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Project Manager Job Description, Definition Qualification required with JD Sample & How to become Project Manager?

A project manager is a professional who is in charge of making sure their teams finish all projects on schedule and within budget. A project manager is a person responsible to successfully complete all projects in the organization. The Project manager tasks include

  • To align projects with business objectives
  • Detailing work plans
  • Planning and allocating resources
  • Team management
  • Achieving milestones and communicating the results to stakeholders
  • Preparing budgets

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What is Project Manager Meaning

A Project manager in any organization is a person who is responsible for leading a project from its inception to execution. The project manager has complete responsibility to complete the assigned project. The project manager has complete responsibility and authority to complete the project within stipulated time frame.

What is Project Manager Definition

A project manager plays an important role in planning, execution, monitoring, controlling and closing projects. A Project Manager is responsible for leading a project from its inception to execution. According to Wikipedia “A project manager is a professional in the field of project management Project managers have the responsibility of the planning, procurement and execution of a project, in any undertaking.”

What Does A Project Manager Do?

A project life cycle is divided into various phases such as initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure.

The main role of project manager is:

  • Outlining the scope of project
  • Adhering to the schedule of project
  • Cost planning for projects
  • The project should be completed on the budget allocated
  • Taking care of project resources (including teams and workers)
  • Recording the project’s development
  • Communicating with business partners or stakeholders
  • All the risks involved in the project has to be taken care by the project manager
  • Risk assessment in a project
  • Troubleshooting the risks

The various phase of project life cycle are:

Initiation: When a project is feasible the project manager must product a project initiation document (PID) outlining the project case, its purpose and requirements

Planning: During the planning phase the budget as well as the resource availability is determined           

Executing: A meeting is arranged marking the beginning of project execution phase. It comprises sharing the project's objective, assigning roles and tasks, and creating deliverables.

Monitoring: The monitoring and executing phase occurs simultaneously. KPIs (key performance indicators) assist the project manager in determining how a project is performing and moving forward in accordance with project plan

Closure: The project is completed and handed over to the client

Project Manager Qualification

Project managers are responsible for the planning and execution of the project in an organization or business. The requirement of project managers varies from company to company.

The project manager should have three to four years experience in the related field. Also having a PMP certification would be an added advantage.

Strong organizational and interpersonal skills with an attention to detail, good communication skills, and ability to work independently without supervision, problem-solving skills, knowledge of project management techniques and principles, experience in managing teams/projects, and familiarity with a variety of software programmes necessary for day-to-day operations.

How to Create a Good JD of Project Manager?

Following points should be considered while creating a good JD of project manager

Using clear language

A JD for project manager should be written in simple and clear language so that candidates can understand easily.

Maintaining Positive Tone

Job description reflects a company and its environment. Therefore positive tone should be maintained during the entire job description of project manager so that the candidates can apply easily

Short Job Duties Should be Written

Short and straight forward job duties should be written so that the candidates can understand the job role easily.

Promotion of the Position

Any benefits or perks which can be received by the candidate should be clearly mentioned. For example free meals, cab facility, etc.,

Promoting the Company

Promotion of the company may help in applying for the job by the candidates. The company’s culture and testimonials should be mentioned.

Using Clear Job Titles

Professional and clear job titles should be used to create a job description for project manager.

Sample Job Description of Project Manager

Sample job description of project manager is given below:

JD of Project Manager

  • Ensures success of project and its successful execution and implementation.
  • Encourages teamwork between teams to get results
  • Understands project technical complexities
  • Responsible for connect strategies, demands and timetables from several enterprises
  • Identifies risks, issues, critical path and dependencies both internal and external
  • Track key milestones and deliverables


Any graduate/any post graduate

Experience 8-12 years

Job Location Delhi

Desired Candidate Profile

  • Organize frequent meetings with important members of the implementation team to monitor progress.
  • Communicate status, including weekly executive dashboard. This does not mean the Project Manager owns all communication. All roles require communication.
  • When necessary escalate problems with senior management.
  • Ensure plans are shared, synchronized, and tracked, and properly funded/staffed.
  • Understand the software development life cycle for Java and J2EE.
  • Should have development experience on of some sort on web/mobile/web applications.
  • Familiarity with release management.

How to Become a Project Manager?

There are many ways to become a project manager. A person can become a project manager by studying project management course and on course completion may directly apply for project manager positions. Some others may become a project manager by taking additional responsibilities in their current job role. Below mentioned six steps should be taken into consideration while becoming a project manager:

A person should understand what project management skills he already has to become a project manager

  • Gaining project management experience
  • A person should sharpen his technical and human skills
  • As and when the project manager gains experience he should mention in his resume his experience
  • A person can become a project manager by working in entry-level positions gaining experience and gradually becoming project manager
  • There are various certifications available to become a project manager. A person can become a project manager by gaining these certifications. Some examples of certification are Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and Certified Scrum Master

Points/Components of Project Manager Job Description

Effective Job Title

The title for project manager job description should accurately depict the job role and responsibilities that has to be performed by the employee

Job Description

Writing an effective JD highlighting the position of the project manager should be written

Key Responsibilities

Key responsibilities that have to be executed by the employee should be written. This should be written in a precise way.

Skills and Qualifications

Skills and qualifications that is required for the project manager should be written clearly and in a concise way.

Employment Type and Benefits

Employment type whether it is permanent or on contract basis should be mentioned clearly. And benefits if any for eg., medical insurance should also be mentioned.

Project Manager Job Description Example Sample

Sample JD of project manager is given below:

JD of IT Project Manager

Exp 2-5 years

Job Location Noida

Detail Job Description

  • To understand business requirements and explain to stakeholders
  • To monitor project and plan the project
  • Decide the budget required for completion of the project
  • Variance analysis
  • Project reporting
  • To facilitate implementation of the project


B.Tech/BE in any specialization

Desired Candidate Profile

  • 2+ Years of relevant experience as a Business Analyst or Project Manager.
  • Requirements analysis and documentation
  • Candidates with relevant IT experience will only be considered
  • Minimum qualification - B.Tech/MCA
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Ecommerce domain expertise
  • MBA degree would be preferred



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