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on 07 Sep, 2018

Recruitment Management Software - Smart Working Mythology

Recruitment management software is recruitment software which helps the employer to find the right talent for the right position at the right time. It fastens up the recruitment process as a whole and one does not need to sort thousands of resume. There are 2 types of online recruitment management software :

    Types of RMS - HR Help Board    

The advantage of having an online applicant tracking system is that it is a seamless experience both for the applicant and the employer.  With this smooth experience, the brand image of an employer is increased which attract candidates from growing companies. These are the smart system which cannot be hacked or bypassed. The applicant tracking system or recruitment software is known for its end to end solutions.

Benefits of Implementing Smart Recruitment Management Software

Benefits of RMS - HR Help Board

Enhancement of Recruitment Processes with Recruitment Management System: 

The recruitment management system increases the recruitment processes efficiency. As recruitment is an important task of an organization and the importance of this particular aspect cannot be denied. To bring out the best talent through hiring is not an easy task. It is a time taking action. To be attracted towards the right talent, all the recruitment processes need to be in place. As it is a time-consuming process manually human resource professionals are giving importance to automated recruitment system. Almost every organization big or small is adopting recruitment management system software to fasten up their recruitment process. Such processes help in integration and streamlining of all the external as well as internal processes. With features like online applicant tracking system  automated candidate search, recruitment management system is in big use. In the beginning, recruitment management system was designed for resume development and short listing of candidates but now it has expanded to almost all tasks of the recruitment process. It is now one of the most reliable solutions for consultants and the organization. 

How Recruitment management system does helps in smart working? 

Recruitment management system helps in smart working instead of working for longer hours with lesser efficiency. Some of the important Recruitment management software features   can be explained as:

1. Improvement in Branding: it is the task of every organization to hire the right and quality talent. All the processes need to be streamlined in order to give a robust candidate experience. To enhance the company's brand experience, it is necessary that the candidate has a positive experience. For instance, productive conversations happen with interesting questions. With the help of recruitment software, it encourages right and productive questions. Such productive conversations help to increase the image of a corporate. By incorporating online recruitment application system corporate brand image can be enhanced. 

Improvement in RMS - HR Help Board


2. Job Posting follows up:  Use of recruitment software is the latest trend in India and abroad. The trend has changed in terms of posting of job advertisements also. One has to make the job advertisement an interesting one to attract the potential candidate. The advertisement must have an appeal to leave a lasting mark with the detailed description. With the generation x becoming part of organizational workforce only good salary does not attract them, but they are equally interested to know about the future job prospects and career advancement. Though a company is interested in picking up the best applicant through a system of  best applicant hiring such candidates are equally interested in knowing through the advertisement what is going to be their contribution in the business growth of the organization. The job advertisement must clearly define the business expectations of them.                     

3. Importance to Job Referral:  In most of the organization, weight age is given to referral hiring. Referral hiring is one of the most secure kinds of the hiring process. Generally, organization gets the suitable talent through the employees working with them. To boost employee referral it is necessary to keep the employee engaged. The Online recruitment management software system helps to keep employee positive and also helps in boosting employee morale.

4. Betterment of candidate recruitment experience:The candidate recruitment experience has a lasting impact on the brand image of the organisation. Thus, it becomes a necessity to give the candidate a memorable recruitment experience. The Candidate has the bad experience in case irrelevant questions are being asked of them. The applicant tracking system helps in framing interesting questions which give a candidate personalized experience.

5.  Time management: The RMS makes sure that the recruitment process is carried out basis their level of priority thus helps in talent management. 

6. Saves money: The Recruitment management system helps by creating the job description and posting of positions on the job portal which in turn helps to save money which is spent on recruitment advertisement and fees.  

7. Customization:  This software gives the facility of customization, which can be done for any forms and message.

8. Response to the candidate:  The applicant management system is designed in such a way that the applicant receives a timely, polite and relevant response from the employer. 

            RMS Cycle - HR Help Board

10. Candidate Pipeline:  Quickly creates a Pipeline overview for candidates.

11. Robust Reports:  This online applicant tracking system reports on hiring activity and recruitment success.

12. Collaboration: It works in collaboration with employees and team of talent acquisition.

13. Saving Option:  Candidate details are saved and can be used in later reference.

14. Human Touch: Keep a human touch in recruiting without relying on data alone.  

15. Sourcing candidate profile: one of the most important jobs of the recruiter is to collect resumes within a given timeline. The best applicant tracking system gives access to multiple ways of sourcing candidate profile. 

16. Short-listing of candidate: ATS helps in short listing of the candidate as it allows the system to track and update every applicant whether they are right fit or not. 

17. Communication: ATS can track all communication happened between the recruiter and the candidate thus, the recruiter can refer any mail if need be. 

18. Data analysis: Applicant tracking system also helps in data analysis and metrics. It can pull out any report that gives an insight into the efficiency of the entire recruitment process. 

19. Billing management: Client invoicing and billing management with Applicant tracking software.

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