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15 Basic Job Interview Questions and Answers

When candidates go to apply for new jobs, they should be prepared for certain basic job interview questions that they have to answer. They also need to learn about how to answer those job interview questions.

Commonly asked Job Interview Question 

Find below a list of 15 Job interview questions of certain interview questions:

1. Tell me about yourself?

A lot of interviews start with this question, which forms an impression of the candidate in front of the interviewer. The candidate needs to be aware that he/she doesn’t stumble while answering the following question. The candidates have to answer this kind of Job interview questions in an elevated pitch.


2. Why do you want to work for the company?

A lot of hiring managers ask these kinds of job interview questions to the candidate. By asking the following question, they want to know what the candidate knows about the company in which he aspires to work. The question also wants to make sure that the candidate is passionate enough to work for the company.


3. How did you hear about this job?

When interviewers ask this question, they don’t expect to hear that the candidate got an idea about the following from any website. These kinds of job interview questions expect answers related to what the candidates know about the company. The candidates can also answer the following question in an innovative way about what motivated them to work in the company.


4. Tell me something about your resume.

When these kinds of job interview questions are asked to the candidate, the interviewers need to know about the particular thing in the resume of the candidate, which they are actually proud of. The candidates need to tell the interviewer about his achievement or expertise in a particular field.


5. Why are you looking for a job?

The question might not seem crucial enough, but by asking this question, the interviewers try to drag the information from the candidates about whether they left the job by their choice, they have a high turnover rate, or whether they got fired from their last job.


6. Why should we hire you?

When these kinds of basic job interview questions are asked, the candidates need to keep in mind that the interviewer wants to hear what achievements the candidate would bring for their company. Here, they wish to hear that the candidate summarizes his expertise and work history along with their achievements.


7. Where do you see yourself in five years?

This question might sound confusing to the candidates during their interviews. Here, the interviewers need the candidates to be more realistic and talk about the way in which direction they want to mold their careers. Goals and growth are the key deciding factors for a hiring manager when he\she decides if the candidate is fit for the job.


8. Tell me about any conflict or issue you have faced during work.

These kinds of basic job interview questions expect answers about how the candidate would deal with any kind of problem or conflict arising in the company. It is always advisable to think ahead of time to avoid awkward circumstances of silence in the middle of the interview.


9. What is your dream job?

This question sounds the same as that of “where do you see yourself in five years.” By asking these kinds of basic job interview questions, the interviewers wish to know how realistic the candidate is when it comes to his career goals. They also wish to know whether the job is fit for the candidate.


10. What do you expect out of your team?

The purpose behind asking this question is to gather an idea about how the candidate would work with his team and whether choosing the candidate is the right choice for the company. The candidates need to answer this question in an innovative way by saying what they would bring out for the company.


11. What do you expect from your manager?

By asking the following question, the interviewer desires to know how the candidate would perform as an employee and how he would fit with the team. The interviewers want the candidates should answer this question honestly by showing an example of the current manager.


12. How do you deal with stress?

Hiring managers identify the weaknesses of the candidates when they answer this question. They make sure that the candidates have the potential to handle stress in a positive and professional way. The following attitude would help the candidate to progress towards achieving their goals.


13. What would the first 30 days in this position look like for you?

By asking these kinds of basic job interview questions, the interviewers want to make sure that how the candidates would perform in their first month. This would basically signify their performance in their entire work period to some extent. The candidates need to focus on their expertise and how they could use it.


14. What are your salary requirements?

Not all interviewers ask this question. The expertise and requirements of the candidates vary from person to person. The candidates need to demand their salaries according to their requirements as well as their expertise and how well they would perform in the company.


15. Do you have any questions?

This is probably the last question any interviewer would ask the candidate. This is to check whether the candidate has any kind of queries with the interviewer. The candidates can utilize this question as to their chance to stand out. The candidates can make a list of questions before coming to the interview and can ask those to the interviewer instead of saying no.