entire document and do not forget to carry the entire document in original at the date of joining for verifications.

  1. 2 passport size photograph
  2. copy of Identify Proof
  3. copy of Social Security / Pan
  4. Cancelled Bank cheque (name printed on it).
  5. Reliving letter from Previous employer
  6. Experience certificate

We welcome you and look forward to your joining from (mention the date of Joining) and we are sure that you will have a rewarding cheerful career with us. 


Thanks and Regards


Name of the Manager with Designation

Company Name, Phone and Mobile Number

Email address and Website Address



Download Free PDF/DOC


Offer Letter Sample Template

Download in Doc & Pdf format

Company Letter Head


Date: ___________



Mr / Ms  ( Candidate Name )

Complete Address

City Pin Code

Subject :  Offer Letter


Dear Mr / Ms  ( Candidate Name)

This is in reference to your job application and the subsequent interview you had with us, we are pleased to offer you employment for the position of Manager – Sales Operation with our organization.  You shall be placed initially to our Head office and shall be reporting to Director – Sales of our company.

The Detailed appointment letter will be issued to you at the time of your joining with our organization.  You are requested to tender your confirmation and acceptance of this offer within a period of one week from the date of the issuance of this letter and have to join on or before 2nd August 2018, Monday failing which this offer will stand withdrawn automatically.

You are also requested to please carry the following documents at the time of Joining :

  1. Educational Qualification Certificates  ( Original & Photocopy )
  2. Experience Certificate and Releving  Certificates from the previous employers.
  3. Copy of Resignation / Acceptance Letter from the current  employer.
  4. Passport size photograph ( 3 nos)
  5. Copy of Address Proof and Pan Card
  6. Last Month Salary Slip.


At Last, we welcome you and look forward to a mutually long lasting relationship and trust with our company.


Yours Truly,


For ( Company Name )

Name & Designation of the signing authority



Download Free PDF/DOC


Job Offer Letter for the post of Manager – Vendor Development

Sample Offer Letter Format Template for Example

Company's Letter Head should be used 


Date :_________


Candidate Name 

Complete Address

City & State

Sub :  Offer Letter for Employment


Dear Mr. / Ms ( Candidate Name)


With reference to your application and discussion you had with us, We are pleased to offer you the position of `Manager – Vendor Development & Management ’.

We invite you to join our organization on or before  10th  September 2017 at our Corporate office at :

Company full name

Complete Address

City, State & Country

Reporting Manager Tel / Mobile  No.

Please bring the following documents ( in original and photocopy ) on the day of joining  :

Ø  Copies of Educational Certificates

Ø  Copies of Experience Certificates

Ø  Relieving Letter

Ø  Passport Size Photos – 8 Nos.

Ø  P.F – Number

Ø  UAN Number

Ø  Address Proof  - Aadhar Card, Election Card, Pan Card.

Ø  Bank Account Number Copy.

Your CTC has been fixed as per the discussion we had in our office during final round of interview (Details Excel sheet of salary break-up is Attached) and detailed appointment letter shall be issued on the day of joining.

We welcome you to our (Company Name)  family and look forward to your complete co-operation in keeping the Reputation of our origination should be remain best and  flying high forever.

Please send us your confirmation through mail along with your reporting date in reply to this offer letter as a tokan of your acceptance and record.


Thanks and Regards


Yours Truly

for Organization Name




Name of the Manager with Designation



Download Free PDF/DOC


Offer Letter Format - Sent by Employer to Employee

Ready to use Job Offer Sample Template




Dear Full Name,

We are pleased to inform you that after careful consideration Company Name has decided to make you this offer of employment. This letter sets forth the terms the terms of the offer letter which if you accept, will give your employment.


Your Position will be Candidate Designation. You will report to the company by Joining Date. Your monthly CTC will be _______. However, during employment with the company: you may be posted/transferred to any of the Offices/Projects/Divisions/Units of the Company existing or to be set at any other location in India.

You will be on probation for a period of 6 month, which may be extended or reduced at the sole discretion of the management. During the period of probation, the appointment is terminable by the company. On completion of initial probation period till such time that you are intimated in writing regarding your confirmation, you shall continue to be on probation.

Tender your consent by signing this Job Offer Letter below and send us back as a token of acceptance at the earliest adding your date of joining our organization. 


Thanking You



( Signature ) 

Name of the Manger / Director's Name

Company Name


I accept the company terms and conditions and confirm by taking up the position ( mentioned the job title)  from__Mention the date of joining.






Download Free PDF/DOC


Job Offer Email Letter Format

Sent by HR Department to Employee - Sample Template for Example

Always use Business official Email Address 


Date: __________


Email Sub : Employment Job Offer Letter for Post of Sales Executive


Dear ( Selected Candidate’s Name)  

With reference to your application for Sales Executive position and subsequent interview and discussions held at our corporate office for the same.  we are pleased to inform you have been selected for this Job position and your date of joining will be 3rd October 2017. 

Please find your salary break up detail in the attached excel sheet.  Your CTC includes your relocation cost as well .

We think this is the best competitive offer we can offer please send your offer acceptance alongwith the date of joining in reply to this email and feel free to contact the undersigned for any kind of query, clarification and further information for better understanding.

Request you to please send us your formal acceptance by end of the day so that we can inform the Higing Manager and conclude the formalities.


Thanks & Regards



Name & Designation

Company Name: __________________

Contact & Mobile No: _______________

Email Address: ____________________

Website Link: _____________________



Download Free PDF/DOC


Offer letter for Assistant Manager - O & M

Sample Offer Letter Format for Example


Date of Issurance


Mr./Ms (Candidate Name ) 

Complete Address (House No. & Lane Name)

Area, City, PinCode




Dear (First name of the candidate)

With reference to your application and subsequent interview held at our office. We are pleased to offer you employment in our organization as Assistant Manager – Operation & Maintenance. However, in future based on the business exigencies the position may be transferrable to any other location of the company.

Your gross emoluments per annum including all other benefits, will be $/INR 00000.00 Per Annum.  This is your CTC (cost to company) which and include Salary, Perks, Performance Link Bunus and Other Benefits and Provident Fund ( Employer’s share ). 

As discussed, your joining date will be 2nd February 2017  and you shall report to at our Head Office at 09.00 am.  Further, you shall get a detailed appointment letter upon joining which shall include all terms and conditions of your employment with a detailed salary break up.

We Request you to bring the following documents / Credentials at the time of Joining and submit these documents to HR Department on the day you Join our organization :

  • Photocopy of all your Academic Qualification documents  ( Degree or  Certificates etc.)
  • Relieving letter from you previous employer
  • Copy of Salary Certificate/Last three months Salary Slip
  • Experience Certificate from previous employments
  • Proof of Address
  • Date of  Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Passport
  • PAN card
  • Three passport size photographs

At Last, we welcome you in (use company name) family and wish you a rewarding career ahead.  Please feel free to get in touch with the Ms./ Mr. ( Mention the Nsame),  HR Executive at any time for any further information.


Thanking you,

Yours Truly

For Company Name



Signature with Name & Designation

Director / Manager – Human Resouces



Download Free PDF/DOC


Offer Letter Format for Summer Training / Internship

Example Sample Template - Free Download  in Word & PDF


Dated ___________

Name _____________

Address ___________




This is with reference to your interview with us on dated ________.

It is our pleasure to inform you that upon assessment we have found your skills and competencies matching our requirements.

Therefore, we are offering you an Job Summer Training opportunity to work with our company for _______months. You will be designated as “Trainee” in this period.

You will be paid Rs. ________/- (Rupees __________ only) as stipend during this training period. You will be e reimbursed for the expenses incurred by you on travel & boarding whenever the project work assigned to you.

Details and scope of your project will be provided to you on your first day of training at the company. After completion of your training, you will be issued a certificate by (Organization Name).

You will be required to submit a copy of the detailed project report before completion of your training.

Your training period with our organization will deal with important and sensitive information, records and other matters of the company. You will, therefore, be required to sign a “Code of Conduct and Secrecy Agreement” of our company on the first day of training.

Kindly reply us back for this Job offer letter by accepting the terms and conditions mentioned above for the offer given to you for the designation of trainee.


Best Regards,



Name of the Manager


Company Name 




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