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What is Role of Assistant Managers?


An Assistant manager helps manager to run business/stores/company smoothly by taking some and tasks/roles individually.  Roles that assistant managers can handle like Retail setting, corporate, customer/client acquisitions inland or either in overseas.

The main responsibility of Assistant manager is to act as managers in the absence. They often takes this role to learn the duties and responsibility of assistance managers and essentially be in training to advance in this position

Some common Responsibility of Assistant Managers

  • Scheduling employee work times

  • Resolving customer issues 

  • Ensuring payroll accuracy

  • Help upper management ensure that business

  • Supervise and Train Employees

  • Conflict resolution

  • Disciplining

  • Making hiring and firing decisions

  • Deliver Customer Service

  • Assume Manager  role in a manager’s absence

Below there are lots of Examples of Job Description(JD)  for  Assistant Manager profile  which helps you understand how  to draft job description as per company requirements.


       Sample Job Description For Assistant Manager


Position: Assistant Manager 

Location: Chennai 

Qualification: Diploma / PG Diploma in Plastic Processing

Experience: Mention (experience in years)

Target Industry: Automotive

Duties and responsibilities  

Monitor process and report abnormalities.

Coordination with other departments & suppliers on trails & improvement projects.

3. Conducting Mold trials in-house and at supplier end.

4. Prepare, share & maintain trial reports and samples.

5. Prepare machine mold & material for trials.

6. Training Operators.

7. Process trouble shooting.

8. Plan execute process & productivity improvements

9. Review of mold design and provide inputs to ensure robust process & part quality.

10. Process Validation

11. Innovative technology & manufacturing cost reduction

12. productivity & quality improvements

13. New mold & material trials, establishing process using scientific methods. Maintain records & samples of trials.

14. process trouble shooting using systematic methods, at inhouse & supplier end.

15. preparing & maintaining process related documents

16. Studying feasibility of new product development with respect to process, machine, mold

Competencies Required


  • Good communication skills

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Lateral thinking


  • In-depth, hands on, knowledge of plastic injection molding process.

  • Scientific molding.

  • Knowledge of molding machines, molds, materials.






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