Apology Letter

apology letter

What is an Apology Letter?


An apology letter is one of the ways through which you express regret for your past actions.

How to write an Apology Message or a letter to your Boss, Customer and to your Client? 

First of all, it is important to analyze that what kind of apology letter it is.  Whether it is a business apology letter or a normal simple formal apology letter. 

The apology letter format will be different in both the cases. 

Personal Apology letter 

In case of a personal apology letter then you can address this to the person you wish to write by mentioning the state of mind you were in at the time of the incident took place.  Similarly, In case, you are writing apology letter to your boss then you have to address to the boss directly and express the regret upon the incident and the behavior, explaining the situation and then request for apology on the incident (Sample format for formal apology letters are given below for better understanding). 

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Professional apology letter 

At time of writing any professional apology letter where an organization involves and writes an apology letter to its Vendor or to its customer, or to its business partner then in such cases a company’s letterhead should be used to write this kind of letter. And if you are writing an email than or an official email id should be used.  The content of the message writing should be polite and it must be addressed to the person concerned in the organization detailing the reasons and regretting upon the loss of time and money. 

The apology should be asked humbly and should also be ensuring that the same incident shall not be repeated again in the future.  Free sample of apology letter to client or to customer are given below as sample. 

Anyone can write an apology letter to anyone who wishes to say sorry and express his / her regret.  For Example a student writes  an apology letter to his Teacher and can express sorry  and the same he can write to Principal and can say sorry on his conduct and likewise an employee of company can also write to his boss for saying sorry or express regret upon any of the unpleasant incident. 

There are multiple reasons to write an apology letter such as Misconduct or behavior, non compliance of rule and regulation, any nonsense activity or conduct in the office premises, excessive leaves, not completing the work in time etc..

Who can be the receivers of the apology mails?  

There is no specific guideline on who can get an apology letter. There can be times when employees write such letters to their seniors, or some other colleagues.By writing this letter you can show high degree of sincerity and professionalism on your part.

Can someone write an apology letter to wife? 

Yes, besides professional or business apology letters, any personal apology letter can be written to rectify a relationship with the counterpart. 

Is an apology letter a sign of weakness on part of a company? 

No. Saying Sorry or express Regret is never a weakness of any human being.  Rather it is a sign of moral strength of an individual or the company to builds up a close rapport with  its customer in the long run. 

What makes any apology letter a good one? 

Whether you are writing a formal or informal apology letter, one should use apology the first priority in the first line of the sentence.  You can then in second line can describe the event and you act upon it. Because this letter requires explanation this need not be a little long one but it should also be a short and precise as well. You can close it by asking for forgiveness once again and also let the receiver know that he values a lot and what he means as a person or as a client to you or to your business.

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Check out the various type of letter of Apology sample template in doc and pdf format for quick use and learning






                                    Apology Letter For Bad Behavior
                                          Sample Template

Name _______________
Address _____________
Email ID_____________
Contact No.__________
Name of the Person____________
Address ____________________

                                    Subject: Apology for my bad behaviour


I am writing this apology letter to say sorry for my misbehavior during the meeting that took place in the conference hall. I tried many times talking to you but could not get time to appear in front of you and say sorry for my misbehavior.


So I am writing this apology letter to you to tell you how sorry I am for what I did. I know that my behavior was not correct, and I am not violent at all. I promise this type of incident will never happen again. So I request you to forgive me for this.

Sincerely yours,
Name of the person
Organization Name





Apology letter to customer
Sample Letter Template 

 ( Should be Written on Company's Letterhead  )


Mr / Ms. Customer Name
Correspondence Address 
City & State

Dear (Use Last Name),


On behalf of the (Organization Name) ______________, kindly acknowledge our sincere apologies for not giving the hospitality which is the usual norm in the hotel. We regretted the discomfort and inconvenience caused to you. And as a gesture of good will, I hope you accept this couple free stay in our suite.
I am sure you will overlook the mistake in our part this time and will continue your business partnership with us.
We assure you of our cooperation and we are looking forward for a more optimistic association partnership in the future. 


Company Name
( Your Name & Designation )






Apology letter for late payment
Sample Template


Contact No_______
 Sub: Apology letter for late payment
I am writing this letter to say sorry for late payment. Enclosed is a cheque for $5000 to complete payment on invoice no_____________
Please accept our apologies for the late payment. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. 
Name of the person_________


Apology Letter For a Defective Product
Sample template


Contact no________
Email ID__________
Sub: Apology letter for defective product
Dear Sir,
We are extremely sorry that the washing machine you bought from us did not function as expected. We usually double check the machine so that it functions correctly. 
We suggest you that you simply return the washing machine to our nearest outlet to receive replacement or a refund as you wish. 
We apologize for the trouble caused to you.
Name of the person__________


Business Apology Letter

Sample Letter Template




Receiver’s Name     
Company Name    
Complete Address.
City & Pin Code               


Sub : Apology Letter for the Late Supply of Goods


Dear (name of the person),


We regret to inform you that the delivery of the goods that had to reach you by (mention the date) will not be delivered on time because of the strike by the transport union here.


We understand that this may contribute to a big loss for your organisation to meet up the further timeline. But, we plea that you credence our services as we want to maintain a good relationship with your company. We are still putting all our hard efforts to deliver your goods as soon as possible.


We assure you the delivery of your goods to reach you latest by (mention the date).  Request you to please understand the situation at our end and co-operate with us.  We are committed for our relationship with your esteemed organisation and assure you for the best of our services in the future as well.


Anticipate a long business partnership with you.


With apologies,


Yours Sincerely,



Sender’s Name & Designation,

Organization Name



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