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What is letter of authorization? 

Letter of authorization is a document or a written confirmation that gives authority to a person to act on behalf of another person.

Authorization Letter with given format & Sample template.

The word person comes from the Latin word “persona” which was used to describe the mask worn by an actor during a play. The actor wore the mask as he/she was “acting” on behalf of someone else, some character in the play. Well an authorisation letter works in very much the same way. From educational procedures, medical or legal undertakings or indulging in corporate and financial transactions, a letter of authorization is used almost everywhere.

Meaning of Authorization Letter 

An authorization letter is a document written where one party grants permission to another party to perform a certain action on behalf of the first party. If some unavoidable circumstances mean that you are unable to complete a specific task on your own, you can write a letter of authorization to delegate that task to some else. If you are writing an authorization letter it implies that you are entrusting a third party to fulfill a task on your behalf. You transfer your authority to third party through that letter, which then becomes legally binding. Before we get into how to write an authority letter, let’s first discuss some of the possible situations where you would need an authority letter.

Uses of Authorization letter

Among all the possible authorization letter examples, the most important ones are those connected with private financial transactions and confidential documents. The most popular form of authorization letter, which you must be familiar with, is an authorisation letter for bank. This letter will allow a person to do certain banking-related work, to collect and pick of cheque book, statement of account and other documents  on your behalf, during a time of illness or other such issues. 

Important To know while writing Authorization letter 

When you write a bank authorization letter it means that you are giving the bearer of the letter power to make transactions and collect cash and other private documents, cheque book issued in your name.

If your bank requires you to write an authorisation letter don’t worry. The bank authorization letter format is very straightforward.

Keypoints Need to concern while writing authorisation letter

An authority letter is a formal document; it must be typed and signed clearly. The letter should have a proper business tone. When writing a business letter, be polite and professional. Start by putting your name and address on the left side of the page with the date on which the letter was written clearly mentioned. If you are not sure of the recipient of the letter the generic term “To Whom It May Concern” can be used to avoid confusion.

Sometimes by writing an authority letter a parent or guardian will grant permission to an educational institution to take his/her child outside school boundaries for a picnic or field trip. Other instance where you would need an authority letter is if you want someone to collect a parcel, passport, important documents or to attend a meeting or speak on your behalf.

To understand better, you can have a look at our authorization letter sample series below where we have several example template that how to write an authorization letter with its format in case you want somebody else to pick up or collect any of your important documents such as cheque book bank statement, passport, project reports etc or you want somebody else to represent you or your company on your behalf or in case of your absence.  There are many more possibilities of this letter where you may require writing this kind of letter.

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Find Authorization Letter Format with sample template :

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Authorization Letter To Collect The Documents
Sample Tamplate

Date _____


Name of the Authorizer

Address ___________

Email ID __________

Contact No. ________



Name of the Person


Address ____________

Sub: Authorization letter to collect the documents

Dear Mr./Ms _________.

I, (Name of the Authorizer) ___________, am writing to authorize (Name of the Authorize) __________ to collect my Car Registration on my behalf as I am hospitalized. My driver´s license number is _______ and (Name of the Authorize) __________ identification card number is _____________.

Attached are copies of the medical reports of my current hospitalization. I do not want to charge any penalty for late renewal of my car registration card that is the reason I am authorizing another person to do the task for me. I have chosen (Name of the Authorize) __________. I do not want my car registration card to be mailed to my home as there is no one around to sign for the parcel

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Yours Sincerely,


Name of the Authorizer

Identification card number: ___________


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Authorization Letter
Sample Tamplate

                                                                                                            Date ____


Name of the Authorizer

Address _____________

Email ID ____________

Contact No. __________


We the undersigned, hereby authorize name of the authorizer to act on our behalf in all manners relating to application for equipment authorization, including signing of all documents relating to these matters. Any and all acts carried out by name of the authorizer on our behalf shall have the same effect as acts of our own.



Authorizer’s signature

(Name of the Authorizer)


Download Free PDF/DOC


Example Of Authorization Letter
Sample Tamplate






Dear ( use first name ) 


I ABC, am writing this letter to authorize CFD to act on my behalf with regard to checking on my account while I am away for some personal work. I will be away from 13th June 2016 to 15th June 2016.


ABC ltd.






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