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Recruitment Marketing Automation Tools
Adela Belin
on 07 Oct, 2021

7 Recruitment Marketing Automation Tools to Save your Time

Trying to simplify and streamline your hiring process? The Recruitment Process is lengthy and everything can quickly get out of hand when the number of applicants surges. 

Not only do you have to sort through hundreds of candidates to find those with the right skill sets, but you also have to tell the difference between those who are all talk and those who actually walk the talk. Things can get even more challenging if you are looking for the right fit. 

On average, companies take 39 days before they can successfully hire a new employee unless you are using the right recruitment marketing automation tools to save your time. 

Here are seven recruitment marketing automation tools suitable for both enterprise and small business recruiters to help you automate your hiring process and identify qualified talent more effectively. 

1. Seekout

A candidate sourcing software that has a larger talent pool and better search capability than LinkedIn, Seekout is an incredible tool for accelerating your hiring efforts for hard-to-find, industry-specific talent. 

With over 622 million candidates sourced from public profiles and the open web, the recruitment tool is empowered by a powerful AI search engine that can help you filter through candidates and sort them based on their education, experience, skills, background, and more. 

candidate sourcing software


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One especially unique edge of the tool is its candidate profile cloning feature that will suggest potential talents based on your “perfect” candidate profile. 


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You can easily just set up your superstar employee profile and discover similar talents. The analysis takes into account the unique skills and background of the cloned candidate and will continuously learn from your feedback to give better matches. 

Used by: Twitter, Salesforce, and 23andMe

2. Interseller

Interseller is an email automation tool specially designed for recruiters. It keeps things simple and removes the need for dozens of tools and processes by providing an all-in-one platform dedicated to making contact with the right candidates via emails. 


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The tool covers everything from sourcing candidates and looking up their email addresses to scheduling your outreach message and follow-ups. Undoubtedly, the recruitment tool’s best feature is its capability to offer personalization at scale. 

Candidates remember how you treat them and it is important for recruiters to always maintain a communicative and respectful experience, and this would mean going beyond your standard auto-responder 'thank you' message. 


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Using Interseller, you can easily customize your email through ready templates and even learn what your prospects are more likely to respond to through its A/B testing feature.

Used by: Squarespace, Honey, and Acuity

3. XOR

99.3% of candidates and employees who engage with it say it is a great experience. XOR is a candidate engagement tool that allows companies to hold virtual career fairs.

This is on top of its recruiting automation features that will allow you to attract, engage, and recruit talent via text messaging, WhatsApp campaigns, and embedded real-time chats on career sites. 

Though you can choose to respond personally, XOR gives the option to automate as much as your recruiting process through AI chatbots, especially in handling repetitive recruitment tasks such as resume screening, answering FAQs, and interview scheduling. 

Used by: Ikea, McDonalds, and Mars

4. PandoLogic

An AI-powered recruitment tool that can operate with no humans in the loop, PandoLogic is a recruitment marketing tool that you can set and forget.


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The programmatic recruiting platform gets more intelligent as you use it with continuous reviews throughout your hiring campaign. It optimizes job ad placements to help meet your hiring needs while maximizing your recruitment marketing budget.

Offering complete data transparency, PandoLogic tracks important metrics and gives real-time results that provide a good overview of how your recruiting campaign is really performing. 

Used by: Wazee Digital, The Job Network, and GR8 People


A recruitment assessment tool to help you find the right personality for your team, Traitify is one of the quickest options with its fastest test taking only on average 90 seconds to complete.  

It provides an image-based, mobile-first personality assessment test that records up to 90% completion rate, in contrast to the 30% completion rate for traditional word-based tests. 

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This saves time for applicants and recruiters, as well as significantly reducing employee turnover rate by predicting fit and loyalty.

Used by: Kelly Services, Public Storage, and Monster

6. VidCruiter

If you are constantly doing video interviews, VidCruiter is one of the most convenient video recruitment software around.

It allows you to manage the entire recruitment process all in one place including structured digital interviews, skill testing, automated reference checking, and more.

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The software's best feature, however, is that it allows pre-recorded video interviewing. This makes it convenient for both applicants and recruiters, especially when it comes to remote hiring across different time zones.  

Used by: Samsung, United Nations, and Canon

7. Workable

Saving the best for last. Workable is a scalable recruitment assessment tool that works no matter if you are hiring your second employee or 200 employees. The platform has a plan for companies of all sizes and offers great onboarding process services to help you find and hire great people

Your online reach can be entirely automated with Workable as it has a one-click posting that can get your job featured on over 200 job sites, in front of millions of candidates. 

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Besides, if you have yet to implement an employee referral program, you can easily set it up using its advanced, automated referral system offering features that will easily allow you to tap into your employees' network. 

Used by Sephora, Forbes, and RyanAir


Whether it is spending less time screening resumes or reducing your cost-to-hire, investing in the right hiring technology is beneficial in the long haul.

To decide the right recruitment marketing automation or recruitment assessment tool for your business, you need to look into your existing recruitment management system and ask the right questions:

  • Are you looking for more high-quality candidates? 
  • Do you want to set up an automated resume screening and response system?
  • Is automating repetitive and menial tasks like posting on job sites your top priority?

By leveraging AI and automation in your recruitment process, you can save time and focus on more meaningful tasks like employee retention or building a positive work environment

So make sure you check out our list of recruitment tools above and save time.

Adela Belin

New Jersey, United States

United States of America, New Jersey

Below is details about myself :

Adela Belin is a content marketer and blogger at Writers Per Hour She is passionate about sharing stories with the hope to make a difference in people's lives and contribute to their personal and professional growth. 

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