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Approval Letter

What is approval and how to write an Approval Letter?

Who can write approval letter 

Approval letter is written to a person or an organization to get the approval to proceed further in any task like an approval for a leave, approval for loan, approval for payment or purchase. An approval letter can be written by anyone whether he is a student or an employee or a business partner.

Uses of Approval letter

In corporate world an approval letter is written to the senior head by an employee to proceed further in any task they want to work on. Approval letter can be written for promotion and rise in salary, an approval letter for business trip, an approval letter for internship, an approval letter to release employee’s salary. A business partner can write an approval letter to his other partners for the approval of anything he wants to do or he wants to change.

Check out various Approval Letter sample template and format given in Doc and PDF for quick download and easy uses :

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Leave Approval Letter 


Sample Template





Name of the Person

Sub: Request for L
eave Approval




This letter is in regards to the application for leave of absence submitted by you at the beginning of the year. You will be glad to know that management has approved your leave of absence for _____ days as requested by you and thus officially, you will be on leave from ___________ to ___________. We have informed all the departments about your period of leave.

Please be informed that the accounts department is informed about your sanctioned leave period and it is ensured that your salary and other entitlements are correctly credited to your account.

On behalf of all the management team, I would like to extend best wishes for your leave. Hope you will have great time.


"We have informed all the relevant departments and units about your period of leave."


Yours faithfully,





Authorized Person´s Name
Organization Name




Home Loan Pre Approval Letter

Sample format






Name of the Person


City & State







We are writing this letter to inform you that our bank has received your application for Home Loan for amounting to INR Rs.2000000.00 (Rupees Twenty Lac Only) . We are happy to inform you that your Home Loan request has been approved and is currently being processed.


Further, we have sent a email along with attach document containing the outlining the terms and conditions and binding with the credit rules.


We would like to hear from you as soon as you receive this letter to schedule a meeting with the finance officer of the company for any further information and clarifications that you might wish to know.


We are happy to be doing business with you.


Thanking you.


Sincerely yours,




Bank Authorized Person’s Name

& Designation 


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