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How to write an Apology Letter or an Email Message?

An apology letter is a way through which you express regret for the past actions. Apology letter is a written statement of acceptance of fault or mistake and to apologize to someone for the mistakes done in the past. An apology letter is written to rectify the broken relationships and trust between two people. Apologizing is considered to be a courageous act hence not easy at all; in fact it is an art and intelligence as well. It is not easy to apologize for the mistakes due to ego problems. In some cases a person can apologize personally due to certain reasons or personal issues.
First of all, it is important to analyze that what kind of apology letter it is. Whether it is a business apology letter or a normal simple formal apology letter. The letter format will be different in both the cases.
  • An apology letter or an email message can be written by admitting mistakes and writing for accepting that the mistake or wrong doing committed in the past. One has to be very cautious and keep the following important points into the consideration while writing an apology letter or an email message to anyone: State clearly what this letter is all about
  • Write and describe clearly about the mistake committed
  • Acknowledge that how much you have hurt the other person and show your regret on the act.
  • Be grateful to the other person and convey how much the other person has done for you in the past and what value the person carry in your life/ business.
  • Do not hesitate to admit your responsibility for the mistake openly
  • Offering what best you can do or provide a tentative solution which may be helpful
  • Write at the end about the lesson you got out of this and commit a cautious, vigilant and careful performance in the future.
There is various kind of apology letter or email message can be written such as Professional and Personal.  In Each situation the above listed points can be used to make an effective letter but a soft and pleading language is the important key of this kind of letter or email messages.  

Professional apology letter or Email message

At the time of writing any professional apology email or letter where an organization involve and writes an apology letter to its Vendor or to its customer, or to its business partner then in such cases a company’s letterhead should be used to write this kind of letter. And if you are writing a professional apology email then or an official email address should be used. The content of the apology email message writing should be polite and it must be addressed to the person concerned in the organization detailing the reasons and regretting upon the loss of time and money
The apology should be asked humbly and should also be ensuring that the same incident shall not be repeated again in the future.  Please refer to our free to use sample templates for writing a professional apology email messages and for writing apology letter to client or to customer. 
Anyone can write an apology letter to anyone who wishes to say sorry and express his / her regret.  For Example a student writes for seeking an apology from his Teacher or Principal and can say sorry for his conduct and likewise an employee of company can also write to his apology letter to boss or senior for expressing regret upon any of the unpleasant incident / conduct.  There are multiple reasons for writing a professional apology letter or email messages such as misconduct or behavior, non compliance of rule and regulation, any nonsense activity or conduct in the office premises, excessive leaves, not completing the work in time etc.
Tips to write a professional apology email messages or letter 
  • Write for Seeking forgiveness
  • Accept his or her mistake without hesitation 
  • Highlight / Describe the situation or condition appropriately 
  • Provide possible solution for the mistake committed
  • Provide assurance to client that this mistake will not be repeated

Apology letter to boss

Many times an employee commits a mistake or behaves wrongly with their boss and thus they have to write an apology letter to boss and seek forgiveness. The apology letter should be sincere and heart touching. The apology email message should consist of the brief description of the incident that took place and apologize for the same. The language should be very humble and a person should sincerely request for forgiveness.
Apology letter to boss writing tips
The letter should be short and simple
In the letter it should be clearly mentioned why the letter is written
Describe the event completely and apologize for the mistake
Let the boss know that you are realizing your mistake and ready to face the consequences.

Pressional Apology email or a Letter of Apology to a customer or client

When something wrong is done to the customer or client it is mandatory to write an apology email message to customer or client. Many a time’s people are scared to write an apology letter to customer out of fear of admitting the wrong doing or losing the customer or client. A successful apology message can turn a negative experience or situation into a positive one. Refer to the Sample template given below.
Following points should be taken into consideration while writing apology email message to client
Admit your wrong doings and say sorry for the same.
Detailed explanation should be given as to what happened.
Give a clear next step procedure.
Customer feedback options should be given.
Follow up with the customer.

Personal Apology letter or email 

Personal Apology letters or email messages are written where a person accept the mistake and regret for his or her behavior and feel sorry and wish to communicate this to someone very close such as mother, father, wife, brother, sister, friend, girlfriend colleagues or anybody who has value in his/her life. 
In this busy life, we all sometime get frustrated by meeting our personal needs and goals of our life and also get hyper and become rude in our behavior.  Therefore, sometime, we lose our temper and the right perspective and get influenced with the existing situation and behave rude and immaturely with our near ones and also even sometimes with our close surrounding people as well.
But later we think back on these situations and realize that have completely misinterpreted situations or the events and was actually wrong when we thought the other party was.  At the time of self realization, we understand the event better and wish to apologize for the act or mistake committed to that person, and you can can only do that by writing a personal apology letter or email message.
Personal apology email or letter can help you in confessing your mistakes and make your close one know that you are very sorry for you what you did and regretting upon the incident. Personal apology should be written with honest feelings.

To Whom can we write the apology letter or an email?  

There is no specific guideline on who can get an apology letter. There can be times when employees write such letters to their seniors, or some other colleagues. By writing this letter you can show high degree of sincerity and professionalism on your part or there can be anyone who can write to anybody who is valuable.

Is writing an apology email or a letter is considered to be a sign of weakness? 

No. Saying Sorry or expressing regret is never a weakness of any human being.  Rather it is a sign of moral strength of an individual or the company to build up a close rapport with its customer in the long run. 

How to make a Professional Apology Email or a letter impressive ? 

Whether you are writing a formal or informal apology letter, one should use apology the first priority in the first line of the sentence.  You can then in second line can describe the event and you act upon it. Because this letter requires explanation this need not be a little long one but it should also be a short and precise as well. You can close it by asking for forgiveness once again and also let the receiver know that he values a lot and what he means as a person or as a client to you or to your business.

Find Free to download various Apology email Sample Template letter, messages format & for quick use and better understanding.




Professional Apology Email 
Official Email Sample Format

About this Apology Email :  This Sample template is very useful for those who are working professional or in a Higher Studies and in case of writing an apology letter to your Senior and seeking an apology on the act of delay in submitting the project report or any kind of report or assignment given by your senior.  This kind of letter should be written with utmost care with using very polite and requesting language. This letter should be treated as sample email template only.


Receiver’s Official Email address

Subject:  Apology for delay in submission of Project Report


Greetings of the Day!


Dear Sir,


I am extremely sorry for not able to meet the deadline for submitting the project report.


As committed, the entire Project Report was to be completed by June 10, 2019, which I am failing to meet-up. I am taking this very seriously and working day and night on the project and hope to complete and submit the Project Report latest by June 30, 2019. 


In this apology email, I ensure to do all my possible efforts to make this project a success. I am once again thankful for the opportunity provided to me to work on this project. I am once again thankful for your patience and support.


With apologies

Thanks and Regards


Your Name & Designation

Company Name 

Contact Details 




Professional Apology Letter to Boss 

About this Sample Format:  The below is a professional apology Sample template which is written in a situation where an sub-ordinate seeking an Apology from his / her own boss on the mistake or blunder done by him /her and resulted heavy on company’s reputation and goodwill.  This is very useful for those who are working professionals and land up to a similar situation and seeking apology due to their carelessness act. This kind of letter should be written by using very polite language and showing regret on the incident.  In an organization this apology email should be sent by using the official email address and should be sent on Boss official mail id.   This below apology email content can also be used in form of a letter as well. This should be treated as sample template only.

Sample Apology Letter Template

Receiver’s Name     
Company Name    
Complete Address.
City & Pin Code               

Sub : Seeking Apology

Dear Sir,
The purpose of this letter is to apologize for the mistake committed by me. I had sent incorrect documents to the client. I am sorry for the mistake and understand how much inconvenience and loss my mistake must have caused to the company. 
I understand my apologies will not erase my mistake, still I am writing this letter to apologize for my mistake caused due to my carelessness. Kindly forgive me for this and ensure I shall be very careful in the future.
Thanks & Regards,
Name of the employee



Apology Email to Colleague

About this Email Sample Template: This email message is written in a situation where an office colleague does a mistake and mis-behaved as well and now realizing after the blunder happened.  The person deleted two very important files from his colleague computer which leaded a Loss / delayed submitting quotation and company has taken very strict action on him. The person writes an email to his colleague accepting his mistake and seek apology and regret on the punishment imposed upon because of him. This apology email sample template can use for the similar situation. Need not to say that the language of this email or letter should be polite apologizing with showing regret, using individual business email address makes this official and legal. Please treat this as sample template for example only.

New Email Message


To : ( Mention Receivers Email ID)   

Subject:  Regret for the Mistake, seek your apology

                   (You can write subject as appropriate you think)



Dear (address with the name)


I sincerely apologize for my mistake for deleting two most valuable files for filing the important tender.  I just want to mention here that I had no such intention but all this happened due to my carelessness and I deeply regret for this blunder. I completely take the onus for this incident which not only created problem for this company but also make your reputation bad in the eyes of the management due to which you have been punished also.


I once again regret for all this mess and seek your apology and ensure that I will be very careful at my work and never commit such errors or mistake. I spoke to the manager and confessed and explained that this is my mistake not yours and requested him for withdrawal of the strict action taken against you.


I hope this will help and hope to work together again.



Employee Name




Business Apology Letter
Sample Template

About this Letter: This is an apology letter, which is written in a situation where a company supplies goods to its customers and somehow delivery of the goods got late due to strike. The company representative writes an apology letter or email to apologize for delay in goods supply and ensure for delivery of the goods soon. This Sample is very useful for those who are in similar situation. The letter has to be written in a polite language and should be sent using official email ID or company letter head. The below mentioned letter should be treated as sample Format only.


Receiver’s Name     
Company Name    
Complete Address.
City & Pin Code   

Sub : Apology Letter for the Late Supply of Goods

Dear (name of the person),
We regret to inform you that the delivery of the goods that had to reach you by (mention the date) will be delayed because of the strike by the transport union in our State.

We understand that this may contribute to a big loss for your organization to meet up the further timeline. But, we plea that you credence our services that we deeply regret and we want to maintain a good relationship with your company. We are still putting all our hard efforts to deliver your goods as soon as possible.

We further, ensure you that the delivery of your goods to reach you latest by (mention the date) by anyhow. Request you to please understand the situation and co-operate with us. We are committed for our relationship with your esteemed organization and assure you for the best of our services in the future as well.
With apologies,
Yours Sincerely,
Sender’s Name & Designation,
Organization Name 






Apology Letter for Bad Behavior
   Sample Template


Name _______________
Address _____________
Email ID_____________
Contact No.__________
Name of the Person____________
Address ____________________

Subject: Apology for my bad behaviour


I am writing this apology letter to say sorry for my misbehavior during the meeting that took place in the conference hall. I tried many times talking to you but could not get time to appear in front of you and say sorry for my misbehavior.

So I am writing this apology letter to you to tell you how sorry I am for what I did. I know that my behavior was not correct, and I am not violent at all. I promise this type of incident will never happen again. So I request you to forgive me for this.


Sincerely yours,

Name of the person
Organization Name





Apology Letter for a Defective Product
Sample Format or template   

About this Letter: The below is an apology letter written in a situation where a company has delivered a defective product to its customer. The company representative writes this Apology email or letter to apologize for the defective product delivery and regret for the inconvenience. This sample template is very useful at the time of seeking an apology for the mistakes done. Need not mention here that the language used in this type of letter should be very polite and sent either from an official email id or company’s letterhead is to be used at the time of sending an apology letter to the Customer. This letter format should be treated as sample template only.



To ;

Customer Name

Complete Address



Sub: Apology letter for delivering a defective product



Dear Sir or Madam,


We are extremely sorry that the washing machine you bought from us did not function as expected. We usually double check the machine before delivering it to any of our customer so that it should functions correctly. 


We are extremely sorry and sincerely regret for the inconvenience caused because of this incident and suggest you to simply return the washing machine to our nearest outlet to receive replacement or a refund as you wish. 


We again apologize for the trouble caused to you.


Thanking you


Yours Truly

 For Company Name




Name, Designation & Signature





Apology Email to Customer
Sample Format

About this Email / Letter: This below Sample template is written keeping in view of the situation where a Hotel got the compliant from his regular customer for not adhering to rules and regulations and fail to serve its customer on his /her satisfaction level. Here a Hotel Manager writing this to its customer and apologize for their discomfort and offering a free stay as a goodwill gesture to strengthen the relationship.  


This kind of letter should be written carefully using company email id or letter head in case writing a letter by using very polite and pleasing language. This format of letter should be treated as sample only.


New Email Message 


To         :  use customer email address
Subject:  Apology & Regret for Inconvenience 



Dear (Use Last Name),


Greetings of the day

I am writing on behalf of our hotel (Hotel Name) ______________, kindly accept and acknowledge our sincere apologies for not tendering the hospitality, which is the usual norm and standard of our hotel. We regret for the discomfort and inconvenience caused to you during your stay. 


As a gesture of good will, I hope you accept this of couple of days free stay in our suite (Coupon Attached). You can avail this invitation offer by 31st July 2019. I am sure you will like our gesture and overlook the mistake in our part this time and will continue your business association with us.

We assure you for the best of our services and a strong relationship with you.


Thanks & Regards

Name & Designation
Full name of the Hotel 
with its contact details 





How to write an Apology Email or letter to a regular Corporate customer on the service complaints.

About this Apology Email ;  The below sample template is more appropriate for an Hospitality Industry Business, wherein a regular cororate customer registered compliant about the service issues faced during their stay in the hotel.  Hotel keep this client into their elite custmoer list and have a very serious concern about their regular business with them. Considering the value and duties, the hotel writes an apology email or a letter accepting the mistake and request for apology and also ensure that this kind of service issue will never come in the future.   This sample template is just for an example as how to write an official and a professional apology email.  Incase of Email an Official email Should be used and when you are writing a letter it should be Written on Company's Letterhead. 


Sample Template

  For Letter use Letterhead

  For Email Compose a New email message


  Mr / Ms. Customer Name          
  Company Name & Address 
  City State, Pincode  


  Receiver's  Official Email Address :

  Email Subject :  Regret & Apology


Dear (Use Last Name),


On behalf of the ( Hotel or Company Name), I seek your apology for not giving the Services of the usual norms and Standard of our Hotel. We deeply regret for the discomfort and inconvenience caused to you during your stay.  But at the same time, I would like to draw your attention on all your previous experiences which had always been very satisfactory and also request  you to please do not mind this as you are one of our very old and elite customer. 


We apologize for this time and as a gesture of good will offfer you an two days Free stay in our Super Delux Suite includes all your foods. The offer Coupon andother documents are attached herewith.


I hope you will accept this and will surely overlook this last incident / mistake and will continue your old and strong business partnership with your company.

Thanks and Regards


Manager Name

with his official Signature





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