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Employee Engagement Process

Type of Employee Engagement Process and its  Implementation

Employee engagement process includes the job distribution, training and development programs and appraisal process. The Job distribution process starts after the onboarding process,ones the joining formalities are done, the job role and its responsibility is handed over to the employee. Thetraining and developmentis related to the job role the candidate is performing. Training and development is provided to develop the skills and techniques of the employee, so that he may perform well, which will benefit the organization. This process also develops and motivates the employees. And at last the appraisal process, which is most important as it is the rewarding process to enhance the moral and spirit of employee to perform well.

Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process can be defined as “it is a way to attract and find potential manpower to fill up the vacant post in the company”. The HR Recruitment Process helps to hire candidates based on their ability to work and attitude which is essential for accomplishment of organizational goals.

Performance Management

Performance Management is the system which allows management and employee can work hand in hand to achieve the organization’s goal and objective. It is a strategic approach to increase the effectiveness and performance of both organization and employees.  This mainly helps to increase the effectiveness of the employees. It is a continuous process to achieve new set goal and objectives which is set from time to time. Performance Management is the ongoing process towards improvement and taking the company towards new heights and also to help employees to achieve their new set goals.Performance Management includes planning, monitoring, reviewing and having 360 degree feedback. This system or process helps to develop new techniques and also to improve the methods, approach and technologies, which adds to the experience of both employee and organization. This process links the individual and team work effort and talents to create new history of success. Performance Management is an overall contribution paid by the employees to the organization. Here in this section you will find various steps which are to be followed out to have a better performance management.You can also find some samples and templates of forms and patterns which may help you to follow in your organization

Job Performance Standards

Occupation execution Standards are some sure parameters or benchmarks which are settled for representatives on which premise work execution is assessed.The performance standardsare observed based on the job role and the duties lying with the post. It counts behaviors and actions of the employees throughout the set tenure. The execution guidelines which are set must be significant, sensible and atonable. The norms are set and assessed primarily as indicated by the result. The purpose of the setting job performance standards is to encourage the employees to meet the expectations. The work performance of an employee is set in proper quantity and quality of their job done. The standards are set in various grades such as good, fair, bad, excellent. Here in this section we have provided some patterns, samples and templates which you can use to set performance standards for your company.

Employee Self Evaluation

Employee self-evaluation is very much necessary for the organization, as self- evaluation is the self-realization for the employee about their performance. This also helps employee to set new goals for themselves and for their carrier. This evaluation also helps employer to understand and analyze each employee and their mindset. Employee Self Evaluation process helps employee to explore their own talents and also allows employee to flourish and produce their talents in front of management. This process also helps the management to make them note all your achievements and contribution towards your company. Employee need to write about their achievements, success, challenges, learning process etc. For your convenience here you can find some samples which you can adopt to perform your self-evaluation process.

Training and Development Plan

Training and Development Plan is basically the plan or schedule which management or higher authorities provide to get effective outcome of work. It helps to create effectivity and  thus adds to the growth of the company. Training and development improves skills, personality and performance. To choose the right training and development you need to realize what kind of training is required for your employees and how it will benefit the organization. In order to inspire the employees to take part in the training you need to properly explain or demonstrate how it will benefit them or how it may be helpful in their job role. Ones the training and development plan is chalked out it must be shared with the employees. The outcome of the training must be flashed in employee’s self-development and appraisal process. Here in this section you can find some formats and samples schedule, which you may use to design your training and development plan.

Appraisal Form

Performance Appraisal Form is the basic and most important requirement to start the appraisal process. This form is the main support to decide appraisal process. The form contains complete details of employee record, his tenure in the organization, his job role, contribution, achievements, performance record, and special comments from reporting person. Proper rating is provided by the employer or senior authority. The appraisal form mainly helps to evaluate the management the employee’s performance, his capacity, quality, leadership skills and technical skills. The appraisal process will help you to tally the performance of all employees under one department and thus can decide how to conduct the appraisal process. Here in this section you will find some basic appraisal process forms and templates which will help you to perform the appraisal process smoothly.


HR policies are the guidelines which an organization follow to handle its employees and complete system depends on them. HR policies helps to run the complete system and formal rules and programs which helps to run the business. It includes all the guidelines, which includes the recruitment, employment, job role, assess, train and reward programs. The HR policies also helps employee to remain organized and follow and work according to it. Policies are need to written on paper so that employer may have it in hand. HR policies includes wages policy, leave policy, working hours policy, medical policies, facilities, payroll process, performance appraisal policy and various other polices which depends according to the organization.