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Suspension Letter

What is suspension? Find examples of employee job suspension letter for misconduct, See given Sample format :

Meaning of Suspension 

Suspension means “Stop for a while” is a temporary ban or deprivation or stop of performing on position role & duties and also stop on the privileges granted for a period of time. 

Objective of suspension letter

Suspension is a part of disciplinary process in which an employee can be suspended on their misconduct and mis-behavior with management, seniors, and colleague or with business associates as well. 

More about Suspension Letter

The employer can suspend also suspend an employee on few more certain grounds such as non performance and breach of contract of employment and conduct which may leads to negative impact on the name of the company and its business and services. The suspension on job and employment can be with or without notice and also be with or without pay for a period of time which is not fixed. 

The employer keeps the right to suspend any of their employees based upon the certain company policies and under legal terms and condition of the employment an employee can be suspended from the employment. It also helps to maintain the discipline in an organization and this also helps maintaining a healthier decorum at the work place

Employee job suspension order or letter is mainly issued based on the charge sheet and the show cause letter.  Suspension take place after considering various factors such as keep him or her suspended from work with pay or without pay that final call is taken by the management.

Find below various suspension sample letter also available in doc and pdf format for Examples which help you understanding more about suspension order or Letter.

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Employe Job Suspension Letter for misconduct

Sample Letter format for example



                                                                                                     Date: __________





Mr. / Ms.______________

Emp. No________________




The charges against you for gross misconduct and indiscipline have been leveled in accordance with Company Service.



Rules / Standing Order No _________ as per charge-sheet dated __________ sent to you.



Now, therefore, you are hereby placed under suspension with effect from ____________ under clauses ________________ of the Factory /Company Rules / Standing Orders. Your suspension has been considered necessary in order to maintain proper discipline in the Factory / Company/ Establishment and to conduct proper enquiry against you.


You will be entitled to receive suspension allowance of Rs_____________/- During the period of suspension.









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