What is Job Description(JD) in HRM, Its Meaning and definition?

The first thing which a candidate asks for after joining the organization is ‘job description’. It is the common document which is frequently referred by the employee and employer. The concept of job description is linked with the job analysis. In fact job description can be termed as the end result of job analysis. Organization carried out job analysis to understand and clarify what exactly job refers to? The analysis provides information about the different components of job. The informative document which includes the scope, tasks, duties, responsibilities along with the working conditions linked with job is known as job description or JD. It also provides information about the skills and qualifications of the candidate which can be best fit for the job profile. Job description (JD) is very essential to keep organization and employee on the same page with respect to the job that should be done by the employee. 

How to Write Job Description

All the information related to job is properly outlined in the job description. It conveys the working conditions in which the employee has to work in the organization as well as the compensation the employee will receive. At the time of recruitment process job description as a guideline for the search of ideal candidate for particular job profile. It helps the hiring managers to attract the candidates by providing the idea about task, responsibilities and compensation. Also, during the selection process based on the responsibilities listed in the job description (JD) the hiring manager can ask relevant question to the candidate. Job description is also used by HR department to plan and implement appropriate training program for the employee. Based on the job description, the key skills are identified and the training program is arranged to enhance the skills. The need of training is also recognized with the help of job description.

Writing or Creating a Job Description

A job description serves many purposes and hence the gravity of a job description cannot be dilapidated at all. How important is the skill of writing a job description is, is but evident from the fact that if the job description is not properly written the essence of the job satisfaction and hiring is shunned. properly creating a well drafted job description is an art and not just a documentation process a job description (JD), presents the moxie and knack of the head honcho towards his organization and the employees, hence writing a job description is a crucial prerequisite for any organization as well as the candidate, to do justice with the organization and the member who might soon become the part of the organization, is the recruiters onus. Further more to understand and polish the skills of creating and writing a job description the following information will serve to be fruitful.

How to make or write a good Job description (JD)?

Writing a job description is not easy task. There are several points which one should keep in mind while creating job description. Appropriateness and relevance is key answer of the question how to write job description. Here are certain things to be taken care of to write a good job description-

1. Choose a correct job title

Job title often reflects the position of the employee as well as the responsibilities they are supposed to handle. The rule of ARM should be followed while selecting the job title.

Choose Correct Job Title

ARM stands for Accurate, Realistic and Meaningful. It is observed that to attract the candidates many hiring managers keep the non-traditional job titles such as Unicorn Designer or Rockstar Manager. These kind of job titles are misleading and thus should be avoided. The accuracy of job title refers to the highlight of ‘role’ the employee has to perform. For example- title ‘manager’ indicates a team to be managed while ‘executive’ defines the strategic roles. The realistic job titles are easily captured in the job search and thus relevant candidates are likely to apply to the job. Lastly the meaningfulness of the title is about the business word which is linked with the job. For example- Business development is a right word for a sales position rather than dynamic markets administrator.

2. Use of Simple and Clear Language

The job descriptions should be easy to understand and should not have any jargons. Many difficult to understand or rarely used phrases turn off the candidates. Thus job descriptions should be clear, accurate and simple in nature.

3. Tasks and Responsibilities should be elaborated

Take the candidate for a small run of typical day at work through the job description. In short include the daily tasks and the responsibilities in a specific manner. Using bullet points really helps here to add clarity in the description.

About Us

4. Information about the company

Provide the glimpse of the organizational culture to the employee. You can include the testimonials of your current employees. Introduce your company to the candidate; add information such as mission of the company, product and services, along with the market status. To attract the right candidate it is always good to add information about technology is which the organization works, key clients (if not confidential), and latest achievement of the company.

Information About Company

5. Job Related Skills Should be Highlighted

It is essential to describe the skills are required to perform the particular job. The qualifications related to the skills such as certifications should be clearly mentioned in the job description. The abilities which are the key part of the job have to be conveyed to the candidates such as- need to work on deadlines or excellent verbal communication is required. The discriminatory language should be avoided while mentioning the skills. The sentences such as ‘youthful salesmen or attractive women candidate’ should be avoided. 

6. Convey the Compensation and Benefits clearly

It is very much in the favor of the company to clearly specify the compensation. The perks and benefits of the job such as bonuses, learning opportunities, healthcare programs, and insurances help to attract candidates towards the job.

The above mentioned points help to create a good job description or JD. However there are certain points which should be avoided while writing job description. The points includes

  • Negativity- Excluding people in brutal way. For Example- people below 5 year experience are not eligible for the profile. Instead of the negative words, you can use sentences like- this senior level job needs experience above 5 years.
  • Mysterious profile- The lack of clarity and too much suspense makes it difficult for the candidates to actually understand what kind of job they are going to perform. Thus, mystery in job description should be avoided.
  • Asking for way too much- The job should be realistically performable. It should not include an exaggeration and one man show kind of tasks. 

What are the Components to include in writing a good job description?

A good job description or JD should describe the job in a true sense. Thus, there are five important components which should be included in the job description (JD)-

Components of JD

  • Job Title- An appropriate title of job which describes the position/level of job and area of work.
  • Roles and Responsibilities- The task to be performed, goals that has to be met by the employee, daily activities and addition work loads are includes in roles and responsibilities.
  • Qualifications- Educational background and work experiences required for the job position is mentioned in this component.
  • Skill Sets- The additional skills such as team management, communication skills, leadership are mentioned in the required skill set for the job profiles.
  • Compensation- The salary range of the job should be included in this component of the job description.

Some of the additional information such as working condition, immediate supervisor, purpose of job, special circumstances (like travelling) can also be mentioned in the job description. These additional components are not mentioned in every job description. However based on the type of the job, essential information can be added to enhance the clarity of the job description.

Benefits and importance of creating the best Job description or JD

One may ask why it is important to create job description. The answer lies in the different activities which are totally depend on the job description. Here is the importance of job description-

  • It is a vital guideline to determine the comparable compensation in different industries.
  • It is the backbone of hiring process as it has all important information about the skills and qualifications that should be matched while selecting the future employee of the organization.
  • It is always referred to design the selection process and interview questions.
  • It resolves the issues when employee refuses to do some tasks stating ‘it is not my job’. Also, avoid the disputes based on who should perform which activities in the organization.
  • It is a legal document it can be used by the employee during any lawsuit against the organization.

The benefits of job description are associated to many significant HR activities in the organization.

  1. Recruitment- As job description provides vital information about a) job to be done b) skills and qualification required to perform the job, it becomes easy for hiring managers to handle recruitment in a better way. It ensures that best talent is hired by the company and the expectations of organization as well employee are aligned. 
  2. Systematic Compensation data- By writing job description for each position in the organization HR department is able to collect the compensation information of all the employees in a systematic way. The level of compensation then can be properly managed based on the organizational position of the job.
  3. Legal Compliance- Organization can stay in compliance with the employment law using job description. When fair labor standards and laws are followed while designing the job description the companies legal compliance is maintained. Company can easily about the discrimination and can include clause to support the differently-able people in the society. 
  4. Manpower Planning- In order to execute the objectives and reach the organizational goal it is essential to do appropriate manpower planning. Job descriptions show the roles which are yet to be filled up and thus manage future manpower hiring. It helps in succession planning by offering the career path of a specific job profile. Job description plays key role in the training and development programs. It also provides a standard performance level which can be used for the calculation of performance appraisal.

What is the Purpose and advantages of the Job description or JD?

When an organization looks for a candidate to do certain job, it has a brief idea about the work to be done. Job description articulate the details about the work, the technology or tools which are used to perform the job, the location of the job, nature of job, reporting system, working condition and summary of the job. This articulation helps to attract right talent and select the deserving candidate for the organization.

Purpose of Job Description or JD

  • To target, attract, recruit and select the right candidate for the specific job in the organization.
  • To determine what kind of job has to be done and what kind of person is ideal to get the job done.
  • To match the qualification and skills required for the job while recruiting staff for the organization.
  • To convey the organizational hierarchy and reporting system to the candidate. 

Advantages of Job Description or JD

From the organizational and employee point of view there are certain advantages of writing job description. It is comprehensive information which

  • Helps to understand the title, position and location of the job.
  • Makes employees aware of their duties and responsibilities.
  • Handles recruitment and selection process efficiently.
  • Enhance the understanding of benefits and workplace environment
  • Highlights the objectives, requirements and goals of the job which has to be fulfilled by the employee.

What’s a Job Description (JD) Format in details with Free Sample example template in word & PDF

Here is a simple but perfect job description format which can be used to describe the job properly.

Job Title: (Put the name of the open position in the organization)

Reports To: (write the position of immediate supervisor of the job profile)

Job Overview: (mention 4-5 lines about the significance of the position, the contribution of the position in overall organizational goal achievement and the impact of the position on other work power of the organization)

Responsibilities and Duties: (describe the tasks, duties and responsibilities the employee who is working on this position supposed to carry out. List the responsibilities in the order of their importance. Mention the day-to-day routine along with the addition work pressure)

Qualifications: (state the education qualifications required along with the desired experience level. Mention specific skills and certifications which the candidate should have in order to apply for the job position) 

Compensation: (provide the salary range the organization is going to offer for the job)

About Company: (give brief idea about the sector in which organization is existing, the tools and technology used by the organization and the product/services details. Mention the official website of the company)

Additional Information: (information such as location, working hours, perks, welfare and benefits can be mentioned to attract more candidates)

Sample example template for Job Description of HR Assistant

Job Title:

Human Resources Assistant

Reports To: 

Human Resources Manager

Job Overview: 

The Human Resources Assistant supports the HR activities in the organization by administering tests, conducting orientation, maintaining information and records. It has important contribution in the manpower planning of the organization. It assists the work related to creating a healthy culture in the organization.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Administering the tests to substantiate applicant’s skills.
  • Coordinate with the interviewee and scheduling the interview appointments.
  • Conducting orientation programs to welcome new employees in the organization.
  • Assemble, analyze and maintain the employee information.
  • Maintain the payroll and attendance details.
  • Enhance the team work attitude among the employees by constantly interacting with them.
  • Resolve the dispute and issues among employees.


MBA in HR from reputed management institute. Minimum 2 years of experience in the field of recruitment and experience in office work.

Skills such as excellent verbal communication, reporting skills, organizing and scheduling skills and team oriented attitude is required.  Microsoft Office Skills are must.


The scale of position is from 20K- 30K per month (depends on the caliber of the candidate)

About Company:

The company XYZ is a prominent player in IT industry. We are dealing into android development and offshore projects. Visit company website xyz.com for details.

Additional Information:

Work Location- Mumbai India

Working hours- 9.30 am to 6 pm (5 days working).