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Why there is Need of  Employee Self Evaluation for organizations ?


Employee self-evaluation is very much necessary for the organization, as self- evaluation is the self-realization for the employee about their performance.

This also helps employee to set new goals for themselves and for their carrier. This evaluation also helps  employer to understand and analyze each employee and their mindset.

Employee Self Evaluation process helps employee to explore  their own talents and also allows employee to flourish and produce their talents in front of management.

This process also helps the management to make them note all your achievements and contribution towards your company. Employee need to write about their achievements, success, challenges, learning process etc.

For your convenience here you can find some samples which you can adopt to  perform your self-evaluation process.


EMPLOYEE NAME: ___________________________                                                                                                                 

DATE: ______________


EVALUATOR NAME: __________________________

1. What were your principal accomplishments in your areas of responsibility since your last evaluation?



2. Within the areas of your responsibility, what are things you could improve or build upon?



3. Have reviewed your  job postion description, do your areas of responsibility fit into  your position description?   If certain areas do not fit into  job postion description , what  are the adjustments do you feel should be made?



4. What is your opinion about your career development?



5. Where do you see yourself five years from now?



Once this self evaluation has been reviewed by the employee and evaluator, it should be attached to the employee’s


Performance Appraisal.








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