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Dispute Letter Sample Template in doc & PDF for example to learn How to write dispute letter

A dispute letter is written when a dispute emerges between two parties or more regarding delayed services or non-payment of dues.  The Dispute letter Sample template is given below to learn how to write letter when the dispute arises.

Essential points to keep in mind while writing a dispute letter are: -

  • The litter should be short and brief.
  • Language used should not be threatening.
  • Letter should focus on the problem and how the dispute can be settled.
  • It should provide the details of the dispute.
  • Details in the letter should be precise.
  • It should serve as a warning letter to the receiver before legal action is taken.
  • It must contain a deadline after which the dispute will be taken to the court of law.

When to write Dispute letter?

Dispute means non-agreement on the working clauses or confrontation and arguments on the agreement which generally leads to cancel the contract or agreement in case the dispute is not being settled between the two parties or groups.

Dispute letter is a letter written by a person or an organization to inform the other party that we are going to take a legal action against you now and the reason behind writing a dispute letter can be anything. Refer to the sample Template for example.

For Example: if the other party denies for payment or not working according to the contract then a situation of dispute gets created.

This letter is basically a final warning letter given by an organization to the other party to make the full and final otherwise the company can take a legal action and after this letter is issued to a party by a person or an organization there are chances that the two companies will end up working together in future.

Mostly the reason behind sending a dispute letter is when a company denies for making the payment which is left and to give a last chance to that party for making the payment. Sending a dispute letter means warning is issued .This letter is considered as a final warning for the other party and if neglected then they have to face the repercussions or further legal action which can lead to notice letter from court.

What is Credit Dispute Letter

A credit dispute letter is written in case you find some misleading or inaccurate information or discrepancy in your credit report.  Credit dispute letter is written to the creditor or to the credit bureau agency to that you have noticed something wrong or not correct on your credit report. Generally, such a letter has lot of value and it has to be correct and should not lower down your credit score or credibility.  This type of credit report dispute letters are notify the credit bureaus being into the noticed that there a problem with the report issued by them and request for correction / delete or updated the information given in the report without using the legal ways to do this all. 

How to write a Credit Report Dispute Letter?

Once you are sure about the mistake and notified it correctly and acknowledge negative impact on your credit profile then it is a right time to write a dispute letter for your credit report.  You can choose to send letter to the Agency by using Govt. registered or certified mail service and what is important is to keep a Receipt.  Nowadays, most of the agencies allow and welcome online complaints so one can choose online process given on the agency’s official website.

Important 8 points to be kept in mind while writing a Credit Report dispute letter:

  1. Write you’re full and Correct Name
  2. Mention the Complete and Address
  3. Attach a copy of ID (Identity Proof) issued by the Govt. Authorities.
  4. Add your Utility Bill or Bank Statement (if possible)
  5. Highlight the Error / Mistake or the reason of dispute properly
  6. Mention Reference Number of Id if any
  7. Attach a copy of Credit Report for ready reference
  8. Finally, Request for resolving / correcting the Credit Report and Re-Issue it again for better credit purpose.

Find below some Dispute Letter, Credit Report Dispute letter Sample template in doc and pdf format available for easy download and quick uses

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Download Free PDF/DOC


Dispute Letter - Demanding for Proof of Payment

Sample Letter


                                                                                                                      Dated ________


Name of the Employee
Address ____________


                                          Sub: Demanding Proof for Payment

Dear Mr. /Ms. _________________,
This is with reference to your due payments towards us since (time period) ______ months. The amount pending is Rs. ___________/- and applies to the order numbers 213, 9817, 231 and 221.

We have been kind to you by allowing you to take our supplies for credit owing to your sinking business and now you are claiming that all the payment have been done so we demand you to show us the proof of the payments.

We have been trying to get in touch with you through mails, calls and letters but have got no response from you. One of our employees even came to meet you in person but was denied any access to you. After all this failed attempts to contact you, we have decided to take this through the legal path. We wanted to give you a last chance and that is the reason we are writing this letter to you asking for the invoices of the payments that you claim to have made to us.

We request you to oblige this letter and submit the proof or admit that the payments haven´t been done. We can even consider giving you chance to repay in installments. We will have to meet you in the court if you ignore this chance.


Yours Faithfully,


Name of the Authorized person
Organization Name




Download Free PDF/DOC


Dispute on Payment

Sample Letter Template


                                                                                                                         Dated ________



Name of the Employee
Organization Name
Address ____________


    Sub:Settling Accounts Dispute between two Companies

Dear Mr. /Ms. _________________,

This letter is written to you as a final reminder over the unpaid invoices from last year, number 123 to 567, total amount of Rs__________/- otherwise I have to take court action. I remember the day  you asking me for credit at the point as your business was struggling, and stupidly I agreed.

I have tried to contact you many times but you have been ignoring my calls and emails and last time when we had a talk you said you owe my company no dues. I asked you therefore to send me proof that these invoices were paid, you must have copies, and otherwise it is clear that they stand unpaid.

So I ask you once more to clear this debt you have with my company. If you have financial difficulties and are unable to pay back the sum in full, then you must contact me to arrange a repayment plan, as hiding will solve nothing. If this time you ignored my correspondence, I will take a legal action against you.


Yours Faithfully,


Name of the person
Organization Name




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