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Resignation Acceptance Letter

Resignation Acceptance Letter with its format and Sample Template

Resignation acceptance letter is a letter which an employer gives to the employee as a reply after accepting the resignation from him/her. When an employee working in an organization resign from his post due to XYZ reason then it depends on the  company also whether they accept the resignation or not and if they do not accept the resignation they ask the employee about the reason why he / she is resigning and if the employee is a good performer and salary is the issue then the company try and increase or match up the salary expectation to make the employee stay and work with the organisation. But in case the reason is different which are beyound the consideration then organisation consider the notice perioed and release the acceptance of resignation to the employee. 


This letter acknowledgment experience and contribution of the employee on his role and wish him good luck for future and mentioning that the doors of the organization  are always open for him. Resignation acceptance letter is a formal way of accepting the resignation of the employee.  We have listed Below various Example, and ready to use Sample of Resignation Acceptance which can be used as per the requirment.

Find below Resignation Acceptance sample letter template in doc and pdf format for example and quick uses :


Acceptance of Resignation

Sample Letter


Dated ________






Address ____________



Subject: Resignation Acceptance Letter



Dear _________.



I write with reference to your resignation letter dated _______________. We hereby accept your resignation and the company will relieve  you by (mention the last day of working.)


Your resignation has been intimated to the Accounts Department who will process your dues and clear them on you last working day.


On behalf of the organization I wish you all the best for your future.


With best wishes,





Name of the Authorized Person


Organization Name





Sample Letter - Resignation Acceptance





Mr.Albert ajjdodm

x-343, plam  Street Lane



Dear Albert,


This is in reference to your letter of resignation submitted to us on 18th February 2017 for the position of Supervisor Tech Support from our company.   I wish to inform you that your resignation has been accepted by the management.  As per the company’s policy and employment agreement, you have to serve a notice period for a month and you will be relieved from your responsibilities and your last day of work would be 17th March 2017.


It has been a pleasure having you here in our organization and wishes you success for your future endeavor.





Name of the Department Head



 Acceptance of Resignation

Sample template

(Company Letterhead or Official Email should be used)


Date : 23rd July 2017


Shirin Rose

234 Orien Lane,



Hi Shirin,

We are in receipt of your resignation and your resignation is formally accepted with your last working day being 09th July’17.


Please be in office on 9th between 10.30 am to 6.30 pm  for the completion of your Exit Formalities. Post completion of your Exit Formalities, your Full & Final Settlement would be processed along with your Relieving/Experience Documents to be received by yourself in the following 60 days.


Wish you the best for your future endeavor.


Yours truly

Company Name







Resignation Acceptance Letter - Employer Official Reply

Sample Letter


12th February 2013


Employee Name :

Employee Code


Dear  ( Name ) ,

It is with a sense of deep regret that we accept your letter of resignation dated 28th June 2013 expressing your intention to resign from the services of the Company. This was placed before the senior management of our company which has decided to accept the same.


We place on record our appreciation of your dedicated services to the company.


Your last date of service would be date 28th June 2013, and you would accordingly be relieved, effective from the close of working hours on the same day, subject to clearance of all dues and submission of the clearance certificate.


We thank you for your services to our company and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.



Warm Regards



(Neme, Designation & Signature ) 


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