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Resignation Letter


What is Resignation Letter Email and Its Format?

Resignation means Quitting or a formal act of announcement that I am quitting or giving up from the Position, office or from the job.  Resignation Letter or Email is the most formally advised way to communicate that I am resigning or quitting from the position I was holding.  One can choose any form either a letter or an Email to inform to their superior or Manager about this.

Formal Resignation is very important and necessary part of the quitting process of any Job Role. The acceptance and rejection is absolute decision of the Manager or supervisor.  Resignation acceptance letter or and email is also very much required to be submitted to the future employees in case of taking up a new job elsewhere. The prospective employer will demand to furnish various document including Resignation acceptance letter before issuing any new job offer or appointment letter, therefore, this becomes one of the most needed document as well.

On the other hand, the resignation should be given with some advance notice so that the organization can start and search for the right replacement for a particular job position or designation.


How to write a formal resignation Email or letter? Find Sample template for example

A resignation letter is a letter which formally advises the employer that the person is leaving his job and will be free from the services of the company after serving the notice period. The notice period varies from company to company. It can be from minimum one month to maximum three months.

A letter of resignation is a formal way to inform your HR Department Managers, superiors, and co-workers about your decision that you have finally decided to leave your current position or organization.


In order to learn how to write the best formal or professional resignation email letter one should include and focus on the following 12 points given below:

1. Email or letter Language should be, pleasing, polite and Friendly
2. Clearly state that you are tendering resignation
3. Proper notice should be given
4. Clearly state the reasons of departure
5. Employer / Manager should be thanked for the Learning and the experience
6. Resignation letter email should be ended cordially
7. Date and time of tendering the resignation should be recorded
8. Resignation letter should be started with an address line
9. Last day of work should be mentioned and highlighted
10. Statement of gratitude must be included in order to keep the relationship positive
11. Any key information the employer should be aware of regarding the change should be listed
12. Conclude the resignation email or letter with signature 

Why resignation letter is important?

If a person decides to leave the job it is necessary to tender a formal notice of resignation, either through email or a formal letter it is a type of personal & professional duty and courtesy as well. Resignation is one of the very important documents for HR Department as well as they has to maintain all the record of the employee who leaves the organization.
The formal resignation email or letter is very important due to following reasons:
  • To announce that you are resigning, a formal Email or letter stating resignation should be tendered to the manager. 
  • The Resignation email or letter format should be official as this   document proving that a person has left the company properly and an employee record has to be updated accordingly. 
  • It helps organization to get aware with the situation and during the notice period time company can also search and find the replacement for a position as well.
  • This is also an opportunity to thank the employer for the skills and experience acquired.
  • Writing a resignation email or letter is a way to cut the ties from the company in a polite way.
  • If a person resigns properly and serving the notice period then it also help getting support from the organization in cordially settle-down all full and final accounts and other formalities and enhance mutual trust and future relationship.

Tips to write formal and simple Resignation Letter or Email :

  • Irrespective of the reasons of resigning, the tone of the letter should be positive
  • Resignation letter should be brief
  • Mention the Reason of Resignation in Humble way instead of becoming rude.
  • It is advisable to deliver the resignation letter in person.
  • Mention your notice period as per company policy
  • Thank your employer for the experience and skills acquired


Find 10+ sample templates below for example which may help learning how to write a formal resignation email letter.




Download Free PDF/DOC


Formal Job Resignation Email / Letter from Executive Post
Free Sample Template

About this Sample: This Email / letter is written in a situation where a person who is working on an Executive – Customer Service position decided to resigns from the company as he / she got a new job offer. He / She writes this email /  letter to his/her Boss / Manager and tender his / her resignation and also requesting to be relieved from his / her services after serving the notice period for 3 months. This email / letter writing language should be very polite, humble and thanks giving as well.  Please treat as sample template as example only.


  Format For Formal Resignation Letter
  You can use a Plain Paper
  Format For Formal Resignation Email
  Use personal or official email ID
  & Compose a New email message

  Name Person who is Resigning 
  Address, Email ID, Contact Number. 



  Mr / Ms. Manager Name          
  Company Name & Address 
  City State, Pincode  

  Receiver's  Official Email Address :
  Email Subject :



Date: _________



Sub: Resignation from the position of Executive – Customer Service



Dear Sir / Madam, 

Refer to my appointment for the aforementioned position. 

I have decided to resign from my current job position from the company (use company name) by end of month i.e. (mention the correct last date of working).  This all happened very quick as I got a new job offer and I will join there in the coming month. 

Further, as per my appointment letter, I have to serve the notice period for three months therefore, I am informing you and my last take of working will cover my notice period.  I will hand over all my work and responsibilities to my colleague (name of the colleague) and would request to please settle all my dues and relieve me from my duties by the mentioned date.

I am pleased to mention here that I have gained a valuable experience and knowledge while working under you in this company. The guidance and support which I had, really accorded me in the right path of my career and for this, I would like to extend my gratitude of being a part of your team.

Yours Sincerely,

Name of the Employee & Designation




Download Free PDF/DOC


Resignation Letter Sample Format
From the Post of Sales Manager

Example Template


Date : _______



The Manager (Reporting Manager Title)

Company Name_____________


City & State:________________


Dear Sir,

I would like to inform you with a very heavy heart that I am resigning from my current job and my last date of working will be September 25th 2017 with this organization.

Further, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight that making this decision has been difficult, as working experience with (mention your current company name) has been a learning Journey and I will always be very pleased and grateful about this. I have gained lot of new knowledge and added useful experience which will surely be helpful growing further in my entire career ahead.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with seniors and my colleague here.

Finally, I would like to tender my special thanks to Mr. ( mention your immediate Boss Name) for trusting in my capabilities and always guiding and encouraging me to achieve my goals and meet the business deadlines.

Please consider this one month time as my notice period and help me to complete all the relieving formalities during this period and also settle my accounts so that I can be relieved by 25th September 2017

I wish (highlight your company name) every success in future and thanks once again for the opportunities provided to me.


Thanks and Regards


Name & Designation

Company Name 



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Best Resignation Letter
Sample Template



                                                                                                        Date : _____


The Manager 

Name of the Organisation

Address, City & State


Sub : Resignation Letter 


Dear Sir / Madam,


With due respect I would like to inform you that due to some unexpected and un avoidable situation has occurred with my family because of that I have to go and stay with my family at my Native place which may take more than 5 months or may little long.  As I mentioned that I don't know how long it will take so right now I am unable to continue my job.


Therefore, I am tendering my resignation letter with immediate effect and also like to show my helplessness for not even been able to serve the notice period. I have already left the city today early morning.  It all happened very sudden because of that I was unable to inform/ intimate you or to any of my colleague.


Further,  I kindly request you to please accept my resignation and let us me know if any formalities are required to be  completed from my side which I will do it from here itself such as settling my full and final accounts etc.  Your kind cooperation in this regard shall be highly appreciated.


At last, I would also like thank you to all my colleague and senior for their kind co-operation and support during my working tenure with the organization.


I wish for a great future and success to all co-workers and the organization.


Thanking you


Yours truly


Employee Name__________________________

Employee Code Number____________________

Complete Address for communication__________





Download Free PDF/DOC


Free Sample Resignation Letter for Teacher

About this Letter: Here in this sample a Teacher teaching mathematics in a school is resigning from his / her job. The teacher writes this resignation letter and addressing this to his / her Principal and declaring for his / her resignation and requesting to be relieved from the services of the school after serving the notice period. This kind of Letter or Email has to be written in a polite language must highlight the better learning and be thankful for the supported by the management during the period. The content of this letter can also be used at the time of sending Resignation email as well.  Please treat this sample template for example only, we suggest, you can download and modify the content as per you requirement.


Date ________

Mr. (Principal name)
City, State, Zip code 


Sub: Resignation from the post of Teacher (Mathematics) 

Dear Sir,

Please accept my resignation letter from the post of Mathematics Teacher with the school (school name). My last day of the school would be 31 August 2019. 

I decided to resign because of my Family requirement for which I have to shift to my native town.  

It was indeed a pleasure teaching in your school for last couple of years. I highly appreciate the support and guidance I received from your good self and my colleagues and other school staff during my stay here.


I have developed very close bonding with my students and colleagues, which I will always keep in my memories.  This is a very emotional decision at my end and I would miss working with such a wonderful team. I wish the school all the best for future endeavors. 

Teacher Name 



Download Free PDF/DOC


Formal Job Resignation Email / Letter 

About this Sample: This template is about a situation where a person working on a manager position decided to resign from the company due to some personal family reasons. He / She writes to his /  her Boss and tender his / her resignation and making a request to get all the accounts to be settled and to be relieved from his / her services after serving the notice period of one month.  Not for forget, that the language used in this kind of email / letter should be very soft and polite. Important to be thankful throughout for the learning experience and the togetherness shown during the period of working in the organization. This below sample is designed in Email format and Letter format, rest of content of will remain same for both the condition.   Please use this as example only.



   Format For Resignation Letter 
   You can use a Plain Paper
    Format For formal Resignation Email 
    Use personal or official email ID 
    & Compose a New email message

  From ;
  Name Person who is Resigning 
  Address, Email ID, Contact Number. 


  Mr / Ms. Name & Designation
  (Reporting Manager)         
  Company Name & Address 
  City State, Pin code  

  Receiver's  Official Email Address :
  Email Subject : Resignation


 Date: _________


Sub: Resigning from the post of Manager- Operations

I _________ (name of the employee) was working in this organization (name) from last two years as Manager - Operations. Due to my personal problems and piled up family issues, I will not be able to continue my job.  Therefore, I am resigning and would serve the notice period of one month starting from the date of my resignation. I request you to please issue the necessary instruction to the concerned department for settlement of my dues and accounts

Further, I would like to thank all the people and management for the opportunities provided to me and experience I had during my stay with this organization. I appreciate the support and concern given to me during my tenure.


Yours Sincerely,



Name & Signature (in case of Letter) 
Name of the Employee (in case of Email) 










Download Free PDF/DOC



Professional Job Resignation Letter Email Format

About this Sample Template: Here, an employee designated to any Assistant Manager or Manager Position willing to resign but do not want to serve the notice period can use the below template.  Important to note that written content of this email letter is information employer for the resignation and also thank giving for the opportunity provided and expressing gratitude for all the learning from the work, management and peers.  Here an employee also making request for getting relieved from the services of the company without serving the notice period.  This letter is just for example only.


Use personal or official email ID & Compose a New email message
Manager / Receiver's  Official Email Address :
Email Subject :  Resignation         

  Date:  ________

(Manager’s Name) 
Organization Name
Address, City
State Pin code 
Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that because of some emerging conditions and unavoidable circumstance, I would not be able to continue my job therefore; I have decided to resign from my current job and position of Assistant Manager. My last day or working with (Company Name) will be 19th August 2019. 

As mentioned that all this happening because of some uneven incidents in my personal life and to address and manage this all I would request you to please waive off my notice period of one month and relieve me by the date mentioned above.

This is a very emotional decision at my end and I would miss working with such a wonderful team.  I tender my sincere thanks to the Management, seniors and my colleagues for their extraordinary support, guidance and the learning provided to me during my tenure.

Thanks & Regards



Employee Name & Designation






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