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Job Specification

Learn : How To write Job Specifications ?

Job specification all about the knowledge, skills, education, experience, and abilities that  are essential to performing a particular job. The job specification is developed from the job analysis

A job specification is useful for recruiting as it helps you write your job positing on and your website recruiting material. The job specification is also useful for distribution in social media for screening resumes, and for interviewers

Contents of job specification      

1. Physical characteristics It includes health, strength, endurance, age range, body size, height, weight, vision, etc

2. Psychological characteristics This includes special attitude such as personal appearance, good and pleasing manners, emotional stability, leadership, motivation, initiative and drive, skill in dealing with others, conversational ability etc

3. Responsibility These includes supervision of others, responsibilities for production, process and equipment, responsibility for the safety of others, responsibility for generating confidence and trust, etc

Components of a Job Specification

Experience: Number of years of experience in the job you are seeking to fill. Number of years of work experience required for the selected candidate Education: State what degrees, training, or certifications are required for the position.Position Required qualified Skills,  behind  the limit of Knowledge and Characteristics: State the skills, knowledge, and personal characteristics of individuals who have successfully performed this job.

Exhibit 1 : Example of Job specification


(Organization name)


Job Specification

Present Grade



Job Title:

Job Summary:

Job Content

Percentage breakdown of the time spend on each duty Or on related groups of duties




















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