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Performance Management

employee performance management

Performance Management  Process

Performance Management is the system which allows management and employee can work hand in hand to achieve the organization’s goal and objective. It is a strategic approach to increase the effectiveness and performance of both organization and employees. This mainly helps to increase the effectiveness of the employees. It is a continuous process to achieve new set goal and objectives which is set from time to time. Performance Management is the ongoing process towards improvement and taking the company towards new heights and also to help employees to achieve their new set goals. Performance Management includes planning, monitoring, reviewing and having 360 degree feedback. This system or process helps to develop new techniques and also to improve the methods, approach and technologies, which adds to the experience of both employee and organization. This process links the individual and team work effort and talents to create new history of success.

Objective of  Performance Management 

Performance Management is an overall contribution paid by the employees to the organization. Here in this section you will find various steps which are to be followed out to have a better performance management. You can also find some samples and templates of forms and patterns which may help you to follow in your organization.



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