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Retirement Letter

How to write a retirement Letter?  Learn from best sample retirement letter template given for better understanding

Meaning and Use of Retirement Letter 

Retirement letter indicates your plan to leave a job and helps to tell those people who must be notified especially the employer. It helps to make the act official and states the details of your retirement.  Employee retirement system allow and help employee to decide opt for early or voluntary retirement from the job.

A retirement letter also include personal note of gratitude about the company and your experience with the organisation.

Find below best sample template letter including early or voluntary retirement letter available for download in doc and pdf format for example and ready reference.

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Sample Retirement Letter to Employee from Employer 

Letter format & Sample Template 



                                                                                               Date: _________




Name of the employee

Designation ____________



Subject: Appreciation letter on retirement





It has been pleasure working with you for 25 long years of service here at AAAA Corporations.


As a Senior Manager, you have done a great job during your tenure. I am getting mixed feelings as on one hand, it is tough for me to not see you around anymore and on other hand, I am feeling good to congratulate you on your retirement.


I would like to extend my thanks to you for the remarkable work done by you at Moody Corporations. You have displayed exceptional skills and worked with great sincerity and generousness. We are grateful for dedicated work and like to inform that you have been a great asset to our organization.


Your efforts have helped our company to achieve various milestones and I hope you have also enjoyed working with us. We sincerely hope that you will be able to enjoy the rest period of your life.


Wish you a great life ahead.


Yours Sincerely





Director or Manager



Retirement letter to employer or to boss

Sample template for example


                                                                                                   Date: _________





    Name of the Person Retiring

    Address ___________

    Email ID ___________

    Contact No. _________




    The Director / Boss Name 


    Organisation Name


    Subject: Retirement from the Company


    Dear ____________,


    I would like to remind you that I am retiring from my position of ____________ on (Date) ________. I would like to thank you for the provided opportunity and professional, personal development within your company. I have really enjoyed working with you and thank you for all the support provided me during all the period of my work with you. It was a pleasure to come every day at work and not count the hours before the ending of the working day. I enjoyed working among professional people and within nice environment.


    I am sure that after my retirement I would miss working with your company, miss my co-workers. Please let me know If I can be useful during my transition.


    Thanking you in advance,




    Name & Designation




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